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Flawed Judicial System

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Righteous indignation against the backdrop of everyone saying, 'mind your temper, cool your opposition, stop your anti-authoritarianism

Unopposed. Another six years. Aaron. Persky. More than $155,00 a year for a judgeship, another crime, annually, and that's base pay, I am sure, not wrapped up in his illegal doings or dealings. Speculation.

The age of Brave New World wrapped up in this white judge's sick mind, his lamentation that another white sick mind, this swimmer, might get screwed up in prison if he ends up with a sentence longer than six months for forced penetration of an unconscious woman.

Mother…daughter…sister…spouse…aunt…granny…friend…the yin of the yang.

This judge sleeps at night…I am sure, in his single malt glee.

I am sure this decision, the case, the victim's own words, all the wasted commentary and punditry speak volumes. Jury nullification of the verdict? Nah. Gutless elected officials attack-dogging this subhuman of a human until he resigns? Nah. Interesting, a case, separate from what some might feel should be the exacted justice for the rape of a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, friend, fellow student, a human on the planet earth. Death. Castration.

Interesting, a case, separate from what some might feel should be the exacted justice for the rape of a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, friend, fellow student, a human on the planet earth. Death. Castration.

Nah. This is white, elite, DNA-warped privilege, and no matter how many spins and perspectives are written and mouthed, hands down, there should be zero ameliorating, and zero false balancing and equivocating. Most of humanity would drum this fellow (judge) out of town. Strip him of his titles, his ability to practice (sic) law (sic) with the robes of justice (sic) covering his yellow soul.

Look, I work with people who get the book thrown at them daily, over entire lifetimes, by similarly pigmented and matriculated folks in the DA's office, in the courtroom of injustice. They write the laws and deliver their injustices.

Dumpster diving is a felony in my county where I live. Imagine that, scrapping, a felony. Sleeping in a tent in the city park, misdemeanor on the first offense, but, watch out later.

I went to a meeting last night, of people wanting to run down suspected homeless (read, druggies) wandering around the streets. At another place, an apartment complex where a friend works as on-site manager, the neighbors are up in arms that an emaciated little 22-year-old kid is jumping the apartment complex fence and trying out door knobs. Jumping into the big bins and looking for drugs, scraps of something.

Kid is stunted, and he has lesions and scars and bruises and wounds that seem the color of slag.

The tenants of this one place are paranoid, fearful that this anemic and brain fogged kid is going at them or doing some sort of harm. The male tenants say they will do justice with their firearms. Imagine, a low income apartment complex with families, babies and kids, elderly, and these machos want to brandish their Smith and Wesson steel and plug holes in a child, a boy, an un-man, warped from the day he was born, I bet a thousand dollars on. Shoot 'em up Clint.

Let the innocents beware of their collateral value. This is the America of so many horror stories – rape culture, football adoring culture, orgasms for the new supersonic death toy, for the phallic wonders of Hell Fires, lusting for the jumpsuits of insipid white pilots, many of whom have the same pedigree of the white Brock rapist from Stanford's Swim Team and the pathetic judge dishonoring an entire nation's people with his sick verdict.

Not the sharpest pencils in the box, oh America, and let's just throw these elites more money, more protection, more, what?

So, how does this mental sickness come about? Chubby lower middle class guys and gals vowing to follow anyone coming into the neighborhood, or pulling out the old 9 mm to exact another Treyvon injustice?

Oh, Hollywood, Oh vengeful, inane, but highly effective in its bigotry and ignorance and plain meanness breeding Hollywood.

Or, that too, and the fact this country is populated at the top and the near top by some folks who have never had to be people, who exact revenge on unwed moms, on kids in entire parts of our nation's cities with all that environmental injustice meted out . . . judges and arbiters of injustice who make flick of the wrist decisions that give more and more control to the parasitic and vulture capitalists, nihilists all of them.

This might be sounding like a launching into diatribe or rant, but, who in god's name isn't doomed to be pissed off, to be triggered to end the madness? Who in their right mind could look at all of this, from drones on down to Baylor, from rape squads at the Air Force Academy or the cocaine-and-Southern Comfort imbibing of that president? Or that one? Or this one?

“I don’t believe rape is inevitable or natural. If I did, I would have no reason to be here. If I did, my political practice would be different than it is. Have you ever wondered why we [women] are not just in armed combat against you? It’s not because there’s a shortage of kitchen knives in this country. It is because we believe in your humanity, against all the evidence.”―Andrea Dworkin

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"A raped girl is bad for the family: it shows that they can't protect their women; that they have little social standing; and that they're not respectable. It's worse for the victim because once a woman, or a girl—or a boy—is known as the target of a rape she becomes so despised, so shamed, so worthless that she turns into public property. No one is raped only once."―Louise Brown

I had a huge argument with a dude in downtown Portland who argued about prostitution and prostitutes, how it was the ultimate in a woman's self, her own agency, her independence, and that hooking is almost always a choice, both economic and libido wise.

