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Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Bryce Dallas Howard

LA Progressive’s Publisher, Sharon Kyle, had a big week this week, placing two articles in the top 10 most read articles: “Why “The Help” Is Little Help” and “Black History Month, Who Needs It?” Around all the back-end search-engine optimization work Sharon does and the article editing and posting I do, we hope to do more writing and reporting ourselves going forward.

In addition to her writing last week, Sharon also played a key role in our “Media for the 99%” summit we helped put on at Occidental College this past weekend. This is the fifth annual summit we’ve put on (actually, we only attended the first summit), and it seems to be growing in strength and impact. We put on a workshop around how to “own your own press” starting from scratch and recruited Margot Paez, whose InsightoutNews videos regularly appear on LA Progressive, and Ed Rampell, our partner on Hollywood Progressive, who’s critical essays sometimes appear on LA Progressive as well.

LA Progressive Most Read Articles This Week

February 25 to March 3, 2012

1. Why “The Help” Is Little Help. Sharon Kyle: As demonstrated in 1973, the Academy Awards can be used as a megaphone to reach those who are oblivious to the continued state of segregation and, as a result, racial inequality that persists in the United States.

2. Neo-Confederates and the Rebel Flag: ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis.’ Berry Craig: Even though some new-Confederates insist the Rebel flag doesn’t reflect racism, the survival of white supremacist thought is exactly what the neo-Confederates are all about.

3. Why, Rick Santorum, We Will Choose to Return to The Netherlands to Die. Denis Campbell: As my ultra-rational and liberal Dutch wife said, “It’s so annoying people believe what they are told by the Republican party. Has the US gone completely mad?”

4. UN Implicates Obama Appointee in Congo Gold-Smuggling Plot. Georgianne Nienaber: The United Nations accusations against Lawal and CAMAC deserve a complete investigation and Congressional hearings might be a good place to begin.

5. And Now, the Catfood Party. Carl Bloice: If the country were really impoverished, there would be some legitimacy to the idea that we really couldn’t afford to properly meet the needs the elderly, people with disabilities and the poor.

6. A Scary and Sad Santorum, Carl Matthes: If Rick Santorum were Pope, nuns would would be given veils. If he was President, women would be brought into the bedroom only for procreation.

7. Black History Month, Who Needs It? Sharon Kyle: I have this gnawing sense that with the exception of official national holidays, the only time our nation honors people with a special day or month or luncheon is when they are members of an exploited group.

8. Let’s Not Bomb Iran First and Ask Questions Later. Jim Rhodes: The Bush administration lied us into a war with Iraq and now GOP hopefuls are leading us down that same path with Iran.

9. For Franklin Graham, The Crusades Never End. Tom Hayden: Thousands of American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are the legacy of a continuing Christian crusade promoted by Franklin Graham, who now is claiming in television interviews that President Obama is a born Muslim and a questionable convert to Christianity.

10. GOP 2012: The Pro-Fiction Campaign. Tina Dupuy: Warning of a zombie nation feasting on the metaphorical brains of the U.S. is consistent with a party now completely untethered from basic American history, science or any other evidence-based practice: The GOP is now a party standing proudly on a pro-fiction platform.



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