Mario Solis-Marich on KTLK 9 a.m. to Noon

diverseLAMario Solis-Marich guest hosting on the Diverse LA radio show on KTLK 1150  9 a.m. to noon.

Tune in here.

As one of the freshest voices on progressive talk radio, Mario Solis-Marich leads a passionate, thought-provoking discussion on issues that make a difference to everyone.

Mario says “This show is for the people that make America work, not for those people that are trying to work over America. The robber barons are in charge, but lucky for us, they run out of the room when the lights are turned on.”

Mario has served as a political campaign consultant and a public affairs and communications advocate for over 17 years. However each day he takes off his tie and talks straight to the men and women that “really create the jobs, raise the families, and need to take back the country.”

Mario Solis-Marich KTLK

Mario proudly says “I am not here to run a campaign strategy, I am here to talk to the men and women that can’t make heads or tails of the guys in charge of the country. I am not here to explain what those in power are doing. I am here to say ‘you don’t understand what they are doing, because what they’re doing doesn’t make sense’.”

Mario has devoted his life to progressive causes. When he is off from work you can find him engaged in his ongoing search for the perfect Margarita, the tastiest meal, and the best of what he calls “the greatest country in the world.”

Mario frequently invites Dick and Sharon of the LA Progressive to join him on the show as they discuss hot topics from the week’s offering of LA Progressive articles. Says Sharon Kyle, publisher of LA Progressive, “Finding Mario on the AM dial in Los Angeles is like finding an oasis in the desert. He’s just that good.”

Presently Mario serves as editor of the news and information site


  1. Ali says

    I listen to KTLK always, but I will no longer be turning in if Mario Solis-Marich is hosting. As a progressive and someone who is influential to his listeners, he did a terrible thing suggesting that children get a whipping to teach them how to behave. It was irresponsible of him. Hitting a child with anything other than an open hand on a clothed bottom is ILLEGAL! Even that is cruel and unneccesary if you practice patience and giving your child the love and attention they need. Clearly the man he was talking about did not know how to parent. But encouraging people to hit their kids…NOT OK. -Tuning out.

  2. Nancy says

    I was surprised u were so dismissive of the guy who brought up the mayor and the council re AEG; of course the mayor was not around at the start but LA Live was okayed on his watch and the council and the mayor have basically given AEG whatever it wanted politically(term limits lengthened{maybe ok but was done with AEG’s blessings}, the Michael Jackson funeral debacle etc). I was a campaign volunteer for the mayor’s 2005 election so I was not against the mayor but was incredibly disappointed in his performance.

  3. Blase says

    Mario, Dude! I’m a Denver fan who just found you on WTLK. Miss the hell out of your humor and cogent augments on my afternoon drive. Also heard you on a story on NPR about bilingual TV programming. I’ll be listening.

  4. Luis in LA says

     Great show today!  Good to hear someone going against the “irresponsible homeowner” excuse the banks and policy makers are shoving down our throats.

  5. Carolyn Fowler says

    Mitt Romney is going to CEO of HP Meg Whitman’s palatial estate for a huge fundraiser as she lays off 25,000 workers! How typical of what his presidency would represent…

  6. says

    He is intolerant of other politcal points of view like Randi Rhodes and believes that Democrats or Obama can do no wrong- this is Rush tactics and no way to run Progressive radio

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