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Kendrec McDade Shooting Report

Photos from a Kendrec McDade rally at Pasadena City Hall.

Full cooperation and transparency to our community” concerning the McDade shooting

A week after McDade’s shooting, Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and fellow police officers met with local community leaders and participated in the “Peace Walk”. At this event, Chief Sanchez addressed the crowd and promised: “Rest assured that the level of investigation ensures transparency, it ensures openness.”

Mayor Bill Bogaard and then Councilmember Chris Holden took the promise a step further and wrote an open letter to the community distributed via media news outlets and the monthly Touching Base: A Message from the Chief, stating: “We support the city manager and police chief, promising full cooperation and transparency to our community.”

We find it extremely troubling that the the OIR Group was not informed about the administrative review for the Kendrec McDade shooting until after it occurred. 

Now that a portion of the McDade Office of Independent Review Group (OIR) Report has finally been released, it is crystal-clear that those promises of ‘transparency’ and ‘full cooperation’ with the OIR Group made by Mayor Bogaard, Councilmember Holden, and Chief Sanchez were immediately broken by the Pasadena Police Department.

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We find it extremely troubling that the the OIR Group was not informed about the administrative review for the Kendrec McDade shooting until after it occurred. There is no excuse for that. The fact that OIR Group was intentionally kept from performing its contractual responsibility with the City to participate in meetings by the command staff of the Pasadena Police Department involving the administrative review of the shooting means that we have been misled for three years by Pasadena officials about their investigation of this shooting.

According to the OIR Group, the Department’s decision not to conduct an administrative investigation of the shooting has resulted in an incomplete record of the incident. Furthermore, the Department rejected the OIR’s recommendation to conduct an internal affairs investigation. After reading this Report, can anyone at City Hall tell me with a straight face that this was a thorough and transparent investigation?

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Elbie Hickambottom, Jr.