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Left Coast Forum: Walking While Black

A few months ago, the LA Progressive and the Left Forum got together to launch the Left Coast Forum 2017. It's happening this coming weekend. One of the offerings is a series of films that address social justice and possible remedies for our broken justice system. A film that will be shown at the convening is “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer”. The film makers examine racial profiling and the daily struggle it creates for minority communities.

Left Coast Forum Walking While Black

This award-winning documentary puts an spotlight on ways to improve relations between police and minority communities. It uses real life instances to demonstrate how current policing tactics have driven a wedge between police and minority communities nationwide -- the results of which we've all seen play out on the news for several years.

Producer and Director, A.J. Ali believes the film offers a viable and scalable solution that can work in every community in the nation. Using several real-life examples, including a community-policing maverick in Baltimore (see his Ted Talk at ), a police chief in Santa Monica who is guiding the transformation of a police department and the powerful story of the bond that developed between a white police officer and a black man he framed in Michigan (see the CBS news report on their friendship ), A.J. demonstrates the healing power of love and light over the destructive negativity of hate and darkness.

After the film is shown, A.J. will spend time discussing the film with the audience along with former LAPD Sargeant Cheryl Dorsey.

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To see this a lots of other films, talks, panels, entertainment, -- come to the Los Angeles Trade Tech where you’ll find a bunch of fellow activists building upon are sometimes disjointed progressive movement.

Professor Richard D. Wolff will be our keynote one night and we've got several others. See the link below to Eventbrite for the full schedule.