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  1. Daniel Carey says

    No matter what decision is made, there is always a group that disagrees with it. There is a procedure that was arrived at democratically and the PAC Board was charged by last year’s RA with following it. Demanding at this point that they use a different process because you are unhappy with the outcomes is … I don’t know, foolish? If you think they should use a different process, bring it up at the RA.

  2. Lois Arrow says

    I’m with you Steven. It should be done more democratically. Bernie’s the guy!!

    P.S. I’m 91 yrs old and I’m routing for Bernie! I like that he has keep his values all thru his life.

    Lois Arrow

  3. SocraticGadfly says

    While I am not a Hillary fan:

    1. What you say about the endorsement process is true, by and large, of how it works in ANY union.

    2. The particular photo you used? Approaches the edge, at least, of “ageism.” (Remember, Bernie’s several years older, too.)

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