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White Supremacists Preparing to Fight New Civil War?

Denis Campbell: Since the execution of Timothy McVeigh, sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing, and the election of a black man as the US President, the number of white supremacist militia groups has exploded within prisons where they are the most feared group.

The headlines in the last few weeks have been chilling.

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Colorado’s Prison’s Director was gunned down as he opened the front door to his home to greet a pizza delivery man who was a white supremacist. The shooter had earlier killed a Dominos Pizza delivery man for his uniform which was used to gain access. The attacker later died in a hail of bullets following a shootout where he fired on and hit a Texas State Trooper who stopped him for having mismatched vehicle licence plates. The shooter conducted a high-speed chase and gun battle before being fatally wounded in a crash with an 18-wheeler. His release was linked to a prison paperwork error. (Anyone want to take bets it was also a privatized prison?)

A Texas county district attorney and his wife were brutally massacred in their home this past weekend, also allegedly by a white supremacists. How do they know? His assistant DA was killed similarly, brutally murdered earlier by one and the DA issued a challenge for ‘this low-life to crawl out from under his rock because the authorities would get him.’ Their reply? To gun down the wife who answered the door then fire multiple bullets into his body. The crime scene contained “numerous shell casings.”

In Alternet Tuesday, Alex Kane interviewed a former prisoner who issued a dire warning that “America’s prisons are turning out violent white supremacists: ‘mentally fighting the Civil War.’” And no one seemed to be paying any attention until this past week.

This is one time, I really hate saying I told you so.

Two years ago on 11 March 2011, Representative Peter King (R-NY) held a for-show hearing on “Muslim-American Radicalisation.” The witness list was a sham. Democrats boycotted the hearing and the only one invited to testify was Representative Keith Ellison, the only Muslim member of the US Congress. He warned in tearful testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee their inquiry was “the very heart of scapegoating.”

“We’ve seen the consequences of anti-Muslim hate,” Ellison testified. “The best defense against extreme ideologies is social inclusion and civic engagement. … I fear these hearings may undermine our efforts in this direction.”

Ellison became emotional while recounting the story of Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a 23-year-old Muslim-American firefighter who died while saving others during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Hamdani, whose mother was in the audience, was castigated for his religion after his death, with some wondering whether he had been allied with the attackers, Ellison said.

“He should not be remembered as a Muslim, but as an American who gave everything for his country,” Ellison said.

It was an outrageous hearing. And… it ignored the real US domestic terrorism threat, white supremacist hate and militia groups which had grown 850% in the four years of the Obama Administration.

While they were undoubtedly VERY unhappy that a black man was now the President of the United States, what terrified them even more was the 2010 census in which it was predicted that by 2011 (as ABC News reported):

‘50.4% of births would be of Hispanic, black, Asian, and other minority children. While white babies would account for 49.5% of the country’s newborns.’

And demographics are changing and threatening to make white people an even bigger minority in the nation for the longer term. Thus we see the unprecedented levels of voter disenfranchisement and attempts to make it difficult for minority and elderly voters to cast a vote, especially in predominantly red Republican leaning states.

The Republican Party ignores any white hate group threat since these groups are largely anti-Obama and vote Republican.

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This is their new base? This is the new branding effort? If the GOP jumped to the fore here, condemning these activities and launching hearings to stop this type of abuse, they might have a chance. Now they just look stupid as members of their party launch hate screed and/or call Hispanics ‘wetbacks?’

Since the execution of Timothy McVeigh, sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing, and the election of a black man as the US President, the number of white supremacist militia groups has exploded within prisons where they are the most feared group. Their members purchase of thousands upon thousands of semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15, the assault weapon used by the Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown shooter.

But as bad as all of this is, this is the wake-up call no one wants to hear. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok:

“the number of radical “anti-government” militia groups increased from 150 to 1,274 during the years of the Obama presidency. There have been more homegrown domestic terrorism attacks by right-wing groups than by international terrorists during his presidency as well.”

And that was before the Sandy Hook shooting. Since then the sales of guns and ammunition driven by fears that “Obama is going to take our guns away,” has led to an insatiable appetite for guns and ammo.

Said CNN Money:

“Mike Weddle, head of maintenance at Dynamic Research Technologies, an ammunition manufacturer in Albany, Mo., says he is adding 10 new hires to his staff of 35. DRT’s machine operators make between $10 and $17 an hour — a healthy paycheck in a region where it’s tough to find a job and the cost of living is relatively low.

DRT currently cranks out 80,000 bullets per shift and operates two shifts per day. But that’s not enough to meet demand. So Weddle is adding a third manufacturing shift and building an additional facility.

“Demand picked up a year ago — it quadrupled,” he said. “It just went crazy.” He says .223 caliber ammo, which is for semiautomatic rifles, is particularly difficult to keep in stock.”

And they are a tiny piece of an industry that employs more than 240,000 people across the USA. Assault rifles are selling out and “ammunition for them does not even make it to store shelves, sold out before they even are unboxed,” said one industry spokesman.

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So leave the brown-skinned Muslim men alone. 99.99994 are citizens, just like everyone else. The alarm is sounding and Congressman King is silent on whether or not his Homeland Security Committee should hold hearings on this real clear and present danger to the safety of everyone in the USA.


Denis Campbell
UK Progressive

Wednesday, 3 April 2013