Marcy Winograd: Jobs Not Wars

Marcy WinogradWe need fighters in Congress, not people who are going to roll over when the going gets tough. Not someone who’s going to rubber stamp perpetual war, social security cuts, or Wall Street welfare.

I’m congressional candidate Marcy Winograd, challenging corporate Democrat Jane Harman in California’s 36th congressional district.

This week hundreds of Democratic leaders throughout the state stood up and successfully fought for the principles of our party.

Please contribute to my campaign as we prepare for the ensuing fireworks at California’s Democratic Party convention next week.

Here’s what happened:

It was down to the wire.  We only had a few hours left to collect the necessary 300 delegate signatures we  needed to block the California Democratic Party’s early endorsement of my opponent, Jane Harman, someone who described herself as “the best Republican in the Democratic Party.”

People said, “You’ll never do it, Marcy.  It can’t be done.”

We did it together.

Dozens of us, working around-the-clock, with our state party’s Progressive Caucus & Progressive Democrats of America, calling hundreds of delegates to the California Democratic Party to ask them to sign a letter objecting to the Party’s endorsement of a Wall Street Democrat.

People even left their log cabins in the woods to drive 20 miles to fax their objection to the Party. By 5 o’clock on Tuesday 329 delegates had faxed in their objections – and Harman was left without a pre-endorsement.

You, however, do not need a fax.  All you need is a desire to support a growing grassroots movement to elect a People’s Democrat to the People’s House.

Support Marcy Winograd’s campaign here.

As we approach our state party convention, we are prepared for a floor fight – Winograd vs. Harman.  But it’s not just about the two of us.  This is a fight to determine:

Jobs vs. Wars
Homes vs. Banks
Your Street vs. Wall Street.

Donate here to help us pay for the leaflets, buttons, banners, and television commercials.

Ultimately, we have to ask what the Democratic Party stands for?  Who will it endorse?  Someone who rushes us to war, covers up illegal wiretapping, and votes with Wall Street to make it easier for banks to foreclose? Or someone committed to global diplomacy, the Bill of Rights, and an end to run-away greed ?

I look forward to this debate on the floor of the California Democratic Party convention as we continue the fight for the heart and soul of our Party.

If you look forward to this, too, then please support this campaign. Remember, I refuse to take corporate donations, so the thousands of dollars we need to win will come from individual donors like you.

Send us your donation, and we’ll send a representative to Washington who truly represents you.

Onward to victory!

Marcy Winograd

36th Congressional District Candidate
Marina del Rey, CA 90292


  1. Adam Eran says

    FYI, I read that April 9 is “Tax Freedom Day” … when we’ve worked enough to pay for the entire tax burden. That’s nearly 15 weeks into the year. If you figure 80% of that is Federal, then 12 weeks of work should pay the average Federal tax burden. But (according to this) 54% of that is military, past and present, including interest. That means you work more than six weeks to pay for wars, and less than that to pay for everything else, including Social Security and Medicare.

    Uncontroversially, the U.S. spends more on its military than the rest of the world combined, yet that same spending is ineffectual, except, perhaps, to persuade policy makers that military might will solve anything. This kind of delusional thinking got us to flush our blood and dollars down the toilet from Vietnam to Iraq. Meanwhile our health care ranks 37th in the world.

    Priorities, anyone?

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