Marissa Alexander Released

marissa alexander releasedMarissa Alexander, a mother whose supporters say was wrongly convicted in 2012 for what they say was an act of self defense involving her abusive husband, was freed from detention in Florida on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, community groups reported.

Circuit Court Judge James Daniel released the African American mother of three on bond until her new trial starts on March 31, 2014, the Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign said in a statement.

In 2010, she fired a gunshot that hit a wall after she felt threatened by her then husband, who broke through a locked bathroom door, grabbed her and pushed her into a door,  The Associated Press and MSNBC reported. Later, she went to get the gun.

Though no one was injured and Alexander had never been arrested on suspicion of a crime before, a judge said that Florida state law mandated that she be sentenced to a 20-year prison term, The AP reported. The decision sparked an intense debate about race and the criminal justice system.

Civil rights groups, including the NAACP, and elected lawmakers pointed out that Blacks are disproportionately incarcerated. Earlier this year, Alexander was granted a new trial.

Florida New Majority, a grassroots social justice group, thanked Daniel, the judge, for agreeing to release her so she could spend time with her family on Thanksgiving. The group said she is a “victim” and “survivor” of domestic violence.

“This news is vindication for Marissa and all the women who have been criminalized for exercising their basic right to defend themselves and their children,” Angie Nixon of Florida New Majority said in a statement.

“We hope the decision means that the Florida justice system has relented in its vindictive, hostile and racist legal assault on this African American mother of three,” the Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign said in a statement.

“Ms. Alexander has been victimized twice – once by her abusive ex-husband and again by the state of Florida, which has stolen nearly three years from her life for an act of self-defense that injured no one.”

Alexander tried to invoke the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law in her defense but was denied, Florida New Majority said.

That Florida law started in 2005 and permits people to use deadly force “when fearing for their live,” Reuters reported. Under the law, people are not obligated to leave an altercation, even if they can.

The decision this year to clear George Zimmerman of criminal charges in the fatal shooting in Florida of Travyon Martin, an unarmed African American teenager, put a spotlight on the “Stand Your Ground” law. Zimmerman used the law as a main part of his defense, Reuters reported.

brad wongWhile community groups that support Alexander welcomed her pre-Thanksgiving release so that she can create holiday memories with her kids, they said more work needs to be done in the case, given that her current trial continues.

“The battle is not over. It is well documented that Black women and other marginalized people are likely to be criminalized, prosecuted and incarcerated while trying to navigate and survive the conditions of violence in their lives,” the Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign said.

Brad Wong
Equal Voice


  1. William Urmson says

    The NRA is the biggest domestic terrorist group in the United States,
    maybe the world. They love their guns more than people. With politicians
    in their pockets all we can do is brace ourselves for the next NRA
    sponsored slaughter.
    The policies and laws created by The NRA killed
    the kids in Newtown and allowed the vigilante George Zimmerman to
    murder Trayvon Martin.
    STAND YOUR GROUND is nothing more than a license to legally hunt and kill African Americans PERIOD~

  2. Ryder says

    This whole issue comes from the failed ideas of Progressives, that don’t stand for the right to self defense with firearms.

    Progressives want nothing more than to grind the 2nd amendment into dust… and this is the result… huge jail sentences for any misuse of a firearm…

    Progressives want people jailed for simply owning guns, let alone bearing them.

    It’s such insanity: Progressives in California have made it a criminal offense to have the wrong kind of *handle* on a registered gun. A minefield of regulations surrounds any attempt to exercise one’s un-infringable right to have a gun and use it to defend all other rights… as is clearly the (stated) purpose of the 2nd amendment.

    Now, if this story was about a WHITE MAN that did *exactly* the same thing as this black woman did for the *exact* same reasons … Progressives would be silent. Such is the racism and sexism of the extreme left. You have to be the right color and gender to use a gun.

    Why not read it and see:

    “Marvin Alexander, a father whose supporters say he was wrongly convicted in 2012 for what they say was an act of self defense involving his abusive wife, was freed from detention in Florida on Wednesday,

    Circuit Court Judge James Daniel released the white father of three on bond until his new trial starts on March 31, 2014, the Free Marvin Now Mobilization Campaign said in a statement.

