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Insurrection from the Privilege Class

Photo by Jing Xi Lau on Unsplash

All this nonsense chatter by the insurrectionist about conspiracy theories, a stolen election, champions of Liberty, stopping left-wing radicals, making America great again, fighting for a supreme president, and all the other extreme nonsense is B.S.

The attack on the U.S. Capital Building was an insurrection by those who fear losing their white privilege. It was organized and promoted by fascist and white nationalists along with the President of the United States.

Of course, there were those involved in this insurrection who do not benefit from any form of white privilege. Nevertheless, they have become consciously or unconsciously political collaborators with the white supremacist and nazis in an unholy alliance to further the cause of fascism. 

One only has to take a look at the pictures of the insurrection that took place at the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building. One will see that the vast majority were white. They were in fact exercising their white privilege under the disguise of their first amendment rights. Martin Luther King III has called this insurrection white privilege on steroids.

Those who pushed for the rebellion and domestic terrorist attack must be charged to the full extent. Trump must also be held accountable.

Let’s have no more talk about Trump supporters being nothing more than confused individuals who are innocent misinformed individuals who were caught up in the mob mentality.

These individuals are nothing more than angry white people organized around an ill-fated attempt to create a race war so as not to lose their historically long American tradition affording them - white privilege. The tragedy is that this insurrection was foreseen, foretold, and coordinated with the encouragement and support of the President of the United States of America and his allies.

Many have called this insurrection a mob action. Yet there were some within this insurrection who were organized but too stupid to succeed. Remember this so-called mob included corporate CEO’s. Republican elected officials (local, state, and national), some law enforcement, white supremacist, various militia groups as well as various Christian right religious groups.

This insurrection was a mob sending a message about securing their white privilege. It was a mob bent on destruction. It was a mob threatening to destroy our democracy. All because their feelings are hurt and fear the worse about a diverse and inclusive society.

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On the video replays of the insurrection on television, streaming online social media, you can hear people yelling. Not one person, not one, called for Covid-19 relief. No one is heard yelling about the need to deal with the growing health problem due to the coronavirus nor concerns for the sick and the 2 million deaths from the coronavirus.

No one calls for economic justice for the millions out of work, unemployed or those losing their business. No signs waving indicating some concern for the protection of our planet, our children. our communities. Instead, you saw confederate flags and Nazi slogans. 

So. When you hear these traitorous individuals yell “I am a patriot.” Call them nazis, fascists, and fascists collaborators. When they chant, U.S.A. Tell them they are nothing more than traitors of democracy. When you hear those say, “this is not who we are?”

Tell them in fact, this is the American we know. When the trump supporters yell “Stop the Steal.” Tell them it’s not about stealing it’s about them believing in propaganda and misinformation. When they yell we are the people. Tell them they are the insurrectionists.

On second thought. Don’t bother confronting these insecure and troubled individuals. Resist and organize around them. Keep the pressure on. Tell everyone you know that this was a fascists insurrection. Tell everyone you know that the president and his enablers must be held accountable. Tell them democracy will survive. Proclaim this far and wide. Constantly remind people that this was a failed insurrection. 

But also let people know we will never back down. These insurrectionists honestly believe that nothing will stand in their way. Ask yourself do they really believe that we the people will just stand by and let them destroy our democracy? I don’t think so. Resist, organize, and prepare for the unity of the future.


For those who pushed for this rebellion and incited this domestic terrorist attack. They need to be charged with criminal acts.

As for Trump. He is persona non grata and needs to be accountable for his actions.

David Trujillo