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5. What changes would you like to see made to drug policies at the state and national level?

See #3.

Separate marijuana from drug discussion

legalize it

decriminalize most drugs and legalize those that are truly addicting

Allow natural medicine to be added to healthcare so that the need for prescription pill addictions will lessen

legalize it all, provide health care and basic needs to all.


Legalize all drugs and stop drug companies monopoly.

Decriminilizing possession of certain quantities of pot to a misdemeanor.

Legalize and control marijuana in the same way that alcohol and tobacco are regulated.

Dangers of legal psychoactive drugs should receive much greater scrutiny and their dangers should be publisized more in the mainstream press

Legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, Put serious drug abusers in proven treatment programs not jail.

Legalize, control, and tax.

How can we prevent the use? What give with this society?

Decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, see what happens and then perhaps marijuana can be used as a template for other drugs.

Spend money to help addicts recover

Marijuana should be legal, period. Rehab, no-harm policies, and more education, social structures should be strengthened and moralistic attitudes should be addressed.

legalize marijuana so that its uses, efects and benefits can be documented properly

Remove Cannabis from the Drug Schedule entirely, as it is not a drug – it is an herb, a homeopathic medicine which has 5,000 years of recorded use without a single death attributed to it’s use.

legalize and/or decriminalize

legalize marijuana

Control like alcohol. Treat addicts and crime and accidents by offenders

Legalize weed. Tax both the smoker and the purveyor.

Legalize the drug at a reasonable price.

leave it up to the states to decide

End the war on the weed. Embrace marijuana as a plant that has positive effects on people, unlike other legal drugs like alcohol and prescription pain medicine.

Decriminalize all proscribed drugs.

marijuana should be reclassified to a schedule II drug.

no jail time

Legalize marijuana and end the drug war!

decriminalize all drug activity,except sales to minors.

Legalize and control.

legalize marijuana

Legalize marijuana and monitor it the same way cigarettes and alcohol are monitored, then tax it and use the money for education and rehabilitation.

legalize all drugs

Legalize everything and remove the illegal profiteers.

Legal drugs at all levels; prescription drugs probably kill more people than recreational drugs.

Decriminalization and Alcohol style regulation

not sure

Legalize marijuana, without qualification.

Follow the Dutch example.

treat addiction as a public health problem. Prosecute dealers not addicts. Make treatment available without cost to all addicted persons.

legalize w/ restrictions similar. to alcohol and keep it a state taxed cottage industry.. no pharma/tobacco takv

legalize all drugs

Concentrate on Hard drugs at all levels.

Colorado has medical pot, but dispensaries are getting raided, and people going to jail because of federal laws. Not right.

Legalze and regulate all drugs on the state and national level.

Drug abuse should be decriminalized and treated as a medical condition. Funding should go into addiction education, prevention and recovery instead of police and prisons.

Make THC legal like alcohol is. You can also tax it to help with the buget woes.

Simple, legalize it.

stop putting people in jail for misdemeanors

tax drugs

Legalize all drugs as soon as practicable.

Legalize marijuana and cocaine

Complete legalization of marijuana. Sensible, non-criminalizing control of opiates.

Legalize marijauna.

I want th state and national government to repeal anti-drug laws and fund education and addiction programs.

The federal government should declare the war on drugs is at an end and remove itself from an actions in this area. The control of drugs should be at the state level and the legality of drugs left to them.

I would like to see most drugs decriminalized.

too big a topic to really answer in this mini-survey

Decriminalize or at least lower penalties…fine, no lock up

regulate and tax, stop wasting law enforcement money on drugs. This is a health issue.

Marijana should be dealed with in the same way as alcohol-beverages and sigarettes.

Make it legal – sold to people over 18 — just as we did with alcohol….And include whatever physical and biological damage it can do….

Legalization, taxation and sensible control

Legalize and tax recreational drugs. Criminalization is usually the problem not the answer.

Legalization of drugs would take away the profit motive, diminish related-crimes, and stop fueling the U.S. prison-industrial complex.

Drugs generally should be legalized and controlled to de-fund street criminals.

I think we should legalize most drugs, or at least make hard drugs available for prescription and thus offer people an alternative to breaking the law.

Fully legalize/tax marijuana just like alcohol.

Include alcohol and cigarettes

I would like to see marijuana legalized and distributed through typical drug distribution channels

Legalize drugs. Let individuals harm themselves if they choose, but offer programs to warn them and to help those who want to quit. Re-focus law enforcement on crimes which harm others.

Totally legal but with strict sanctions on public intoxication of any sort.

decriminalization of many drugs

eliminate them

I am mostly concerned with seperating Marijuana from all other drugs. It does not belong in the same category. If we are going to start with medical Marijuana, we need to have common sense, make everything about it much more legitimate. If we legalize completely, then regulate it “Like Wine”

Legalize and regulate. Everyone is addicted to something, whether its t.v. or some form of drug, including alcohol. It’s a personal and societal issue not a crime!

Legalize marijuana, release and clear the records of all imprisoned only for marijuana violations. License and sell in measured amounts, allow gardening for home use only.

just legalize and tax it for 18 years and older.

As with alcohol; legalize and regulate

Legalization and appropriate controls

legalize and have EPA make sure they aren’t loaded with pesticides

leaglize marijuana

Legalize marijuana

Decriminalize and intead focus on treatment

Feds need to let states make their decisions

Legalization of marijuana

Reschedule mj to Schedule 3, allow medical use like California law

Decriminalize use and increase efforts and programs for education and rehabilatation.

Legalize, decriminalize, tax and set laws for abusive use that effects the lives of others, just like alcohol.

The Feds need to remove cannabis from the Sched I classification and allow it to be objectively studied for its benefits. They need to stop burying the positive studies that have been done and stand up to Big Pharma. They need to respect the state’s rights that allow medical mj and stop the harassment of compliant collectives. The states need to respect the laws and the people’s wishes and work together with the collectives and patients. The taxes they can collect and the lessening of over-crowding of prisons would be a benefit for all.

Let the states and municipalities make their own decisions regarding marijuana use

Legalize nearly all “drugs” with, perhaps, the exception of “designer” drugs of unknown content being sold via the internet.

Legalize marijuana and then focus police resources on preventing crimes that are not victimless

Let people decide. Put the money that goes to wage this war into finding ways to treat people who suffer from bad decisions.

Legalize pot. Medical approach to addictive drugs.

Stop the “war on drugs.”

Legalize Marijuana

Decriminalize marijuana – will halt much drug trade

Legalize marijuana. Decriminalize everything else.

Change the classification of marijuana on the state level.

END the WAR!


Decriminalization of marijuana, Harm Reduction policies for “hard drugs” like heroin & cocaine, and foreign development policies which are serious about making agricultural alternatives to narco-crops economically realistic.

Legalize marijuana at both the state and federal level.

Less effort on supply control and more on demand and rehab.

Treat addictions as a medical condition, not as a crime. Educate, legalize, make drug abuse less attractive. Make life in America affirming enough for everyone that drug (illegal *and* legal) abuse will become virtually non-existent.

Be realistic! We all know that everything boils down to money in this country!

We should legalize marijuana, tax and monitor its use, and use social pressure to keep users in check, exactly as we did with cigarette smoking over the past 40 years.

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