Michael Brown Spins the Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe

michael heckuva job brownFormer Bush FEMA Director, Michael “Heckuva job, Brownie” Brown, tells Neil Cavuto on FOX News and repeats it in an interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper:

“This is exactly what they want, because now he [President Obama] can pander to the environmentalists and say, ‘I’m going to shut it down because It’s too dangerous,’ while Mexico and China and everybody else drills in the Gulf. We’re going to get shut down.”

So that’s what our political discourse has sunk to? Discredited figures like Brownie are on TV jockeying for partisan gain, milking a national tragedy that is probably going to change forever the ecosystem of the Gulf Coast? Brownie uses a catastrophe that threatens many of the nation’s most important waterways and will probably be a grave setback to any national economic recovery to score pitiful political points against the Democrats? Who are these people? Just when you think the right-wing echo chamber cannot sink any lower, once again, they surprise you. It’s amazing that Michael Brown even shows his face in public. I guess being that rich and that well connected means you never have to say you’re sorry.

Michael Brown is on television spewing the idea that the ongoing catastrophic release of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, like any other event, can be plugged into the right-wing noise machine and used for political gain?

The Astroturf groups are in overdrive trying to either deflect blame from the oil corporations or somehow frame the coverage of the disaster, as Brownie is trying to do, in a way where it cuts against the Democrats and people who care about the environment.

But it’s the rhetoric of failure.

Brownie has obviously awaited this day since he left government in disgrace after Hurricane Katrina when he could darken our television screens once again with his pasty white visage and make the rounds because his Republican connections give him access to mainstream TV news shows where he can excrete his vile lies about President Obama and people who care about the environment.

Unlike Katrina when the southern wing of the Republican Party, which at the time included the Bush Administration, could blow off the crisis because the people doing most of the suffering were black – today’s spill in the Gulf is very different. This time around it’s going to hit a lot of those white Redneck cracker barrels who voted for George W. Bush and by extension Heckuva Job Brownie too, (as well as Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal and the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008).

This time around a lot of white folks on the Gulf Coast are going to lose their livelihoods because they were stupid enough and racist enough to vote for the “Drill, Baby, Drill” crowd, which is nothing more than a collection of radicals who despise any constraints on the ability of corporations to exploit the land, labor, and resources of this country. The ordinary white folks down South who hate “Big Government” even to the point of opting out of health care reform and the stimulus now want “Big Government” to save their sorry Southern asses from the same corporate elites they helped put in power during the glorious Bush years.

Michael Brown is like a ghost from a past that is best forgotten. He and others like him are like desperate pathogens clinging to a dying host called the Republican Party. Please keep it up Brownie. You are doing a heckuva job! — like your racist brethren in Arizona who have shown Latino voters where the GOP stands, you’re doing a heckuva job galvanizing votes among people who care about the environment for the Democrats.

Joseph Palermo

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  1. Rev. Daniel W. Blair says

    As we enter one of the most aggressive hurricane seasons on record, I cannot even imagine what a hurricane would do with oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Dealing with oil on the beach is one thing, but what if we had to deal with it in our streets, in our businesses, in our homes? What if we had to rescue humans covered in oil? What if this is no longer isolated to just the Gulf Coast but found its way up the great rivers to our inner cities? Now imagine if you will, the dispersants mixed with oil which could possibly cause untold diseases and catastrophic health hazards of a biblical proportion. It staggers the imagination, or is it prophetic? What if we are dealing with the wrath of God? Please visit my website at http://www.revelation-truth.org

  2. says

    Outrageous pro-Republican lies should not blind us to serious Obama-administration truths.

    Environmentalists warned Obama about Salazar, and offered an alternative, but Obama picked him anyway. As has been revealed, Salazar played fast and easy with required seriouis enviro impact studies, and fast-tracked the BP drilling.

    In a detailed analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity, Obama’s environmental policies for his first year earned him just a C (not the higher grade that any Democratic president should be expected to attain). That was even before his recent latest doubly disastrous drill-baby-drill plans – to keep burning more CO2-source fuels, while meanwhile further threatening and destroying our fragile marine environments and their biological resources.

    If Democratic presidents are to be held only to Obama standards, we have no hope at all. Candidate Obama – unlike Palin – mastered all the correct pro-environment phrases and policy statements. But evidently he has no more intellectual or emotional grasp of the truth of those statements than she does. Based on his policies (not rhetoric) he – like she – has no feeling for nature, wildlife, and in particular endangered species such as whales, sea turtles, polar bears, wolves – or even genocide-threatened humans.

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