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A – Indefinite article functioning as a preposition.

america and guns

Well – adv. better, best. 1. Satisfactorily. In a good or proper manner; rule well.

Regulated 1. To control or direct according to a rule. 2. To adjust in conformity to
a specification or requirement.

Militia 1. A citizen army, as distinct from a body of professional soldiers.

For Second Amendment worshipers, the opening part of the single-sentence Second Amendment is: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So what did the Founding Fathers have in mind when they started the single sentence of the Second Amendment using those words, “A well regulated militia”?

The Founding Fathers meant the Citizen Army is subject to RULES AND REGULATIONS, as in the Webster dictionary meaning: rules n. 1. To exercise control over; govern. 2. To dominate by powerful influence; hold sway over. 3. To keep within proper limits; restrain.

At no time did the Founding Fathers suggest or think the Second Amendment was created for the overthrow of the United States Constitution or the United States government. The Civil War proved the Founding Father’s intent. It appears that the Republican Party wants to have a redo of the Civil War once again as they steamroll out and hang on to today’s version of the Southern Strategy. However, once again they’re on the wrong side.
Second Amendment worshipers should learn that two Militia Acts were written by these same Founding Fathers, shortly after the Second Amendment was completed. A superior officer of the Militia could demand inspection of a man’s privately owned musket, lead balls, black powder, ramming rod and other arms and military equipment. If the weapon or the man didn’t come up to muster, there would be severe consequences.

The ‘Militia’ referred to in the Second Amendment is now considered to be today’s National Guard. They are well regulated, wearing uniforms supplied by our U.S. government, they report to superior officers, they are trained in warfare, they must maintain weapons supplied to them, they must be ready for inspection and follow all military rules.

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The reasoning for the ‘right of the people to keep and bear Arms’ was written for two reasons. In no way was ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,’ meant to give license to those Militia Men to overthrow the newly minted United States of America.

The right to bear arms was written strictly by the Founder’s for the war against the British, or other nations that might invade us in the future, like the War of 1812, which was a repeat war with the British Empire.

So in spite of what the NRA, the Tea Party or today’s Republican’s might say, the Founders never had the thought of overthrowing the United States government, nor the use of guns to protect us from ourselves. Here’s the real skinny on the Second Amendment.

First, our principal enemy the British, wanted to control all the guns so they weren’t used against them.

Secondly, General Washington and the Founders didn’t have many muskets for their citizen soldiers. Since hunting was a necessity in those days to supply food and clothing, and the rifles were expensive to buy, Militia men were allowed to retain their own personal weapons that were available for the militia officer’s inspection.

As always the National Rifle Association is puffing on their pugnacious, prurient, pusillanimous, pungent, prolific, pulverizing profit pipe of putrid propaganda proposals by suggesting the Founder’s intent was to overthrow their own beloved United States Constitution and nation with the Second Amendment if they so deemed or wanted.

Jerry Drucker

So it’s necessary for the Second Amendment worshipers to learn more than one forth of the meanings of the Amendment that they repeat over and over again like a Gatling gun spitting out lead into a helpless victim.

Jerry Drucker
Valley Dems United

Monday, 5 August 2013