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peoples party

Building a Peoples Democratic Workers Party

Saturday, 4 November, 1:15 to 2:30 p.m.

Workers, oppressed people and democratic forces must build political organization and a party that represents our interests against the dominant ruling class Democratic and Republican parties. Develop grassroots strategy and examine successful developments around the country.


Cliff Smith, community and labor organizer for 25 years. Served two elected terms on the South Central Neighborhood Council, in his second term as elected Business Manager of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers, Local 36

Chloe Osmer, labor and immigrant rights activist for over 15 years, currently serving as the Organizing Director to the LA County Federation of Labor, previously worked as an organizer at the national AFL-CIO, as well as at the CLEAN Carwash Campaign, the California Labor Federation and the UC Berkeley Labor Center.

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Alex Sanchez, Teamsters business representative for Local 896, a community organizer and activist since the days of Prop 187. Teamsters business agent representing soft drink workers in Southern California, a union organizer and fight for a safe workplace for all workers.

Zak Wear, member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance Steering Committee, managed the first California municipal rent control victory in 33 years, currently serving as campaign manager for Richmond vice-mayor Jovanka Beckles' campaign for state assembly, 2018.

Ada Recinos, currently a Councilwoman in Richmond, California; member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance Steering Committee, and also sits on the Richmond Human Rights and Human Relations Commission.

Keyanna Celina, community organizer for the Coalition for Community Control Over the Police; also a Cultural Revolutionary, musician, poet; a rap artist under the RonDavoux label out of Oakland; has a current single and video for her South African influenced song “Unite!”