    In 2010, he fired a gunshot that hit a wall after he felt threatened by his then wife, who broke through a locked bathroom door, grabbed him and pushed him into a door, The Associated Press and MSNBC reported. Later, he went to get the gun.”

    Yeah… thought so.

    • -Nate says

      You’re an idiot ryan ~

      How is it O.K. for white zimmerman to shoot and kill a black child but not O.K. for a Black Mother to protect herself ? .

      Retards like _YOU_ make it easy for others to take our guns away you moron .

      I want to know how it is possible for this Woman to be ” denied ” the non violent right to ‘ stand her ground ‘ when zimmerman was allowed to go looking for innocent children to kill .

      This is madness and UN AMERICAN .


      • Ryder says

        Well, at least I can read Ryder and not think it’s “ryan”…

        I thought Zimmerman sat and watched the neighborhood (due to the poor job often done by police)… certainly not looking for “child(ren)”.

        Zimmerman was attacked… all witnesses place him at the physical mercy of his attacker… “ground and pound” style. No “child” could do that. So what if he was months away from being 18. The courts would have tried him as an adult. They often do.
        The lesson learned: don’t attack an American. You may get shot.

        As it should be.

        All we get from the article above is that she got pushed… not even to the floor… just into a door. I don’t see anything about an injury either. Ok, so the man pushed her back a few inches. That’s not cool.

        OK, that’s going to make a woman ***mad***.

        She went and got the gun, aimed it at the guy, pulled the trigger, and missed him… putting a hole in the wall.

        I think the point here is that you don’t get to kill someone for just bumping you off balance a little.

        If you have more information… then do tell…

        But the laws that come down hard on gun owners, come from the political left. Everyone knows that.

        • Claude Conkrite says

          You must be a white man, because only a honkie could be so insensitive and racist. It is ok to abuse a black woman or for a racist to kill a black child, what if i shot your son? I am a black man I know you would lose your mind. Nevermind you already did when President Obama won a second term.

          • Ryder says


            Racial insults??? Well done, my friend. Well done. It’s great to know that race determines what you can or can’t think. You’ve enlightened me immensely.

            What is it about the English language that confuses you? Did I say it was ok to abuse a black woman?

            No… again, in very plain english… I said: “That’s not cool.”

            And it isn’t. You shouldn’t push people around.

            Is that clear enough for you? Or do I need to use simpler words?

            My question for YOU is: do you think it’s ok to attempt to kill someone, because they pushed you once? That’s what she did… if you believe the accounts.

            And if you think it’s ok to shoot someone for pushing you, then you certainly have to back Zimmerman for shooting someone that was bashing his head into the ground, and pummeling his face.

            Or do you have different standards based on race and gender?

          • -Nate says

            Claude ;
            I agree with you 100 % however , this sort of name calling only reinfoces the racists assholes thinking….

        • -Nate says

          Well, at least I can read Ryder and not think it’s “ryan”…”
          Fair enough , I have no excuse for that .

          The rest of your response is 100 % racist BULLCRAP using hate spew radio talking points ~ the kid was a small , slightly built child and he died with a candy wrapper in one hand , obviously he wasn’t punching anyone and NO witnesses said he was until well after the fact when the florida police were trying to cover up thier shamful lack of proper conduct and investigation .

          Not to mention the fact you conveneintly forgot to mention that zimmerman went out looking for someone to shoot and kill ~ he was told repeatedly by the dispatcher to STAY IN HIS CAR ~ the ONLY attacker there was a coward (like you) who needed a gun to make him feel manly .

          The Woman , she didn’t ‘ miss ‘ ~ she clearly gave her cowardly asshole hubby the message to back off before he got hurt ~ not a thing zimmerman offered to his victim .

          I realize that _facts_ are an anethma to racist cowrds like you , zimmerman and limbaugh , hannity and the rest of your freedom fdearing , America hating ilk .


        • ColleenPatriciaWilliams says

          Everyone knows that, is not evidence, it is just your opinion.
          Around here, gun owners do NOT get into trouble.

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