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Last night I had an "AH-HAH" moment: Trumputin's call to Ukraine's Zelinsky on July 25 was a "perfect" call because it showed that he had perfected his technique of extorting things for himself all his working life.

Trump Quid Pro Quo

And if this impeachment trial fails to result in his conviction and removal from office, there is always next time, and that time could be in two months or so, after John Bolton's book is out in March, and other examples of his treasonous conduct, such as shown below, come to light. Here are my thoughts:

If this impeachment trial fails to result in his conviction and removal from office, there is always next time, and that time could be in two months or so, after John Bolton's book is out in March

1. Russia and Putin.Trumputin has always been soft on Russia and Putin, never criticizing him, and only reluctantly increasing sanctions on Russia. This is because for the past 15 years or so, Trumputin has been financially indebted to Russian oligarchs under the control of Putin who have loaned his Trump Organization money through Deutsche's Private Bank. If the oligarchs pulled their loans, the Trump Organization would collapse. The quid pro quo is that Trumputin will go soft on Putin and Russia as long as the loans continue. That is why Trumputin is fighting hard not to have his tax returns made public: they will reveal the extent to which his business empire is beholden to Russia.

2. Qatar and Kushner.Jared Kushner's and Trumputin's business interests in the Middle East conflict deeply with their political roles. Trumputin can make U.S. policy, and Jared has been given by his father-in-law the portfolio of being in charge of Middle East negotiations. Kushner's Realty Company was bought out in 2018 from his troubled building at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan by Brookfield Asset Management, an American company, which sale rescued Kushner's company from potential bankruptcy in early 2019. Brookfield's second largest investor is Qatar Investment Authority, which bought a $1.8 billion stake in one of Brookfield's subsidiaries in 2014, and is the second largest investor in the company. Are Kushner's actions in the political sphere a quid pro quo with Qatar?

3. UAE and Saudi Arabia. Likewise, Trumputin has extensive business relationships in the UAE and Saudi Arabia which could have resulted in quid pro quo relationships with these countries. Trumputin has two golf courses in Dubai, part of the UAE. There is a Trump International Golf Club Dubai and a second club, the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. Trumputin recently vetoed two bipartisan Congressional resolutions blocking weapons sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which have been used in the past to continue the war in Yemen. And the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority is headquartered on the 22nd floor of the Trump headquarters in New York City. How convenient…

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4. Turkey.Bolton, in his upcoming book, has also reported on concerns he had about Trump's relationships with Turkey and its President/dictator Erdogan. Bolton recently stated in a closed door meeting at Morgan Stanley that Trumputin often confuses personal relationships with national relationships when it comes to setting policy. Turkey is a great example: the Trump O\rganization has two joined buildings in Istanbul, Trump Towers Istanbul, and I believe that he curried favor with Erdogan in order to help his business interests in Turkey by agreeing to withdraw American troops from along the Syrian border with Turkey, setting off death and conflict as they withdrew, to be replaced by Russian troops there.

5. China. Bolton was also concerned with Trumputin's dealings with China, especially regarding his daughter Ivanka's business there. She recently somehow got sixteen new sweetheart trademarks in China. Trumputin then worked out a deal with Xi Jinping, China's president, to save from bankruptcy the major Chinese telecommunications company ZTE, even though the company has a history of violating American restrictions on doing business with Iran and North Korea. Could it be that the Trump Organization wants to make money off the Trump brand in the promising Chinese market?


It is no surprise that Trumputin tried to put together a tentative deal with Ukraine to trade weapons and a White House visit for a statement that Ukraine would announce an investigation of the Bidens in advance of the 2020 election. It is just business as usual for our corrupt President to do this. What is the problem? It was a perfect call, and will be repeated again somewhere else unless he is removed from office now.

It is likely that the current impeachment trial will not result in Trumputin's conviction and removal from office. However, as other facts come to light in the next month or two, it would be easy for the House to pass new and cumulative impeachment Articles and refer them to the Senate. It started with Russia, who propped up his businesses and then helped him get elected in 2016 in a very close contest with Hillary. As President, he followed up with the likely quid pro quos mentioned above, and now, Ukraine.

ted vaill

When will our national nightmare end?

Ted Vaill