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Over the last three decades, and more recently in the last four years, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has repeatedly failed to address issues of corruption, mismanagement and abuse leading to an FBI investigation, DOJ oversight, the indictments and convictions of LASD staff, and most importantly, the loss of the community’s trust.

Sheriff McDonnell Takes Over

But now, after a historic November 2014 election, L.A. County voted and elected Jim McDonnell to be the new sheriff.

The ACLU of Southern California has set an aspiring agenda, which includes just some of the critical civil liberties that are of prime concern to the community. We’ve outlined five priority areas that demand prompt attention in Sheriff McDonnell’s first 100 days in office:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Restore the public’s trust in the LASD.
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  • TRANSPARENCY: Maintain an open and accessible record of operations and conduct.
  • DIGNITY: Ensure respectful and humane treatment of civilians and individuals incarcerated in the L.A. County Jails.
  • EQUAL PROTECTION: Protect immigrants’ rights.
  • COMMUNITY SAFETY: Implement effective community safety strategies.

We need Sheriff McDonnell and his staff to fulfill these recommendations and finally create a department that is dedicated to constitutional policing and custody, which L.A. residents deserve. We look forward to working with the sheriff and his administration to help solve address these pressing issues. ACLU SoCal and community partners will be watching.

Download the full agenda and ask Sheriff McDonnell to be our civil liberties sheriff.