Mad As Hell Doctors Coming to Town

mad as hell doctorsThe Mad As Hell Doctors (MAHD), a group of activist physicians, nurses and other health care providers who are fighting for a Single Payer National Health Insurance Program for all Americans, will tour California with 26 educational, entertaining events beginning September 23 in Arcata and ending in Sacramento on October 12.

In the Greater Los Angeles Area, the MAHD team will be featured at five events over six days (October 1-October 6). The events scheduled for Claremont, Pasadena, Monterey Park, Studio City and Venice are sponsored by local chapters of Health Care for All-California, HCA-CA. A volunteer organization, HCA-CA sees health care as a human right and for more than a decade, has worked for legislation to ensure that all Californians have comprehensive, reliable, and affordable health care. Primary sponsors also include the League of Women Voters-Pasadena Area and Claremont Area, and Physicians for a National Health Program – Los Angeles. Other supporting civic, professional and labor organizations will be present at each venue.

mad as hell doctors mapThe free, open-to-all MAHD Town Halls feature several local entertainers, such as folksinger-guitarist, Ross Altman, Don Kenney and his Movie Magic, the Pasadena Safety Girls, and the Pilgrim Place Pickers from Claremont. The MAHD team presents, with videos, music and audience input, a program illustrating the shortcomings of our public-private insurance system and how we can fix it. Like many Single Payer advocates, MAHD consider California’s recent health care policy bill (SB810, Leno) the gold standard for a national system of universal health care. Their goal is Improved Medicare-For-All, with everyone covered, co-pays and deductibles eliminated, and health care decisions left to patients and their doctors, not Wall Street profiteers. Dr. Paul Hochfeld, Mad As Hell Doctor and producer/director of “Health, Money and Fear”, believes we are entrenched in a chaotic system with unsustainable costs spiraling ever upward.

The Mad As Hell Doctors provide a fun, engaging, educating experience. With a social network on Facebook of over 11,000 and a dynamic web site at, the group will document their journey with daily blog updates, videos, photos, and media from the road.

mahd gridIn 2009 the Mad As Hell Doctors traveled 6,000 miles through America’s heartlands from Portland, Oregon, to Washington DC in three weeks, stopping at over 40 venues in 22 states. After appearances on Ed Schultz (MSNBC), Keith Olbermann (MSNBC), Democracy Now, and interviews on dozens of other major media outlets, MAHD now spotlights California with their unique approach and activist flair to advocate for Single Payer, Improved Medicare-For-All.

For more info please contact:

Philip Kauffman, Mad As Hell Doctors, (503) 250-0327

Irma Strantz, Health Care for All – San Gabriel Valley (626) 798-8361

Jennifer Leavens, Health Care for All – San Fernando Valley (818)430-905


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