Lou Dobbs: The New Black Jack Pershing (Black Jack Lou)


For the past few years, Lou Dobbs has led anti-immigrant forces against amnesty, against illegal Mexicans, against Mexico, against his own government, and against the truth.

His rants have been less than truthful; once almost causing a panic in the United States when he brought forth on his show the issue of illegal Mexicans coming over the border infected with Leprosy, or Hansen’s disease, a chronic infectious disease which causes horrific disfiguration upon those who are infected.

Lou Dobbs lied to stir the American people to rise up against the Mexican people and he is doing it once again with the tomato issue.

The salmonella outbreak that has sickened more than 200 people recently is being centered on Florida or Mexico as the likely sources of the contaminated vegetable. But if left up to Lou Dobbs to decide where those tainted tomatoes came from, the Crusader appears to be comfortable with blaming Mexico.

“Last year, Mexico dominated the U.S. tomato import market, shipping in more than two billion pounds of tomatoes, both field and hothouse, far outpacing Canada’s quarter of a billion pounds” said CNN correspondent, Louise Schiavone.

Schiavone went on to say “…just a little bit more than a dozen states that we know there’s a possibility that the source could be — that the tomatoes could be from and we don’t know about Mexico, whether or not Mexico is a source. Florida and Mexico the two big suppliers of tomatoes, for April to May, in this country, and we don’t know whether or not those tomatoes came from Mexico or Florida.”

Yet, when you listen to Dobbs, one gets the impression he’s already made up his mind where the tainted tomatoes came from, and clearly for Dobbs, they came from Mexico.

Dobbs is on this rampage against the Mexican immigrant and government.

Let me just make a suggestion. Why doesn’t President George Bush bring back the 10th Cavalry and name Dobbs as the commander so that we can watch him illegally trespass over the Mexican border in search of bad Mexicans like General Black Jack Pershing did.

In early 1914, General Pershing patrolled the Mexican Border while leading an expedition into Mexico to capture Poncho Villa. No war declared, just a simple American excursion into a sovereign nation looking for an illegal Mexican.


Black Jack Pershing

Black Jack Lou won’t have to bother looking for Poncho Villa, because he’ll have plenty of other Mexicans to go after. Namely, the government of Mexico which Black Jack Lou believes is doing nothing to secure the United States border from drugs and illegal Mexican immigration.

Indeed, you can just see and feel the disgust in Black Jack Lou when he speaks about Mexicans coming over the border or when he points out what the Mexican government is supposedly not doing to stem the tide of illegal immigration and illicit drug activity.

Black Jack Lou and his all-volunteer force of Minutemen want to cover the mountainous Mexican terrain seeking out hungry Mexican mothers walking with starving Mexican children seeking a way to make money so that they can feed their babies before the children die of starvation. What he would do with these mothers and babies, well, I’d let Black Jack Lou answer that.

Black Jack Lou can move in on the Mexican government itself and show it how to deal with drug cartels. Heck, no need to fool around with drug dealers, best thing for Black Jack Lou to do is to simply line them up against the border wall and shoot them all in the head. Boy! That would make for a strong message. No need to make things complicated, right Black Jack Lou?

So maybe this tomato issue will give Dobbs what he appears to be hedging for — a war with Mexico!

robert-miranda.jpgWhat else can explain this guy’s yellow journalism?

by Robert Miranda

Robert Miranda, a frequent contributing columnist to HispanicVista.com (http://www.hispanicvista.com/) is a national award winning columnist, Latino community activist and Publisher of the Milwaukee Spanish Journal.

This article first appeared in the Hispanic Vista and is reprinted with the author’s permission.


  1. Richard Schwartz says

    Uh… you seem to have left out a relevant factoid about Pershing’s pursuit of Doroteo Arrango in Mexico. That factoid is the siezure and occupation of Columbus, New Mexico by Villa and his band. That event set a good example of what happens when we tolerate lawlessness outside our borders: it eventually comes home to us.

    Long live Porfirio Diaz!

    As for Mexicans, I saw Miss Mexico on TV a few weeks ago, and based on that I can’t understand why we wouldn’t want more of them here. We could bring them in under special labor contracts, and create a futures market for trading in such contracts. If you need a worker, just buy one on the exchange at a price determined by the free market. Some workers, like Miss Mexico, might fetch a very high price.

    I guess that makes me a racist and an anti-feminist pig. Oy oy oink.

