Moving Bills on Parklands, Mobile Pensions, Ammunition Control through California’s Legislature

kevin_interview_1.jpgThe 45th Assembly District is characterized by high levels of gang violence, a lack of open space and parkland, and is one of the poorest Assembly District’s in the state of California.

I have focused my efforts in Sacramento on improving the quality of life for my constituents and the millions of other Californians suffering from similar situations. Below are three key bills I am working on:

  • AB 31 (Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalizaton Act of 2007): This bill will ensure that $400 million from Proposition 84 to assist local governments and nonprofits build parks will be targeted to park starved communities through a competitive grants process.
  • AB 2940 (Cal ESP): The bill proposes to offer the California Employee Savings Program, a secure retirement savings account, to the public so that workers can freely take it with them from job to job without penalty, providing them with the opportunity to build their assets and help prepare them for their retirement, at no cost to taxpayers.
  • AB 2062 (Ammunition Background Check Bill): This bill would enact the regulation of ammunition to include: registration of ammunition vendors, behind-the-counter storage of ammunition; identification requirement for the purchase of ammunition, and ban the internet sales of ammunition.

kevin_interview_3.jpgAB 31, AB 2940, and AB 2062 are currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee and will be heard by committee members on August 4th. As they are deemed fiscal bills (which means they have a fiscal impact), they will automatically move into the Suspense File. The Senate Appropriations Committee will review the File and release bills from Suspense on August 7th. If they pass with enough votes in the Senate, the bills will head to the Governor’s desk for a signature to make them law before September 30th. (Pictured here l to r: Dick Price, Sharon Kyle, Kevin de Leon and Steve Veres)

You can reach Senator Torlakson at:

Phone: (916) 651-4007
Fax: (916) 445-2527

Senator Tom Torlakson
State Capitol, Room 5050
Sacramento, CA 95814

— Kevin de Leon, Assemblymember, 45th Assembly District

Kevin de Leon represents the 45th Assembly District in the California Assembly.


  1. Paul p craddock says

    This bill is not in step with the suprem cpurt rulling of upholdong the second amenndmenr anndement will only start another “Black Market’ You gentelmen are to smart to think you can control ammunition in a cuntry where illegal drugs aer a multi billion dollar busness. Do you relly think it matters to a hard fellon if he uses a a black market gun or ammunition to commit his net felloney . Get real: if you want to do somthing productive I challange you to try to slow down the production of toxcs brain killing dugs that are wrecking the lives of uncounted miillions of young peopl in the US ..Respectfully Paul P Craddock

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