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Lisa Bloom EEOC Complaint Against Company Claiming Covid-19 is a Democratic Hoax

lisa bloom

Lisa Bloom


Woman fired for asking for prayers after her workplace coronavirus exposure speaks out; attorney Lisa Bloom to file EEOC complaint on her behalf

Emily Ball was a valued employee in an Oklahoma country club. She loved her job, taking care of members, most of whom are elderly. In March, she learned that several members had been exposed to COVID-19.

Concerned, she asked management to take steps to protect her beloved members, and to warn them of their possible exposure. Management brushed her off, telling her that coronavirus was a “Democratic hoax.” She then called the state health department, which told her to go home and self-quarantine due to her workplace exposure. She did.

The National Day of Prayer was March 15, 2020. Emily posted on her private Facebook page that she had been exposed, she was unable to get a test, and that she was anxious. She asked her friends to pray for her, and to send cookies. She did not mention the country club.

The country club demanded that she take down the post. She did. Nevertheless, the club fired her.

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Recently, a member of the country club died of COVID-19.

“I am proud to represent Emily as she stands up for health and safety in her workplace, valiantly trying to save lives,” says Lisa Bloom, attorney for Emily Ball. “Too many workers are being fired for requesting simple warnings to protect themselves and others. We will shortly be filing a complaint with the EEOC in Oklahoma in this case. We currently represent many workers in similar cases and we stand with everyone who has the courage to insist on common sense safety measures during this deadly crisis.”

Emily's video statement, along with video statements of her attorneys,
Lisa Bloom and Teri Gibbs, are here.

Dated: May 5, 2020

For more information, please contact:

Marcelino Valencap
Media Coordinator for The Bloom Firm

Lisa Bloom EEOC Complaint