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Once upon a time, Mitch "the Turtle" McConnell was the Majority Leader of the Senate. He was a Southerner, a "Kentucky gentleman". A black man he did not like was in the White House, and a right wing Supreme Court Justice dropped dead, opening up a seat on the Court. The black man, as was his right to do, nominated a well-respected moderate D.C. Circuit Court Judge, Merrick Garland, for the vacant position, with almost a year left in his Presidency. The Turtle said "no", it is too close to the next election, and Judge Garland won't even get a hearing in the Senate.

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Toadstool Donnie was elected President, with the help of the Russians, by a razor-thin 78,000 vote margin in three states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who sat with Putin and Michael Flynn at the December, 2015 RT dinner in Moscow, and who may have gotten financial help through a "cutout" from the Russians for her Green Party campaign, proceeded to drain votes from "supposedly Crooked" Hillary, receiving many more than 78,000 votes in these three states.

The Toadstool is inaugurated, and rather than trying to unite the country, he rubs salt into the Democrats' election wounds every time he speaks or tweets. The country becomes deep red and bright blue, with the coasts solidly Democrat, and the "flyover" states solidly Republican, as well as the Old Confederacy. The Republicans control the Senate by a one vote margin, 51-49. Toadie nominates Gorsuck for the vacant Supreme Court seat, and the Catholic, Georgetown Prep, Yalie boy is confirmed, returning the Court to a 4-4 liberal-conservative split (six Catholics, three Jews, no Protestants), with Justice Kennedy the "Swing" vote.

In July, 2018, Justice Kennedy, whose son worked for Deutsche Private Bank and for 10 years was the funnel loaning laundered Russian money to keep Toadie's empire afloat, decided to retire, four months before the midterm elections. So much for the Turtle's claim that Supreme Court nominees should not be voted on in the year before a national election.

The Golden Toadstool decides to nominate Judge Brett (Bart) Kavanaugh, of the same D.C. Court on which the ignored Judge Garland sits, to replace Swinger Kennedy. Irish Catholic boy Kavanaugh, a major Republican operative who attended Georgetown Prep when Gorsuck was there, and also Yale when he was there, sailed through his confirmation proceedings until people started to look into the kind of person he really was.

He liked beer, a lot of beer, as many people with Irish blood do. (I have Irish blood, but i don't like beer.) When he drank beer as a teenager he blacked out, barfed often, and became a "mean, sloppy drunk" who turned from a somewhat shy, intellectual jock into a monster who sexually attacked women or flashed his penis in their face, and spiked punch so girls could be gang-banged.

And on a note regarding one of those "Beach Week" orgies he and his Georgetown Prep jock friends used to attend, KavanUGH signed the note "FFFFFF, Bart". For those of you who don't know, FFFFFF means:
Find Them…
French Them…
Feel Them…
Finger Them…
F**k Them…
Forget Them.

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The Good Future Judge also expressed his interest in the "Devil's Triangle" (sex involving a threesome, two men and a woman), and "Boofing", anal sex or sex involving shoving alcohol up one's anus to get smashed quicker. Nice.

At a Yale party, he flashed his penis inches from the face of a female classmate, who was greatly embarrassed. When I was a military lawyer, I defended a sailor who was accused of urinating on a shipmate, who only could identify him from the waist down. He testified that the person who peed on him had a circumcised penis. My client did not, as he displayed to the Court. Case over. Likewise, Brett's penis is now a piece of evidence, if his female classmate can identify it. Was it circumcised? (Probably, as most white guys his age are). Did it have a sharp leftward curve when erect, as Bill Clinton's did, as described by Paula Jones? (Or a sharp rightward curve, as Brett's would undoubtedly display.) Or look like a little mushroom, as Stormy Daniels disclosed Donnie's did. None of these avenues were pursued by the FBI in its limp followup investigation.

Black Bart cut his teeth after Yale as a major Republican operative, working with Kennie Starr to ejaculate onto President Bill ("I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman") Clinton, by drafting dirty questions to ask him at his deposition. Bartie graduated from this nasty business to work to elect Landslide George W as the winner by 534 votes in Florida and by one vote on the Supreme Court, and helped make W the President of the Electoral College of the United States of America. Landslide George went on to be asleep at the switch on 9/11, invade Afghanistan and Iraq, legalize torture, and preside over the meltdown of the American economy.

And guess what? W was a fellow Yalie, a fellow DKE at Yale, and a fellow alcoholic. He welcomed KavanUGH onto his White House staff after the 2000 election, where for almost six years he worked hard to undermine American democracy (and Democrats) as a member of the White House Counsel's staff and later as White House Staff Secretary handling all paper that flowed into and out of W's office. He may have invented the "signing statements" that W used to undercut laws he was forced to sign after they were passed by a hostile Congress. And he even married W's personal secretary.

Then, after a long and contested fight, he was awarded a seat on the D.C. Circuit, and went on for the next twelve years to write over 300 opinions, many of which proved without doubt that he was a very conservative jurist, a clone of Justices "I went hunting with VP Cheney" Scalia and "Long Dong Silver" Thomas.

In his Supreme Court confirmation proceeding, KavanUGH clearly showed that he had a biased, nasty temperament, and he showed great disrespect for the Democratic Senators questioning him, especial female Senators. How could he possibly be impartial in important cases reaching the Court in the thirty or so future years he might be on the Court? He would make the Court a 5-4 conservative majority, another one vote majority that seems to be the trademark of his success. And he may just get confirmed by one vote.

If confirmed, KavanUGH might just go after the three liberal female Supreme Court Justices at Court parties if he has a beer or two. But watch out Bart, the Notorious RBG has a vicious kick…

Ted Vaill