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America has always been a progressive nation, attempting to improve, modernize, build upon past accomplishments, encourage growth as knowledge bases and experience give us the tools to make positive changes. The Supreme Court, in overturning Roe v. Wade, has sent a clear signal that the highest court in the land is willing not only to stymie progress but to reverse it and retreat nearly half a century to turn back the clock. It represents the antithesis of growth, both physically and mentally, and renders our nation lost in a miasma of abject illusion, delusion, and stagnation.

Unfortunately, it may only be the beginning of a modern day dark age that attempts to reverse societal improvements that have enlightened our understanding and acceptance of diversity and freedom as Justice Thomas warns that limiting if not outright taking of rights such as privacy are next on the list of an authoritarian agenda, precedent be damned.

So it is incumbent upon those who advocate growth and progress to rise up and advocate forcefully that we shall not spend our time merely looking in the rear view mirror but keep our eyes fixed on the future so as to avoid the pitfalls of stagnation. That 5 of the 6 votes came from judges put forward by Republican Presidents who did not win the popular vote and confirmed by Senators representing a minority of Americans only exacerbates the negative impact that the Electoral College, gerrymandered Congressional districts, and the filibuster have on our current democratic system.

It is said that the word crisis in ancient Chinese is composed of two concepts, one represents danger and the other opportunity. If in fact this is true then maybe we can put this thesis to work by seizing the opportunity that is before us. Let us learn from our mistakes and the misdeeds and misinformation blasphemously laid bare before us by the President, his Cabinet and the Congressional leaders of his cult, I hesitate to call it the Republican Party, and vote those out of office and/or indict them if crimes have been proven to have taken place.

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Our democracy is screaming for help. In fact democracies around the globe are experiencing a challenge from authoritarian elements that portend serious challenges to the foundational principles outlined in the US Constitution, the standard-bearer of democratic governance. Unless we seriously encourage massive turnout in the upcoming mid-term elections, we may forego a golden opportunity to start to turn our nation around and advance both diversity and individual freedoms that are critically important to maintaining our democracy in positive growth, just as the founding fathers intended.

This will require an active campaign that stresses what is probably the most important element of our representative democracy: namely, compromise. Currently, there is a vast chasm that separates not only the two political parties, but more importantly perhaps, the individual parties which is the gap between moderates and radicals on both the left and the right. With a Senate equally divided the gap becomes particularly pronounced within the majority Democratic Party.

The Democrats must take this opportunity to highlight the overwhelming support in the electorate as a whole for progress and reject both stagnation and retreat on issues that are being advanced by Republicans and the radical right. This will require a degree of moderation and accommodation that some on the left may find uncomfortable, but the larger stakes involved cannot be ignored. We are in a compromised position but only compromise will instill the confidence of groups like suburban women of the seriousness with which we approach public policy in general and issues like abortion in particular.

It is unfortunate, of course, that it has come to this but we are standing at the precipice of a crisis and to fail or fall is fraught with disaster. We simply cannot allow this opportunity to slip by and the importance of restoring faith and confidence in both our public policy makers and the institutions that implement them is imperative. I refuse to be beaten down by those who in a most unpatriotic way make a mockery of our democracy and belittle our nation before the world.

Power to the People is as much a slogan for patriotism as it is a musical anthem and We Shall Overcome is a theme to which we must dedicate our efforts to become what the world expects us to be: namely, a beacon of Liberty and Freedom against all odds. If we do not honor the precepts of democracy as it has evolved and continues to evolve we have no one to blame but ourselves. The power of your vote is paramount to the survival of democracy as envisioned by the founding fathers and refined over the past two and a half centuries. Lady Liberty, wipe those tears.`