  2. Kevin Lynn says

    It’s fine to shoot the messenger but the message does possess an element of truth. I neither like nor dislike Lou Dobbs. And frankly, he does go overboard. But by the same token Mexico and illegal immigrants from Mexico pose a huge problem for the United States and in particular California.

    Lambaste all you want against demagogues like Lou Dobbs, but the large number of illegal and large average family size of immigrants from Mexico are creating population levels that are simply unsustainable. The current population of California is roughly 39 million people. If current trends continue, our population will be 60 million by 2050. No magic wand is going to change or mitigate that short of drastic reform.

    So until someone can convince me how more people in this state will improve our healthcare delivery, traffic congestion, workers wages, environment, education, and overall services delivery, I will remain more partial to the rants of Lou Dobbs than to the rants of Robert Miranda. I mean come on Robert, “. . . seeking out hungry Mexican mothers walking with starving Mexican children seeking a way to make money so that they can feed their babies before the children die of starvation.” What bullshit! When is the last time a community in Mexico was on the brink of starvation?? Unless, they are Guatemalans living in Mexico (illegally) or indigenous people who constantly get pummeled by the Mexican Government, I’m just not seeing it.

    The fact is, we are all in this together. Mexican people and the Mexican government have to address overpopulation, inherent corruption and economic disparity. No longer can North America serve as a pressure valve to maintain the status quo by encouraging all those who might agitate for change to leave the country. Trust me, the government of Mexico understands how destabilizing unbridled immigration can be. As a result they aggressively enforce their immigration laws.

    Moreover, Cesar Chavez led a march from the city of San Fernando to the Mexican border to protest illegal immigration. He understood all too well the impact illegal immigration was having of wages of farm workers. In 1986, Chavez was greatly conflicted over the amnesty. On one hand it was believed it might help swell the ranks of the UFW, on the other hand the increase in the supply of labor could lead to decreased wages and benefits. Well, it would appear his worst fears have been realized.

    I ask the question, is there any difference between a bunch of rich white guys disobeying law trying to make a buck and a bunch of poor brown guys disobeying the law to make a buck? This tolerance of corruption eats away at the rule of law and could quite possibly leave us with a system of government that is far more corrupt than the one we live under today.

    In closing, I think it is safe to say that most progressives see themselves as friends of the environment, pro union/living wage, anti corruption, and proponents of the rule of law. Hence, I feel it is irresponsible if not disingenuous for any progressive to take a blind eye to illegal immigration. The United States and in particular California have become addicted to a class cheap, exploitable labor. We must change or pay the full measure of its consequences.

    Kevin Lynn

  3. MGM says

    I agree with you 100%. People like Lou Dobbs do nothing but spread lies and fear in order to push their racist agenda on the American people. It is truly despicable that CNN lets this xenophobe have his own show. Thank you for writing this article.

  4. says

    I couldn’t be more agree with you about this issue and a lot of more were Lou Dobbs reflecting his anger against Mexico and Mexicans.
    Lou Dobbs should be accountable for lying, increased fear, and Anti Immigrant sentiment and of course his opinnion do not reflects the veracity of the news, he is more concerned to make money displaying his anger, bigotry, fear and xenophobia against Mexico and Mexicans.

  5. Cristina says

    Thanks for this piece! Let’s continue on revealing Dobb’s lies! The sad thing is that we have many like him, we need to hold our media accountable!

  6. mr.guapo says

    People like Lou Dobbs are a cancer on our political system and are preventing America from conducting a reasonable dialogue on the serious issues facing us. Thanks for the excellent article on this demagogue.

  7. MdeG says

    Thank you for a good article. I’m all for throwing tomatoes at Lou D.

    Seriously, you left out one of my favorite factoids in this debate, and I think it matters. Leprosy is indeed a horrific disease — if untreated. It is, if I recall correctly, the *least* contagious of all human communicable diseases. The infection is also readily treated by antibiotics. There are reasons why people were terrified of it in the past. There is no reason for this terror now, at least in places where modern medical care is available, and there is no excuse for its use to vilify people from less-developed countries.

    I get really tired about the Dobbs-fuelled complaints about “diseased people from south of the border.”

  8. Michael S. says

    Thanks for really speaking the truth about Lou Dobbs’ shady program. His hate-filled and error-filled politics need to go.

    Best, Mike


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