March on Washington

union strikeSupporters of Made in the USA jobs should organize a massive Labor Day march on Washington as the 2012 campaign begins in earnest. Let’s take back America from the futility of punishing joblessness. Let’s begin with a million men coming to Washington, alongside a million women, waving millions of American flags, supporting Made in the USA jobs on the day that honors labor.

An American jobs march could be the largest such event in American political history because it would speak for a gigantic swath of America that hungers and yearns for American jobs, and does not believe its voice is heard in Washington.

A Labor Day Made in the USA jobs march would dramatize the breadth, intensity and power of support for American jobs and send a thundering message to Washington.

A Labor Day march for jobs would bring together blue-collar workers and small businesses throughout the nation. It would unite police, firefighters, teachers, family farmers, veterans supporting jobs for troops returning from combat, leading groups from the black and Hispanic communities, voices for young people and women, organized labor, homebuilders and homeowners, major consumer groups and venture capitalists who finance job-creating businesses.

As July 4 approaches, the House and Senate will recess. The next monthly ADP jobs report will be released July 7. The government’s monthly report will be released July 8. This will be the jobless July 4 and the jobless July 4 recess.

The smart political move for the president and members of Congress would be to clearly, visibly and aggressively champion red, white and blue American jobs from July 4 through Labor Day.

A massive Labor Day March on Washington for jobs would dramatize and mobilize support for ideas and proposals that can make a real difference.

A Labor Day march would ignore bogus proposals to reward giant global conglomerate jobs exporters that are hoarding some $2 trillion of cash and “investing” in machinery that replaces human beings. It would support the real job creators, such as small businesses on Main Street, Made in America manufacturers, companies that repatriate jobs to America, new homegrown startup companies and demand-creating American consumers loyal to job-creating American firms.

I propose a standing ovation for the “patriotic millionaires” who recently held a press conference proposing they give up their Bush tax cuts. Let’s promote the patriotic capitalism for America that a Labor Day march for Made in the USA jobs would stand for and inspire.

A Labor Day march would not only inaugurate the 2012 campaign by putting jobs at the top of the agenda in Washington, as it is in America. It would begin to rally voter and consumer confidence going into the 2011 holiday season. The cavalry is coming. We the people are the cavalry.

The common sense of the deficit issue is clear. The prime directive is to promote jobs and growth in 2011 and honest, credible deficit reduction starting in 2012. This is the deal that makes sense. The job-creation initiative must be real and not bogus. The long-term deficit reduction must be real and not bogus.

The American people must be brought into the center of the process and not insulted as bystanders while insiders keep negotiating backroom deals and keep forcing our people, and members of Congress, to repeatedly choose at the eleventh hour and 59th minute between a fait accompli, government shutdown or global crash.

A Labor Day March on Washington for Made in the USA jobs will send a powerful and resounding message that Americans want American jobs, that we are not a banana republic doomed to permanently punishing joblessness that dramatically adds to permanently crippling deficits.

Brent BudowskyWe Americans are a great nation and a good people with an entrepreneurial drive and unity of patriotic purpose. Let those who stand for Gilded Age greed and the impotence of believing there are no fixes stay home, while those ready to restore the economic greatness of America come to Washington to speak as one, and make our voices heard.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Bill Alexander, then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics. He can be read on The Hill’s Pundits Blog and reached at <i></i>.

Photos: Robin Doyno


  1. Sharon Toji says

    I think this march is a great idea. Let’s get it to go viral. It doesn’t have to be a Democratic march, or a Green march. People who are out of work need jobs. Washington needs to know that, and it needs to be so big, and so broad, and so loud, that the message comes through unmistakably. Give us jobs, right here, right now. Forget about whether they are “good” jobs (just an excuse to not allow the government to create jobs). If the only jobs we can get are government jobs, let’s have them. Those government paid workers will buy things, eat things, house themselves, and pay taxes. That will create non-government jobs. Let’s go! Who will start?

    Sharon Toji

  2. Alan8 says

    And what would these millions threaten the Democrats with? Voting for them?! They always did before.

    They voted Democratic after the Democrats passed the Taft-Hartley slave-labor law.
    They voted Democratic after the Democrats passed NAFTA.
    They voted Democratic after the Democrats passed the WTO agreements.
    They’re even voting Democratic while the Democrats are passing a NEW NAFTA, as I type, this time with South Korea.

    So, no, they won’t be afraid of your march.

    The Green Party doesn’t accept corporate money and represents CITIZENS’ interests. The Green Party stands with labor:

    The Green Party’s Ten Key Values:

    A mere 5% of the vote for the Green Party will get them matching Federal funds, and will send a message to the corporate-funded Democrats that we’re not playing by the old rules anymore, and they’ll have to do better than just threaten us with the Republicans.


  3. says

    We can bring jobs back to America by helping our slaves in 83 countries break free of our US Corporations. If they were independent, they would no longer work for below-survival wages. Then the jobs would come back to America. Simple solution, but the government will never do this for us. The corporations love their imperialistic pillaging, only the people can teach independence. That would solve the illegal immigration problem too.

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