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north carolina governor

North Carolina's Democratic Governor-Elect Roy Cooper alongside his wife, Kristin. (Photo: Gerry Broome/AP)

The Republicans' successful coup in North Carolina is the perfect microcosm for what's in store for the rest of the country, and for illustrating the pure idiocy of the "Let the People Decide" mantra that right wingers have gotten away with. Translation: "Let the people decide whether they'll ever be allowed to decide again."

In North Carolina, as with the rest of the nation that will now be governed by unelected and unaccountable judges for the next 40-50 years, we see how clearly the right believes that elections do indeed "have consequences"... so long as they all go their way.

With the changing demographics, the right has been able to see the writing on the wall for a long, long time. As our greatest President (whom they insult our intelligence by telling us they're still the party of) said, "you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

Funny, isn't it, how we didn't hear anybody on the right saying that a governor shouldn't be allowed to make any major changes to his state in the last year of his term...?

They knew this. But they also knew that despite this fact, there are still those "some of the times" when all the stars align, including the star of a crooked FBI director, and they can fool enough idiots into putting their self interest behind how they feel about those who aren't like them. And when that happens, THEN the election has consequences which include their having the power to stack the deck for all future elections so that no more elections ever will.

Don't kid yourself into thinking that that's not exactly what they're doing. Once they've completed their packing of the Supreme Court (starting with the seat that they just plain stole from Obama) then they've succeeded in making all elections for the next 40 to 50 years meaningless. Democrats can win every single one, and it won't matter: just as in the infamous "Lochner Era", the right will have an impenetrable firewall against elections that don't go their way—in the form of a court that will just invent a totally bogus reason why what the people just voted for is unconstitutional, and strike it down.

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If you're still not convinced of this rather obvious agenda by the fact that most of the right's favorite jurists are on record bemoaning the end of the Lochner Era, or the fact that the reasoning for the unconstitutionality of Obamacare already embraced by four justices was literally identical to the reasoning of the Lochner Era court for why a ban on child labor was unconstitutional, then the Republican coup in North Carolina should remove any remaining doubts.

Funny, isn't it, how we didn't hear anybody on the right saying that a governor shouldn't be allowed to make any major changes to his state in the last year of his term...? "Let the people decide!!!" And it's funnier still how we don't hear them saying that when that governor in question not only faces the possibility of being rejected by the people in November, but already has been... has been by the voters in the same state that went for Trump by 170,000 votes.

No, I don't live in North Carolina myself or know the specific details of just what made its governor so unpopular. But I can put two and two together, and tell you this much: at least 170,000 North Carolinians who had no problem pulling the lever for President Pussy Grabber couldn't bring themselves to do so for their Republican governor.

And nobody from the "Let the People Decide" crowd seems to have any problem with his continuing to exercise all of his powers until the expiration of his term, including using them to stack the deck for all future elections that don't go his party's way....


Let that sink in...

Mark Bowen