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2. What’s your view on recreational marijuana?

“MYOB”, when used responsibly.

It is a much safer alternative to alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and/or recreational use of prescription pills.

Please explain the difference between “addictive” and “habit forming.” But anyway, what does that have to do with whether mj should be available medically? isn’t that up to doctors?

It’s a mild form of self-abuse – one of thousands – that some find pleasurable sometimes.

Alcohol is much worse than marijuana, and they finally realized it had to be legalized to stop the crime.

Addiction is harmful to society and the individual. Treatment helps society and individuals.

I believe that milk is a “gateway drug”. It can be clearly demonstrated that 100% of drug addicts had consumed milk before they moved on to stronger drugs.

legalizing marijuana

What's your view on recreational marijuana?

Anything from sugar to caffeine to sex and exercise is habit forming and can be addictive. Is pot more so? Doubt it. Have you ever seen someone denied their Starbucks?? I would not rate it as “good” for anything but, again, is it any worse than nicotine, alcohol, emotional upheaval or exhaustion? If people can claim daily glasses of wine are better for one’s health than none (or too much), why can’t a couple of hits do the same?

Why is tobacco still legal?

A “bad” lot can create paranoia and violent behavior. Not hearsay.

With some people it may be addictive or at least habit forming. I’ve used it for 40 years and I really can take it or leave it and have no cravings for it. When I was younger I used it daily, but that was a social peer 70s culture thing. However I have known people who I believed were psychologically addicted to it.

Marijuana should be put in the same class of habit forming substances as are chocolate or coffee. I recommend the documentary, “The Union: Business Behind Getting High.”

It’s not a “gateway drug.” There is no evidence for that. 100% of heroin addicts drank milk as children, but that didn’t cause their heroin addiction.

Unfortunately, marijuana use has been associated with mental health issues including psychic breaks, paranoia, etc. I know someone who suffered a psychic break and the UCLA psychiatrist he consulted told me that mental health issues occur quite often with persons who use marijuana, especially daily marijuana use. And my friend did use marijuana on a daily basis.

I don’t know of any medical studies that support my contention but I think that habitual use of marijuana is not healthful. Occasional use is no more harmful than an alcoholic drink.

I think adults should have the option as they do for alcoholic beverages profits from sales can help the economy

Pharmaceuticals are the gatreway to heroin. We just don’t believe the refer madness.

A person under influence of alcohol-beverages sometimes turns aggressive and violent. I have never heard of a a person under influence of marijuana turning violent. Addiction and habit-forming are more a personality disorder than caused by the substance. For example Gambling and TV-games can become destructive addictions too.

If people “choose:” to use marijuana, they will get it whatever way they can. That is human nature……. I am not a physician or biologist, but we have been made aware of the physical hazards of cigarettes and alcohol~~~~

People who drink coffee and smoke cigarettes also become heroin users. Predisposition genetically and emotionally to addiction is a real and stronger and better correlation to hard drug use I drink red wine as an addition to my normal diet. Some people who drink red wine become winos, that doesn’t mean that red wine should be made illegal. I have dealt with drunks and people who are stoned. I will leave it to the reader and their own experience to determine who is more out of control and a danger to themselves and others.

Habit forming for SOME but not addictive in the medical sense. It’s good for SOME people. The notion of GATEWAY is not productive or easily defined.

I don’t think you can protect people from themselves. I think it would be better to just make it legal and allow the profits from its sales benefit the public through taxation.

Alcohol is addictive, too, for some people. I say legalize it and direct law enforcement efforts elsewhere.

It’s easy to go through an addictive phase, and some people need help to get past that.

The only “gateway” is that it pushes casual users to drug dealers who will sell them the higher priced more dangerous drugs if they can. Legalize it!

The “gateway” drug argument just doesn’t hold up. The only reason it’s a “gateway” drug is because it’s sold by drug dealers. If it were available in licensed stores, like alcohol, criminal gangs would lose their profits. It would actually be BETTER for the justice system — and so say many police professionals.

never used it

Alcohol and tobacco are addictive and dangerous drugs that are available widely. Tobacco causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year, whereas alcohol causes tens of thousands of deaths per year. Penalizing marijuana smokers is counterproductive and misdirected.

It seems to me the high that’s produced by marijuana is a benign and in some cases even an enlightening experience, in contrast to the high from alcohol, which is generally degrading of a person’s intellect and abilities. Of the two intoxicants it certainly seems logical that marijuana would be the preferable one, both from the point of view of the individual and society as a whole.

There is no such thing as a “recreational drug”, it’s a Kevin Sabet – Bill Bennett right wing meme. Do we talk about “recreational Prozac” or “recreational Xanax” (or their generic name counterparts). No, we don’t. Plenty of people using “recreational marijiuana” are self-medicating for depression or dysphoria, medical conditions.

Recreational marijuana is as harmful as alcholol and affects our judgment and physical dexterity similar to alcholol and therefore should require the same restrictions as any other intoxicating substance.

Like anything, from alcohol and cigarettes to sugar or salt, if a person enjoys it, it can be abused or overused. But those 4 things alone are more responsible for deaths and illness than a lifetime of using marijuana would ever be. Substances that are proven to be detrimental to the health and well-being of humans are allowed to be legal, regulated, advertised, encouraged, and enjoyed – yet something completely natural and not harmful is denied. Why??? Hmmm … who stands to lose profits if marijuana were legalized?
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Use in moderation is okay

The last option has to be qualified by saying that it’s true only when used with intelligent moderation

I’d much rather deal with a pot head than with a drunk or speed freak.

It’s a personal choice.

It’s no worse than cigarettes or alcohol.

Some level-headed education is needed to deal with issues such as hyper-suggestibility and motor impairment when driving. Same as with the use of alcohol and other legal substances. It should not be marketed in the same way that tobacco and alcohol are (and neither should they). Both capitalist producers and illegal dealers push their products to excess in the name of profit— human risks be damned.

It’s like everything else in life, you’ve got to do it in moderation!


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