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Friday, 30 March 2018

Dear Mr President,

I want to talk to you about history today, Mr President. Sure, I know you’ve never read any, because it involves . . .well . . . reading. But you must have a vague idea of history from your hundreds of thousands of hours of watching TV. OK, I suspect that you didn’t watch the “Hope and Fury” documentary about Martin Luther King last weekend, because why would you? And you probably never noticed “Roots” on TV back in the 70s, when you were chasing deals and models. But way back, when America was Great Before, I’ll bet you were a big fan of “Victory at Sea”—all those big guns blasting islands apart and rugged marines without bone-spurs storming beaches to kill those sneaky . . . non-Americans . . . in the jungle.

But I’m not really talking about all that old-timey stuff. It’s the history that’s yet to be written that you should be thinking about. The history of your time – which will be, of course, the history of you!

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Surely your ego, which is strong enough to convince unemployed coal-miners that they are back underground, to hypnotize congressional Republicans with dreams of guns and money, and to overwhelm your own vision of the present with illusions of your sex appeal, military wisdom, financial invincibility—surely in the dark hours of the night your ego also contemplates the future. Does your ego not care about the history your great-grandchildren will read? Or the videos they will watch of you making promises on Tuesday that you disavow on Thursday? Not to mention the lies on all the other days of the week?

History is littered with men who are remembered differently from how they planned: Andrew Jackson (killer of Indians), Nathan Forrest (dealer in slaves), George Custer (military bumbler), Jay Gould (robber baron), Strom Thurmond (racist politician), and Richard Nixon (political trickster).


So start considering how you’re likely to be remembered. Don’t think Teddy Roosevelt. Think Benedict Arnold.

Dan Embree

Received by the White House at 5:42 AM EST,30 March 2018