The Neo-Liberal “Final Solution” for Professional Teachers

warsaw ghettoLAUSD, UTLA, and the Neo-Liberal “Final Solution” for Professional Teachers

In the Warsaw Ghetto, a young zionist came back, after following the trains filled with Jews, to tell the Jewish leaders about Auschwitz and the extermination camps. The leaders, who had been supplying lists to the Nazis of the people in the ghetto to be “relocated” refused to believe what the young zionist was telling them about the “ultimate solution.” They continued to fight among themselves, while offering their tacit support to the enemy, because that had allowed them to survive in the past. In the end, they were either all killed in Auschwitz or in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. These folks didn’t have a choice; teachers, students, and parents in LAUSD still do.

What part of the ultimate solution for a professional teacher corp to be replaced by short-term, no benefit instructors in a dumbed down anti-intellectual public education daycare system don’t you folks get about the neo-liberal agenda? Google Professor Lois Weiner and neo-liberal agenda and you will find your fate. The Right in this country makes no attempt to hide what they are going to do with you. Stop attacking each other and do something other than talk as if you were sitting in the faculty cafeteria or at a staff development – and we all know how many of those conversations come to fruition with anything ever being implemented.

You might try talking to Olivia Natt or some of the other students at Hamilton High School who walked out of class last Friday to protest the firing of 22 of their teachers and a 90% budget cut that would effectively destroy the 3 magnet programs and 6 small learning communities (SLCs) at their successful school.

Until LAUSD and UTLA have consequences for their treachery and corruption, they will continue to dismantle public education in L.A. and elsewhere throughout this country. Try taking yourself and your students on a field trip down to 320 W. 4th, 6th floor, where they are gearing up for the dismissal of 4500 more teachers in this kangaroo court system.

Given that the Office of Administrative Hearings is supposed to be a legal judicial proceeding, which by law is open to the public to insure public scrutiny and to insure honesty and due process, there should be no reason why your request for a field trip should be turned down by administration. Especially since you can easily arrive at the Office of Administrative Hearings by taking the Red Line and getting off at the north end of the platform, which comes up right across the street of the Office of Administrative Hearings building.

However, don’t be surprised if instead of your field trip request being granted, you find yourself being subjected to fabricated charges, while you are being removed from teaching and put on unpaid administrative leave, and given your own hearing date for removal almost a year later.

Rest assured that UTLA will do absolutely nothing to defend you or any other teacher that Rick Schwab of UTLA’s law frim Trygstad, Schwab, and Trygstad referred to us as “chattel without civil rights,” when it comes to bad faith actions taken by LAUSD.

“If every administrator failed to appear for work, it would practically go unnoticed and the schools would function successfully without them.  If even one-third of the teachers failed to show up for work, it would shut the district down.”

leonard isenbergThis is your power if you are not too foolish to exercise it while there still is time.

You can either wait for the inevitable or start organizing the way the students at Hamilton and elsewhere are doing. Needless to say, you are not going to be able to say nothing, follow orders, and make it to retirement- that is not an option. stands ready to facilitate this process.

Leonard Isenberg


  1. says

    Dear Mr. Isenberg,

    DPO’s comment is perfect. You turn off some potential supporters by making an outrageous comparison. And your Holocaust history is at best debatable. To say that Warsaw Ghetto leaders offered “tacit support” to the Nazis is to express ignorance of the real conditions in the Ghetto and of the differences between Warsaw and Lodz, for example. Another place where you distract readers from the real issues of education in this country.

    Steve Hochstadt

  2. DPO says

    You should know better, Mr. Isenberg.

    While replacing teachers with temps en masse is deplorable, it is not systematic murder.

    Comparing something to the Nazis without true basis for comparison sounds shrill. It makes it very difficult to take the underlying complaint – no matter how much merit it has – seriously. It undermines your own arguments. Make the case you have. It’s plenty strong enough on its own. You don’t need to go bringing Nazis into it.

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