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rachel feldman

Why WOMEN's Voices Matter in Media

Sunday, 5 November, 10:30 a.m.

We now know that Hollywood is fraught with gender inequity and discrimination for actors, filmmakers, and executives too. We also know that employment justice for women, fair pay, and the right to work in entrenched male-dominated systems, is what we want. But what about the stories we tell? American made media, film and television made in Hollywood, also tells predominately male stories that perpetuate female stereotypes and often reduces and victimizes female characters. Statistics prove that when media is female made, when the stories are told and created by women, the percentages of enlightened female characters emerge, female characters are empowered, and the effect of watching these films has an effect around the world. If we want a more progressive, enlightened world, if we strive for peace and equity, then having women write, direct, and shoot film is an imperative that will change the world. Media is our most powerful propaganda, so let’s do it right!


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