Mister President, Wassup?

linda-11Hey, Mr. President, just to recap: Congratulations on your election!

And, let’s not forget your great election campaign: Skinning the Clintons, skunking the Republicans, and skidding into home base with the sixth largest Presidential victory margin (10 million votes) of all time, bringing a gaggle of Democrats along with you: Your coattails aren’t just stylish, they’re long! If the Republicans ever give up in Minnesota, your edge in the Senate will bubble up to the magic 60.

Any lessons to learn here? Maybe from Republicans, who are going against public opinion, common sense and vote totals; fighting to the end for their Minnesota senate-guy Coleman. I wonder if Democrats, even with complete control of the Presidency and Congress, will be able “fight to the end” for anything without a belly full of Progressive/Liberal passion.

You’re a popular, educated, gentlemanly, handsome guy, with an intelligent, savvy, statuesque wife and two terrific kids: An all-American family with a photo-op dog as frosting.

And, you had a well-deserved 100-day-in-office celebration. In that short time, you found more ways to move our nation forward than Dick Cheney found to torture enemy combatants.

Your approval rating is surpassed only by your wife and possibly “Bo.” And, you’ve been on TV more times than “I Love Lucy” re-runs. You even made time for a cameo appearance on cable’s Comedy Central ordering General Ray Odierno to give comic Stephen Colbert a military haircut.

And, your New York City date night? The Dream of Celebrities. You set a pace and caliber for all of America’s couples; including gay and lesbian couples.

Wherever you go, crowds gather, attendants assist the fainting ,and even a U.S. Servicemember, Lt. Dan Choi, kicked out of the US Military under your policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” saluted your luxurious black limousine as it whizzed by. You probably didn’t even notice him standing curbside, aside from the noisy demonstrators, giving a silent salute as you winged your way to a fabulous fundraising event in Los Angeles. Please request a viewing of the entire Colbert-Baghdad-hair-shearing show. Stephen cites the case of Lt. Choi, honoring him for his fortitude and service to the Nation, chiding you for getting rid of a needed, experienced Arabic translator only because, as a West Point graduate, he honors the Military Code and tells the truth about himself.

Still, I’m seriously proud just having you as President. Your speech in Cairo? Inspiring. It’s Arabic greeting? Electrifying. (Was it translated for Arab TV by a gay guy?)

Come on, Mr. President, surely, if you have time to order a haircut you can order a stay of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

And, why let your Department of Justice (DOJ) equate same-sex marriage to incest and pedophelia to keep the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the books. Even former Georgia US Representative Bob Barr, the author of DOMA, says it’s time to repeal that unconstitutional law. Come on, where’s your Progressive/Liberal outrage? Your DOJ is in sharp contrast to California’s Attorney General Jerry Brown who has vowed to fight, under Federal equal protection clauses, Prop 8, the recently passed California constitutional amendment halting any new same-sex marriages. Giving domestic partners of Federal employees almost equal benefits to married couples is welcomed. That’s just lip service.

carl-matthes.jpgYour book, Dreams of My Father, is a testimony to the ideals of equality. Mr. President, now is the time for you to revisit your campaign speeches and promises, which call for the elimination of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the repeal of DOMA.

Here in Northeast Los Angeles, Xavier Becerra, our U.S. Representative, reminded us last year of political reality. He said to remember that his Congressional district was one of the bluest of the blues and not to expect Democrats, newly elected in 2008 from other areas of the country, even California, to be quickly on board with Progressive/Liberals from Northeast Los Angeles.

Mr. President, I didn’t think he was including you.

Carl Matthes

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