Why Are Liberals Such Wusses?

This union card-carrying Hubert Humphrey Democrat is tired of hearing the question: “Why are liberals such wusses?”

Turn on the TV. Open a newspaper or a news magazine. Browse the blogosphere. The Republicans or their Tea Bagger pals are tearing us a brand new one. Liberals typically respond by turning the other cheek and crooning another chorus of “Kumbaya.”

I’ve had enough of the “come-let-us-reason-together” liberals, however well intentioned they may be. So have Michael Moore, the famous filmmaker, and my fellow Kentuckian Jim Pence, a video blogger.

When Republicans are “in power and they want to get something done, they come in with guns blazing and they get it done,” Moore recently told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “And our side, we break out the, you know, six-string guitar and start signing ‘Kumbaya.’ I’m sick of it and the American people are sick of it, too.”

Pence doesn’t pull punches either. “The whole Kentucky Democratic Party is a bunch of wusses,” said Pence, a Democrat of my unabashedly left-leaning persuasion, who runs Hillbilly Report.

Pence is the Bluegrass State ’s Michael Moore. Or, maybe, Moore is Michigan’s Jim Pence.

Anyway, Hillbilly Report is “A Progressive Community for Rural Americans” online. (City slickers are also welcome, according to Pence.)

Like Moore , Pence, 70, gives it to folks with the bark on.

He’s still steamed at “the Louisville progressive community” for going AWOL when the Tea Party Express rolled into Kentucky’s largest city last September.

Pence showed up with his video camera. “This was not a surprise visit by the Tea Party Express,” he posted on Hillbilly Report. “The progressive community knew about it and made a decision to stay at home and not counter this event.”

Pence lowered the boom: “One could reasonably assume the Louisville progressive community is OK with folks coming in to their city and calling Barack Obama a Communist, Marxist, or Muslim.”

Louisville libs also let the Tea Baggers get away with trashing U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Louisville) at his health care forum , and they permitted a Falls City version of Rush Limbaugh to “spew his venom unchallenged” on the radio, Pence wrote.

Pence said Louisville progressives missed a golden opportunity “…to counter the Tea Party Express in front of the entire nation.” (Other progressives have similiarly wimped out all over the country.) He lamented that “the lack of real commitment by Louisville progressives sends a troubling message to the Tea Party folks and I believe that message is this: ‘Have your way with us, we’re easy.’”

Pence can’t figure why so many souls on our side “seem content to let the right wing nuts take the streets and town halls without a fight.” (Love-thy-Tea Bagger liberals could take a lesson from UAW members who stood up to some Tea Bagger wackos at the Detroit auto show and chanted, “Not some lousy bag of tea, union jobs for you and me!”

Enough with the “Kumbaya,” Moore has urged President Obama and liberal Democrats.

Our party needs a fight song. I’m partial to a pair of Yankee favorites from the Civil War: “Marching through Georgia ” and “The Battle Cry of Freedom.” Either or both would work for me.

Anyway, if Bluegrass State Democrats are a bunch of wusses, not all Sunshine State Democrats are.

When Sarah Palin came to campaign against Rep. Alan Grayson the other day, the Feisty Floridian replied: “I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them.”

The Huffington Post quoted Grayson on the Queen of the Tea Baggers. Huffpo also ran a jab from the Orlando Democrat’s campaign: “Scientists are studying Sarah Palin’s travel between Alaska and Florida carefully. They hope to learn more about the flight patterns of that elusive migratory species, the wild Alaskan dingbat.”

Pence and I agree it’s a ton of fun, yet all too rare, to see a Democratic politician ripping the other side a brand new one.

Grayson – a strong supporter of organized labor in Congress — has many fans in our union hall and, I suspect, in a lot of union halls nationwide.

Grayson is a real Florida ‘ gator who bit a plug out of Half Baked Alaska.

Berry Craig


  1. says

    Takes courage to remain true to one’s principles, to treat others with respect no matter what, to deal with reason and not with insults, cruelty, and violence in word, thought, or deed. Gandhi a wuss? Dennis Kucinich? Me? Not in the least. Peace is achieved through kindness, not war. Yes, we must engage foes, but that can be achieved without joining them in the mire. When we reduce ourselves to the opponent’s low levels… we become low.

  2. Lee Rowan says

    There does need to be a perceptible difference between the neocon thugs and people who believe that’s the wrong way to go. Yes, we need to be more active, more combative, and less willing to ignore the idiots… but headlines like this that repeat the Big Lie? Honey, Dennis Kucinich ain’t a wimp.

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