Naturally, “Motor City Madman” Ted Nugent Dodged the Draft

motor city madmanBluegrass State Mineworker Joe Holland risked – and almost lost – his life for his country in Vietnam.

So he wants fellow vets to send a message to Ted Nugent.

“Put a lid on it,” says Holland, the Owensboro, Ky.-based AFL-CIO Southern field representative.

Holland has packed a United Mine Workers of America union card for most of his 62 years. He’s voting for President Obama again.

Nugent, the draft-evading, right-wing Republican has-been rocker, is for Mitt Romney.

Nugent, who relishes the macho handle “Motor City Madman,” was in full cry at the recent National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis .

He said Obama and members of his administration are “criminals.” A legend in his own mind, Nugent warned he’ll wind up “dead or in jail” if Obama wins another term.

Nugent challenged “patriots” and “bravehearts” to “ride into that battlefield and chop their [Democrats] heads off in November.” The NRA conventioneers who heard him grinned, nodded and clapped in approval–at least the ones I saw on TV did.

Nugent, 63, is famous for tough talk, often obscenity-laced. Oh, how he hates communists – liberals, too. But he loves guns, hunting and the military.

Nugent also favors army-style duds, including camouflage cowboy hats. He had one at the NRA conclave.

In his salad days, Nugent had a chance to put his life on the line for his country like Holland did.

Nugent, too, could have donned a real army uniform, grabbed an M-16 rifle and stalked communist Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers in South Vietnam .

“He could have had every opportunity to hunt over there,” Holland said. But he adding that the quarry was packing heat and shooting back in Vietnam.

ted nugentOn his MSNBC TV show the other night, Lawrence O’Donnell all but called Nugent a chicken:

“He clearly does not have what it takes to aim a firearm at a human being and pull the trigger. He was offered a big opportunity to do that during the Vietnam War, and like his candidate, Mitt Romney, he managed to completely evade the draft, completely avoid military service — and then, of course, grew up to be a Republican warmonger in favor of all wars that don’t demand their services on the battlefield.”

While Nugent was stateside in civvies making music and money, Holland was fighting his country’s enemies in South Vietnam . It was 1969.

A booby trap fashioned from a captured U.S. 105-millimeter artillery shell nearly killed Holland, a corporal in the 9th Infantry Division, the storied “Old Reliables.”

The explosion claimed the life of the soldier walking behind him. Holland spent six months recuperating in hospitals.

“Ted Nugent doesn’t speak for those of us who were in Vietnam,” said Holland, who came home with a Purple Heart medal and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge pinned on his uniform.

Okay, I didn’t go “over there.” I’m not even a veteran.

Berry CraigBut I didn’t want anybody going to Vietnam. I guess that makes me a plain chicken.
I’m the same age as Joe Holland. I’ve packed an American Federation of Teachers Union Card in my wallet for a long time.

I’m proud to call Joe and a lot of other vets my union brothers and sisters.

But Nugent is more proof, as if proof were needed, that talk is about the cheapest commodity around. And tough talk from a foul-mouthed old draft dodger is not just cheap, it’s worthless.

Berry Craig


  1. ReverendDraco says

    I don’t believe this crap – Ted stands up for your Rights, and you run him down for it?

    Maybe he saw that being a baby killer wasn’t a line he wanted to cross – cowardice isn’t the only reason for bailing on ‘Nam. . . maybe he was young enough to still think that human life is sacred. . . who knows?

    You people aren’t “Progressive,” you’re bat-guano crazy.

    • michaelnola says

      This man had one chance to kill the Communists he professes to hate so much and did not do so.  As a matter of fact, according to his own words in a 1990 interview, he stopped taking showers and all sorts of personal hygiene for 30 days before his draft board induction and a few days before the meeting, he started to piss and shit in  his pants to avoid being inducted.  It workedJust look at the rightwing warmongers of Vietnam war age who found one exuse after another to avoid serving; George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay, Dick Armey, Bill O’Reilly, but that doesn’t stop them from being for every war, and questioning those who oppose them, while louldy proclaiming their patritoism and manliness.About that baby killer line; do you think the killing of innocents was limited to Vietnam, and is not just as prevalent in the wars Nugent is so in favor of?  If you do, then you’re bat-guano crazy.

      • ReverendDraco says

        Not saying ‘Nam was any different than any other wars as far as killing innocents. . . Governments are responsible for the deaths of almost 300 million people during the 20th Century. . .

        You’re focusing on the semantics instead of the message – I think Ted is an idiot for promoting Romney. . . but it doesn’t change the fact that the Feds (of whichever “wing”) are running this country into the ground, and at least he is willing to tell it like it is instead of humbly accepting the depredations of the Politicos. . . he just hasn’t figured out yet that it’s all the parties doing it, not one or the other depending on who you talk to.
        Does he use “colorful metaphors?” Absolutely – he’s an Entertainer, he’s supposed to. To take an analogy or metaphor at face value is one of the worst sorts of mental laziness – it shows not only an inability, but an unwillingness, to stop and think about it for a second.

        I take it back – you’re not bat-guano crazy – your as rabid a Conservative as they come – as long as it’s your side that wins, no matter the cost to the rest of us.

        Republicrats, Demoblicans – nothing more than 2 sides of the same crime.

  2. Thomas Cleaver says

    One-hit wonder Nugent had to become a right winger so he could find an audience dumb enough to think he has talent.  You know, same as never-funny Dennis Miller.

  3. go99ers says

    OK. He’s not an Asshat.  He’s a gutless, lying coward, as another commenter stated, and a draft-dodging hypocrite. Reading about him makes me gag. Sorry for the Touretts.

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