You see these downtowners, in a city that just got tagged with “the most young millionaires in any city” madness moniker, and they are warped too. We can deal with that in a later diatribe, but this is the prevailing narrative, again, coming out of the mouths of these white male writers, directors, or what have you. That's it, now, the rape culture that is more dangerous at the judgeship and directorship level than at the root of the sexual assault.

Amazing people I have in my realm, on my caseload. Hands down, they are survivors, and I have had several people who are sort of like head honchos in social work and case management, you know, truly successful and not part of any recovery or addiction or homelessness scenario themselves, as they call it, being a self-advocate – that is, who we might call successes – who say this sort of narrative – forced drug use at age ten, prostituting, living in alleyways, jumping from dirty hovel to shitty hotel room, from courtroom to holding tank to jail and prison, thanks to those white lawyers and judges and police and investment bankers and hedge fund impresarios running the lower black and white class into the gutter – is lived and learned, not intended.

Stanford swim team and whatever shitty major this Brock boy was pursuing, and, drats, he might get mentally stressed by serving a prison sentence a black man would get – 15 years, or more.

We put people in jail for panhandling, for camping in city parks, for drinking shitty booze in public, for defecating and urinating, and these elites from Stanford and the other suspect 200 law schools, make careers and send their white kids to those elite schools to play lacrosse and do laps in the Olympic pool.

We put people in jail for panhandling, for camping in city parks, for drinking shitty booze in public, for defecating and urinating, and these elites from Stanford and the other suspect 200 law schools, make careers and send their white kids to those elite schools to play lacrosse and do laps in the Olympic pool.

I've got one fellow who started pot smoking at 8, drinking at 9, smoking cigs at 10, doing LSD at 10, smoking meth at 11, and lo and behold, he didn't do well in school . . . ran away from reform schools . . . . gave his middle finger to all authority . . . and he evaded charges and court appearances . . . a guy who had to prostitute both sides of the gender line at age 15 . . . got those knife wounds as 16 . . . got hepititus at 20, HIV at 22, and rickets at 23.

You betcha, he should have gone to algebra and shop class, joined the wrestling team, and studied in that rat-infested home run by a boozing and mentally deranged mamma and fist-throwing old man.

Imagine all those courtrooms, all those $150K a year gutless wonders gavelling people's lives into hell. Imagine all those highfalutin judges and their spouses, and their million-dollar homes, and their highbrow board memberships, all those inner circles, all the power to make living hells for literally millions of people.

So Portlanders think prostituting is some fun Julia Roberts crap? Hmm, another client, Brooklyn, mixed racial parents, and a deranged mother and fist-flurrying father, and she was good, spelling bee and nerdy black girl who did well in school, until, the beatings went from mom to her and her sisters. Imagine, pimped out at age 14 with a 16-year-old sister, and, shoot, I wonder what rapes and abuses and assaults and all those formative years yanked away, napalmed into emotional charred fields, what have they done to the psyche? Maybe heroin was one way out.

So, think hard, fast forward twenty years, and she is here, present, working on getting her life together, on recovery, on stopping the emotional bleed, cauterizing as much of that ancient horror into a leathery wound.

These elites and white porn and propaganda consumers see the world as it is not, and they act upon that racism and sexism and classism, and they carry on into the chambers of power, into some arena where their pathetic beliefs never get challenged, and sometimes applauded.

Can anyone imagine the real crime of Stanford Swimmer and his White Money Grubbing Judge? I can't even fathom the impotency of these people – family members, comrades, all those supporters that I am sure cover that great expanse of California.

Three heroin possessions, and, bam, felony, and hard time, sometimes five years. Imagine, missing court dates and failing to turn oneself in, until a $40,000 bounty is on your head. Ten lifetimes at $10 an hour to repay the restitution these elite white legal things have set.

Suspended driver's license for life? That's another one of my clients' battles. No accidents, no vehicular homicide, no speeding through downtown and upsetting the apple cart. Just three DUI's and a white judge who thinks she controls the universe. So, this felon needs a license to get real work, but these elites, these pathetics, drown our citizens in a flood of boiling water.

Yep, you hear it come from their mouths – pie holes of Romney or Reagan or Clinton I, II, III, or Trump or any number of these elites – “Hell, yes, crime pays, it makes us fortunes, and those little criminals, they are the grist of all we can make.”

These people I serve are survivors, the most honest in some cases people you might ever meet, honorable, give the shirts off their backs, helpers, wanting to turn lives around, wanting to give back to the communities they once were criminals in, and they are self-aware, tied to recovery steps, full of new ways to make themselves over to survive the last part of their lives, struggling to pay bills, to make ends meet, after giving up sometimes cash-flush lives, now, at the mercy of the Aaron Persky's and Brock Turner's of the world, all those whites with maligned minds and perverted DNA creating pain and making more gain by unleashing even more terror in addicts' lives.

"Indignation is a submission of our thoughts, but not of our desires." – Bertrand Russell

paul haeder

"One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion." – Simone de Beauvoir

Paul K. Haeder