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pot smoker1. What are the best arguments for or against medical marijuana? (Check all that apply)

It ought to be decriminalized to take the power away from the repressive state machinery that can always use marijuana as an excuse for a bust.

Medical marijuana also helps patients deal with the side effects of pharmaceutical medicine, which frequently occurs.

Be careful in the way you treat our answers to ambiguous questions and answers. That there are better, more scientifically proven etc. (choice 2) is NOT an argument against medical marijuana and must not be tabulated as such. That it is really being used. . . (choice 3) is also NOT an argument “against medical mj.” I just don’t have an opinion about #5.

Also, medical marijuana is marijuana, and no one has given any good reason to ban any substance, let alone relatively mild psychoactive substances like marijuana.

Duh Gutterment has no Constitutional Authority to Prohibit *anything* at *any time*

I don’t use drugs but, they should be legal. Regardless of pain use it is costing society too much to eliminate them.

medical marijuana

What are the best arguments for or against medical marijuana? (Check all that apply)

I am a retired physician with metastatic cancer of the prostate. Have watched the situation carefully and feel that marijuana has definite properties that are of medical benefit. However, the liquor lobby and the departments of government which are making a profit from illegal pot will not be denied.

the question really is, why would the government seek to deny those suffering from illness the opportunity to live in less pain and have better chances of living normal lives in spite of their illness?

It is ridiculous that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. I do not use either, by the way.

By legalizing marijuana (or at least decriminalizing it, we will free up billions in taxpayer money to spend on social programs instead of imprisoning people and creating generations of criminals Recreational marijuana SHOULD be readily available so it can be controlled out of the hands of gangs providing safer product uncut with DDT or more powerful narcotics. It is FAR less of a danger to society than alcohol and tobacco. P.S. Doctors have not been able to find any other pain killer that works for me for more than 24 hours (more than 2 doses of darvon/demerol type drugs cause extreme nausea, codeine and similar prescription medications act as stimulants or have no effect whatsoever) in almost 40 years of using me as a guinea pig.

I’m tired of supporting black market drug sales and imprisoning people for less than what alcohol can do to a person.

If Marijuana is all that bad, why is tobacco still legal?

Need much more research on appropriate and viable uses

my doctor said marijuana could relieve the pressure in my eyes (glaucoma), and he’s known this since medical school, but would not prescribe it. Lovely. Guess I’ll just have to go blind.

Medical marijuana is really being used as a back-door way to make recreational marijuana widely available but it shouldn’t have to. Marijuana should not be illegal, period.

Marijuana should be sold legally similarly to the way alcohol is sold because it is less dangerous than alcohol and making it illegal just doesn’t work Does anyone remember the 18th amendment? It didn’t work. Certainly there will be abuse of THC but treatment of the abuser, not criminalizing, is the only long term answer.

There are many other legitimate medical uses as well.

If prescribed by a doctor, medical marijuana should be paid for by insurance including Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Government needs to get out of our personal lives.

other medicines for pain relief cause many side affects, like constipation and IBS cannabis tinctures for pain are being used at The City of Hope and Dr. Deepak Chopra said these medicines are truly important

Sorry. — These questions are meaningless to me –

Prohibition doesn’t work. In countries where it is legal, like in the Netherlands, there is far less drug use of all kinds. They pioneered needle exchange and drastically lessened the cost of policing drug prohibition of all kinds. However, it is still illegal to drive or do any other similar activity while stoned- do it and you will suffer the same or worse consequences that we not reserve for legal alcohol use.

SOME medical marijuana users will use it as a back door to recreation. SOME medical marijuana users will find it better for them than other pain sufferers do. ALL drugs are specific to individual users as to their effectiveness and negative side effects.

People are going to use it anyways, why make them go to sleazy dope dealers to get it?

It should be up to the individual what pain relief modality he/she prefers. We don’t all want to cater to the financial demands of Pharma.

All the CA Conservatives of Independent mind which whom I’ve spoken, say they gladly voted for MedMJ but voted against Prop 19 because they are alarmed by the unchecked proliferation of dispensaries, plus the stoners have come in on the back of the patients to simply get high.

decriminalize marijuana

It relieves a variety of symptoms and is a natural alternative to drugs. Let people use it!

The ONLY THING THAT CRIMINALIZING MARIJUANA DOES IS INCREASE PROFITS TO PHARMACEUTICAL GIANTS. THOUSANDS of people with chemo side-effects and glaucoma and sleep problems are denied a generally SAFE AND HELPFUL herbal remedy because patented drugs for these conditions make BILLIONS for Big Pharma. Profits for a few is not a fair exchange for suffering for thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands. LEGALIZE AND TAX MARIJUANA — it’s less dangerous than booze and MUCH less dangerous than cigarettes.

less illegal pot grown in forests etc. and smuggled in, less money spent on enforcement and if taxed money for necessities like schools.

Marijuana has proven medical benefits, but regardless it should be legalized for any adult. It’s ridiculous that alcohol is legal but a plant isn’t. Drinking makes people risk-takers and/or violent. Marijuana makes people calm and peaceful. You tell me which is worse for society!

It is also useful for glaucoma treatment. There is already a serious drug abuse problem in this country, and it has virtually nothing to do with marijuana. Opiate, barbiturate, amphetamine, alcohol and tobacco use are all serious drug problems that far outweigh any problems caused by the use of marijuana.

I think marijuana use should be legal, because it will garner taxes revenue for the state/nation, it will undercut the criminal networks that now operate to supply the illegal market, it will reduce inmate numbers in our prisons and there are probably other reasons that aren’t coming to mind just now. I am concerned about heavy smoking of marijuana because I believe it may very well increase the smokers risk of lung cancer. I had a friend who smoked marijuana for over 30 years and she died of lung cancer. She wasn’t a cigarette smoker. It seems to me the high that’s produced by marijuana is a benign and in some cases even an enlightening experience, in contrast to the high from alcohol, which is generally degrading of a person’s intellect and abilities. Of the two intoxicants it certainly seems logical that marijuana would be the preferable one, both from the point of view of the individual and society as a whole. It’s illogical and detrimental to criminalize the use of marijuana.

None of the above. It is a drug with for a wide range of conditions, including anti-anxiety and mood alertinf properties similar to and superior to many pharmaceuticals. Kevin Sabet is also a professional right wing hack like Bill Bennett, Robert DuPont and others who have worked for ONDCP and

The fact that medical marijuana does not have the side effects of many of its synthetic counterparts makes it appropriate for use and much of the pain relief medication on the market is as addictive as any illigit drug with its own devastating results and its definitely not worse than alcohol and you don’t need a prescription for that. I don’t use any of it.

The War on Drugs is a FAILURE. It can’t be won, it is over. Legalize, decriminalize, tax and set laws for abusive use that effects the lives of others, just like alcohol.

Despite the denials of the federal govt, heavily influenced by the Big Pharma lobby, medical cannabis has been PROVEN to relieve symptoms and alleviate pain and anxiety for people with a variety of conditions. To deny the benefits of this natural medication shows nothing but ignorance and greed.

It’s called “THE MUNCHIES!!!!”

I am a Prop 215 patient with a variety of medical and psychological issues. Medicinal marijuana for me is a much better alternative than Xanax and painkillers.

All marijuana should be legal. I’m not sure why a progressive site would publish an anti-marijuana article in the first place.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers lie about or downplay side-effects and leave their customers responsible for mitigating them. Marijuana’s side-effects are so much less serious than these. BTW, I do not use marijuana myself for a number of reasons. But others will benefit greatly from it.


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