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Lynne Stewart is a woman who was an attorney. For more than thirty years she represented controversial, and often unpopular defendants. Because of work she did in providing legal council to one of her clients she was charged with conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists. In 2005 she was convicted of those charges. As a result of that conviction, in 2005 she was disbarred as well as sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Lynne Stewart

For reasons that are not entirely clear, in July of 2010 the court re-sentenced Ms. Stewart. She is now serving a 10 year sentence for allegedly perjuring herself at trial. The video shown here is a portion of Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Independent journalist, Petra Bartosiewicz, is in studio with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez discussing the Stewart case on the day following her re-sentencing. Bartosiewicz, who wrote an op-ed piece in the LA Times on this issue, entitled “The Price of Defending Terrorists”, discusses the extraordinarily harsh punishment imposed on Stewart.

Commenting on her case, human rights organization Front Line, stated that it “has had a chilling effect on human rights defenders who stand between government agencies and potential victims of abuses.

The legal defense team that is fighting on Lynne Stewart’s behalf may take this to the Supreme Court.


  1. Don Duitz says

    This appears to be a free speech issue. If she used poor judgement then she did pay, but, the judge is showing poor judgement in being so severe. I assume that the defendant did not propose or instigate terrorism but, was telling his story. Free speech! Either way justice was done and more punishment probable not called for.

  2. says

    Lynne Steward was convicted for aiding terrorism by conveying messages from her imprisoned terrorist client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman to an Islamic network in Egypt.

    Sheik Omar Abdel heads up an organization considered to be terrorist by both the US and Egypt. His organization was responsible for the Luxor Massacre.

    Former Mayor Ed Koch, who now works for a New York law firm, said he “agreed with the verdict” and contended the jury did a “splendid job.” He said Stewart had “an obligation under the law” to abide by the prison agreements she repeatedly signed. “She was convicted by a jury who had the facts before them,” he said.

    As the defense lawyer, she was part of an agreement NOT to facilitate ANY contact and that was part of a sentencing agreement.


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