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This Tuesday, July 12th, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) will decide whether or not to allow voters to require the sheriff of Los Angeles County to be accountable according to the law.

Join the Check the Sheriff Coalition of over 100 organizations and labor unions calling on the Supervisors to pass Item 12 on Tuesday’s agenda that will provide a charter amendment to allow removal of the sheriff by a four-fifths vote of the Board for serious violations of the public trust, reinforce the Board’s policy-making authority over the sheriff’s department, and ensure permanent and independent civilian oversight. Sign onto the Check the Sheriff online petition:

For decades, Angelenos have witnessed a culture of corruption and impunity in the sheriff's department, leaving people who are stopped or incarcerated at risk of abuse or worse. For more than half a century, deputy gangs have emerged among the ranks and management of the sheriff’s department and terrorized community members.

This culture of violence comes from the very top and is left unchecked by our dated county charter — our Los Angeles County Constitution.

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We need a county charter that works for the people of Los Angeles today and tomorrow, and that gives us the tools necessary for when a sheriff violates the law and the public trust. We need checks and balances, which are pillars of a functioning democracy, aimed at not allowing one person or agency to become too powerful. Creating checks and balances on the sheriff has been long overdue, and changes to our county charter can ensure essential oversight of the sheriff.

Tuesday’s the day. Make it the day the show is over!