Linda Jones Carries Democratic Party Endorsement into California AD36 Primary

Linda Jones and Eric Bauman

Linda Jones was officially endorsed by the California Democratic Party at the state party’s Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. Linda gained 68% of the vote over her two primary opponents in a caucus made up of Democrats from Assembly District 36. The party endorsement became official when the 3,500 Democratic delegates from around the state chose Linda as the Party’s official choice in the June 8th Primary.

Eric Bauman, Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party, and Chair of the LA County Democratic Party said “The Democratic Party chose a strong candidate who has long history of fighting for working families in the High Desert. The 36th AD is a swing district and Linda Jones is a strong candidate who can win in November. I’m proud to stand with Linda, the Democratic Party’s choice in the June 8th Primary – she is a winner for all of the people of the High Desert.”

Linda Jones and Nancy Pelosi

Linda expressed her gratitude to her fellow Democrats after the vote to endorse her campaign. “I thank the California Democratic Party for their endorsement and support. Being the Democratic Party’s choice on June 8th is an honor, but also a responsibility. I’ll continue to fight for working families across the High Desert by focusing on creating new jobs, protecting education funding and expanding the clean energy economy.”

In 2008, Jones overwhelmingly won the Democratic Primary with 79.5% against current opponent Maggie Campbell, before coming within 3.2% of upsetting Republican Steve Knight, despite being heavily outspent and in spite of Knight’s deep family ties to the Republican political establishment. Linda carried 49% of the Los Angeles County portion of the district and 47.5% of the San Bernardino County side.

Allen Hoffenblum, political strategist and publisher of the California Target Book, concluded “AD 36 is no longer a safe district for Republicans.”

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  1. bikerboy says

    I really don’t think we are ready for another African American Progressive in our government any time soon. Democrat candidates are going to have a real hard time anyway. Obama has poisoned the water and people are pretty mad about what the party has done to America. At this point, even running for Dog Catcher would be chancy. Save your money for later, you are wasting it on a “sinking ship”.


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