1. GrannyBG says

    I know Winograd stands for peace & justice….and will work for people and infrastructure, not some other country, not the corporate overlords.

    Not sure where Bowen comes in on the abiltiy to think and act outside the corporate beltway.

    Hahn has shown too much attachment to the corporate overlords in the past to be truly viable inho.

  2. Sue says

    I agree that Debra Bowen would be the best choice, due to her hard work and experience. Also, I have not heard anything negative about her record. She has the best chance of winning and we cannot afford to send one more Republican to Congress! I thank Ms. Winograd for being a strong advocate for peace and social justice. I do feel, however, that we have to support the candidate most qualified and electable — there is too much at stake.

  3. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    Winograd should stay out of it. She is the worst possible person to run for anything. Her positions on Middle East are about the same as Ron Paul. The Democratic Party will will be split apart if you make another appearance. Janice Hahn is a great candidate with broad support. Debra Bowen has returned us to the dark ages with her changes in voting with California having a multitude of problems counting votes not to mention ballot stealing and the rest. You would think the voters would have sent Winograd a message. She obviously has failed to hear it twice. Let’s hope she goes on teaching. If Winograd somehow gets to run in the fall, she will be defeated once again, perhaps by a Republican. People forget this seat was held by the Republicans before Harman won it.

  4. Richard Packard says

    The announcement of Rep.Jane Harmon’s decision to resign caught everyone off-guard but it does leave an opportunity for “effective” leadership in the House of Representatives. The “early” announcements by those who covet the seat from “termed-out” current office holders to “utopian” idealistic unrealist is not surprising. What is surprising is the gall of some of the early announced candidates, one in particular is Councilwoman Janice Hahn. With the City of Los Angeles in a “budgetary nightmare”, with city services cut to the “bone-marrow”, and “over-the-top” city pension-plans I wonder what platform is Ms.Hahns going to run on? Its one thing to “inherit” this nightmare, its another to have contributed to it. When asked by Marcy Winograd about her concerns for the “kind” of representative she desired, Ms. Hahn replied in my estimation ambiguously in reference to a “just and lasting peace in the middle-east” and not being “afraid to criticize Isreal”. Her response was a “I’m a friend of Isreal” translated as “business-as-usual” when it comes to Ameican foreign policy in the middle-east. Janice Hanh’s track record with the SEIU and other unions in Los Angeles is evident by the financial mess we find ourselves in because of their “unwillingness” to “cut back” on pensions, salaries, etc. for the greater good of “all” Angelenos. If Ms. Hahn can’t stand-up against the “local unions” in Los Angeles, what chance do you think she has against the powerful AIPAC lobby and other interest groups? I respect Marcy Winograd’s “wait and see” approach, but at the end of the day, in order for the 36th congressional district to have “strong, no non-sense” leadership Ms. Winograd will have to “toss” her hat back into this ring!

  5. George says

    Harman was a perennial sponsor of the Torture-Anyone-Who-Sticks-A-Flag-Stamp-Upside-Down Amendment that almost got the 2/3 Senate vote that is the best safeguard of the Constitution we have, especially with the Koch Brothers’ SCOTUS. She voted for the Bush Crusade and just about every weapons system the local defense contractors could think of. Both Bowen and Winograd would be far better choices, if elected.

    I favor Bowen for three reasons: 1) She has been superior for every office she has held, and she now has more experience; 2) She is more likely to win against a “moderate” Repugnican; 3) Few politicians are personally so Internet-savvy, a useful skill for an election campaign and for countering Repugnican disinformation campaigns.

    I look forward to hearing out both candidates on civil liberties and economics issues. Anyone who yearns to lead from the center and trust in a diety is disqualified.

  6. says

    I will run as a Peace & Freedom Party candidate in the 36th District. I already have a pending tort claim against the State of California and County of Los Angeles for denying me a legitimate opportunity to waive the filing fees for a race for the 28th Senate District, in violation of Lubin vs Panish, a 9-0 Supreme Court decision. In 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court held that California and Los Angeles County violated the constitutional rights of candidates in that case and because of the way the state is implementing Proposition 14, it is once again in direct violation of that decision.

    California has already rejected my tort claim with the absurd contention that the Secretary of State’s office is not a state agency. When Los Angeles County (as I expect it will) rejects my damage claim, I and Carl Iannalfo (17th State Senate District) will be filing suit to vindicate the rights of working people to run without paying exorbitant filing fees.

    If elected to the House of Representatives, I would:

    1. Introduce legislation to mitigate the Supreme Court’s decision in Hoffman Plastics vs NLRB so that undocumented immigrants could receive damages for violation of their right to unionize under the National Labor Relations Act;

    2. Introduce a congressional resolution urging the administration to invoke Article XXI of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for a joint commission and/or neutral arbitration to resolve issues surrounding immigration, violations of the rights of Mexican nationals and their descendants, Native American tribes, and other controversies instead of unilateral American (EEUU) legislation on “immigration reform;”

    3. Introduce legislation to make the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, consular notification and access provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and CEDAW self executing in American courts;

    4. Introduce legislation to restrict Bureau of Justice Assistance grants for states who (a) do not have a licensing and regulatory system for Private Investigators, (b) do not allow access to databases such as voter registration and DMV information to criminal defense investigators and investigators attempting to locate people for the service of process (such as Orders to Show Cause re non-payment of child support), and (c) which do not enact minimal standards for mandatory continuing education for licensed investigators.

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