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The Loyola Marymount debate earlier this month showed that the only person in the race for the 62nd Assembly seat race who has vision and hope for the future is Simona Farrise.

Simona Farrise Runs for Assembly

“My son is about to be a freshman in college and we’re not inspiring our young people. If we are going to motivate our economy we have to motivate the people and we have to have some flexibility," Farrise said. "We need to be innovators and that is going to come down to where we allow young people to pursue what is in their heart, what they are good at and what will bring excitement.”

Being able to see young people and imagining what they would want -- before what teachers would want for them and before what corporate wants -- makes me excited for the future of the 62nd District.

Many of the candidates answers at the LMU debate seemed to cater around making business happy.

To paraphrase Gloria Gray’s friend and Autumn Burke’s endorser, Inglewood Mayor Butts: "Who wants to come to this community?"

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“We need STEM, we need development, we need clean energy, but we also need community partnering companies that are going to commit and stay long-term,” said Farrise.

You don’t build a great workforce by turning people into robots and catering to every whim of business and trashing a city.

Inglewood is filled with 99¢ stores, bad business partners and low wage jobs, because that is what the status quo sees as what we need. Dallas Fowler, Gloria Gray’s Web master, said that Morningside Park community should be grateful for transitional homes. That’s the status quo’s vision for your community—group homes and underfunded nonprofit programs that they can steal from.

This is why we need to move away from the status quo. We need to move away from the status quo’s friends because, like the L.A. Chapter of the NAACP, the people who are friends of the connected care more about their place at the kid’s table than the people who live in the community that they won’t even admit they are from.

teka-lark fleming

There is only one person who has the power to be independent and to fight for the people of the 62nd District and that is Simona Farrise.

Teka-Lark Fleming
The Morningside Park Chronicle