McCain Accuses ‘Pro-Immigration Groups’ Of Being ‘Oblivious’

john mccainLast week, I predicted that it was only a “matter of time” before an opportunistic lawmaker points to the tragic massacre of 72 Central and South American migrants on their way to the U.S. as yet another reason to “seal the border” and delay immigration reform. Unsurprisingly, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) stepped up to the plate on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. However, McCain didn’t just use it as an opportunity to start fear-mongering about violence in Mexico hypothetically “spilling over,” he also called immigration and human rights activists “oblivious” for suggesting that “our border is more secure than ever”:

When they — this is the most cruel and brutal things that have happened in our hemisphere. And what I don’t get, Greta, is where are the immigration activists and the human rights activists and others that wouldn’t conclude that the way you stop this terrible situation — one of the ways is to secure our borders? Then this human trafficking dries up and people come to this country legally. But they don’t seem to get that. Where are the human rights activists with these terrible abuse taking place as we speak? […]

And then [they] turn around and say, “Don’t worry, our border is more secure than ever,” is completely oblivious to what’s happening on the other side of the border and continues to happen in our own state. And the majority of the American people have it figured out. But frankly, apparently, some of these immigration groups, pro-immigration groups haven’t figured it out yet. Secure the border. Then we can address some of the other issues.

Watch it:

However, immigration activists aren’t just speculating when they suggest that the U.S. side of the border is safer than it’s been in years. The claim is actually based on hard data from the FBI and interviews with law enforcement officials. The FBI crime statistics show that as undocumented immigration has increased, crime in Arizona and other border states has gone down. Data from the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) additionally shows that the violent crime rate in Arizona has been declining since 2006 and in 2008 and is at the lowest level since 1973. Even property crime has plummeted in Arizona since 2002 and in 2008 and is at its lowest point since 1966. Clarence Dupnik, the border sheriff of Arizona’s Pima County, has stated, “I hear politicians on TV saying the border has gotten worse. Well, the fact of the matter is that the border has never been more secure.”

Finally, immigration and human rights activists are very aware that human smuggling is a “human rights crisis.” Long before the bodies of 72 murdered migrants were found, Amnesty International decried “the alarming levels of abuse faced by the tens of thousands of Central American irregular migrants that every year attempt to reach the US by crossing Mexico.” On the ground, non-profit groups such as Border Angels and the Border Action Network work to provide relief to migrants and the border towns they pass through.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, immigration groups continue to fight for immigration reform that would have the effect of shuttering the human smuggling business by providing economic migrants with more opportunities to legally enter the U.S. when there are jobs available for them. Meanwhile, as Wonk Room noted yesterday, the enforcement-only approach that McCain pushes exacerbates the problems and hardships migrants face. The harder it is to cross the border, the more profitable the human smuggling business becomes. And as profits rise, so does violence in Latin America.

McCain, however, insisted last night that he believes the border can be made airtight, citing Israel’s impeccable border security record — underestimating the persistent ingenuity of human smugglers and ignoring both the focus of Israeli border security efforts and the human rights violations associated with them.

Surely, McCain has access to all the information cited in this post — which means either he is the one who is oblivious or he is willfully deceiving the American public.

Andrea Christina Nill

Reposted with permission from The Wonk Room.


  1. says

    Someone necessarily help to make significantly articles I’d state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual post amazing. Fantastic job!

  2. Marshall says

    With just one word, you can tell what the writer really thinks. Those who do not use it are usually in favor of any type of immigrantion and those who do use it are usually in favor of limited immigration. The word is illegal.

    One poster is right, it is hard, but not impossible, to have a wall that no one crosses. I use to live at the west end of the Glienicke bridge. There was no guard on the west end but the East end had three. They shot anyone who tried to cross the bridge or to swim the river, to include each other. That is why the guards starting working in groups of three, it was more difficult to reach agreement for all of them to run to freedom. We can not do that, but we can build a higher wall and perhaps one that is hot at the top.

  3. shari says

    It’s not just the United States that has a porous border. EVERY white country and ONLY white countries are forced to have porous borders and be flooded with the third world. To assimilate with them. It’s a program of genocide for the white race. Only white children are slated to be minorities everywhere.

  4. Mitchell Young says

    “Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, immigration groups continue to fight for immigration reform that would have the effect of shuttering the human smuggling business by providing economic migrants with more opportunities to legally enter the U.S. when there are jobs available for them. ”

    I’d suggest that by now we know that the more legal immigrants you allow the more illegal immigration you get. This applies to supposedly ‘temporary’ workers, permanent immigrants, or (as in 1986-1991) amnestied illegal immigrants. My evidence — the 2.x million ‘undocumented’ given permanent residence in the early 1990s has led to 12-20 million illegals today — not to mention the complete demographic transformation of Southern California. There are other cases, from Australia to Spain, where easy immigration just draws more legal and illegal immigrants. And it just makes sense. If cousin Joaõ gets a job and permanent residence in San Diego, cousin Nelson in the Bahia is likely to hear about it and also has a place to crash — so he comes on up with or without papers.

    Now, if you are an ethnic activist wanting to see your group grow in numbers and power, or a self-hating white liberal and want the complete demographic transformation of a country, this flood of people is a positively good thing. If, on the other land, you are a old-style progressive to liberal, then you recognize that this flood will lower wages, will put pressure on housing prices and schools, will increase income inequality in this country, and so on. That’s one reason why, back in the day, liberals set up the peace core — to help other countries develop themselves, rather than to keep sending millions to the US.

  5. says

    The massacre of Central American border-crossers by a Mexican gang holding them hostage for money is horrible, as is the way the Mexican govt. let them get away with it. Yes, one way to prevent such a massacre is to completely seal our borders to take away the money tree. But that’s impossible, so now what? How about expanding the border to the Mexican coasts where the immigrants are far easier to stop? Oh yes, Mexico would first have to be incorporated into the U.S., and the white supremacist regime that has fostered de facto apartheid would have to accept Mexicans as fellow citizens eventually. And the corrupt Mexican govt. that keeps its people down and fosters crime would have to go, with a combination of popular support starting with a referendum, and U.S. power. But that would put the U.S. military in the position of working to end apartheid rather than continue it, and people like McCain would poop their britches :) Let’s work to form a broad bipartisan coalition that does the right thing and doesn’t let Lucas McCain the Rifleman stop it.


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