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The Rise of the Republican One Percenters: Corporatism/Corruption/Coup

In January, 1998, a group of Neocons (New old cons, some of them pardoned convicted felons) struck their final draft of their neo constitution, a ninety-one page white paper, The Project for the New American Century. The plan calls for the United States to dominate the world.


The single most troublesome problem the Neocons felt they had, as admitted on page fifty-one of the PNAC manifesto, was in order to convince the American people to invade Iraq , they needed another Pearl Harbor . The plan was presented to President Clinton in the White House. Clinton immediately rejected the PNAC plan, in that it called for world dominance by military force and the unprovoked invasion of Iraq and eventually Iran, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Among the neocon creators and signers of the PNAC paper are Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Richard Armitage, James Woolsey, “ Scooter” I. Lewis Libby and the eventual U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Almay Khalilzad. So today, because of The Project for the New American Century manifesto, we have the massive mess in Mesopotamia .

Surprisingly, the following PNAC Preamble was found lying on the White House lawn during this year’s Easter egg hunt. The missive was found by a five year old who apparently made in past the White House Security unit, when the child took it home and showed his parents. Normally, Security would use advanced search and seizure methods before a terrorist Easter egg plot could be hatched, but clearly they screwed up on this one, letting it get out.


“We the companies and corporations of The Project for the New American Century, in order to form a more perfect anti-union union, establish ideological justice of our own, insure defense contractors, privatized Republican no-bid contractors, protect the oil industry for their greater future gains and for all other Republican industries, promote warfare and welfare for conglomerates, military/industrial complex corporations and companies, along with mega CEO’s and to secure the blessings of no taxation of the wealthiest one percent of the nation and their families for their undying prosperity,

Further; we the Corporatists, recognize that the founding fathers and the common people of the United States couldn’t foresee the importance of the ruling one percent leaders of the United States , who shall rely on their selected Executive Branch (CEO) to lead our nation into being a vast unassailable empire.

The President (CEO) shall be the final decider of all legislation, things judicial and matters of the States. We Corporatists believe in perpetual war as the only way to remain strong and control the rest of the world. Those who fear us will not attack us, so we must retain the fear factor. The only function for government in this new century is to develop weapons for defense, and to deploy these weapons in any part of the world we Corporatists deem necessary. Our intent is to eliminate the useless United Nations, by Boltenizing the world body.

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To maintain the PNAC Empire, Corporatists require total control of all electronic voting machines as well as ownership for all phases of media. Caging and other voter suppression methods must be updated and increased for assuring future elections to remain in PNAC control. The Supreme Court must remain in our control. In the past the Corporatists needed the religious Right, but once The Project for the New American Century is firmly established, they can either incorporate Christianity into a true mega business, or let it revert to simply one of the World’s religions. The Rapture and Creation are currently fine beliefs to take advantage of their very effective fear factor, however when we Corporatists establish dominance over the world, we won’t require that religious base anymore.

In conclusion, the progeny of the One Percenters Corporatists and PNAC, will be the leaders of the future. $200 a barrel for crude oil will be the new gold standard. To honor our first leader, we are striking a gold $500.00 (true value, $0.05 – 16ct slag) monetary bust of George W. Bush, to replace the United States Dollar.”

* * *

*On a serious note and for real, The Project for the New American Century is still available on line for all to see, but there are rumblings and signs the manifesto is becoming an embarrassment to the Neocons. The PNAC paper (of 1998) is the Neocon’s plan of world dominanation and is an outline for the invasion and conquering of Iraq and other mid-east states. Read it and weep, for our beloved country has truly experienced a planned coup.


The Project for the New American Century has been the real smoking gun from the very start of the recent takeover of our country.

by Jerry Drucker

Reprinted with permission from the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray, Editor, where the article first appeared.

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