New Study: Public Option Popular In Blue Dog Districts, Across Nation

Blue-dogPoll analyst wunderkinder Nate Silver teams up with Markos Moulitsos of Daily Kos Monday to discover the public option enjoys the support of a majority of voters in all but one Blue Dog district.

Moreover, despite the pronouncements of Blue Dog Democrats in the House and Senate – as well as by Republicans – a health insurance public option is wanted by a majority of voters across all but a small handful of the 435 Congressional districts.

Moulitos writes Monday morning that “Nate Silver determined that poverty levels and support for Barack Obama were the factors driving support for the public option. A few mathematical equations later, he projected support for the public option (widespread nationally) and declared as a result that, contrary to assertions, the public option is popular in most Blue Dog districts.

“The Blue Dogs have been fighting the good fight on behalf of the insurance companies, doing everything they can to stymie reform. When called to task for their anti-reform efforts, they hide behind their constituents, claiming they are simply representing the views of their constituents. We were curious – is there any truth to these claims? As we’ve seen, in some places (like Nebraska), it’s true, but in others, like in Jim Cooper’s Tennessee district, it’s not,” Moulitos concludes.

As if any more proof were needed, these new numbers show that opponents of the public option are simply running a well-organized scam for the insurance industry.

Even in districts where Blue Dogs claim to be simply representing the will of their constituents, the numbers prove them to be liars. And while there are margins of error in any poll, the fact is that in almost every district support for a public option outweighs opposition by more than the margin – or the “Keith Number” as Keith Olbermann called the undecided’s plus the margin of error during the last election.

charley-james.jpgIsn’t it w-a-y past time for the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to call out Democrat opponents for what they are: Lying shills who are in the pocket of insurance companies, and who have no regard for the problems of their constituents.

There was plenty of time to bash big government and an African-American President but no time to deal with the real issues confronting the nation.

Those are some values that sad collection of so-called “value voters” put on display.

Charley James
The Progressive Curmudgeon


  1. doubleaseven says

    Red Dogs v/s Blue Mutts

    The biggest problem for the Democratic Party is the spinelessness of some Dems in boldly standing behind the Party Agenda. Some of them think they will only win next reelection by being Dems in Republican Clothing. I wish Reid and Pelosi would whip these recalcitrant DINOs into shape. First among them are those bought and paid for by the Health Lobbies. Second are those who are political opportunists. They ran on a Democratic ticket to ride Obama’s coattails without honestly subscribing to his agenda. I wonder what is the belief set of these Blue or Dogs. To me it appears that TOP 3 items on their agenda are “reelection”, “reelection” and “reelection”. This objective they believe is best achieved by outGOPing their GOP brethren. Little do they realize that so called conservative voters would choose a pedigreed Red Dog over a Blue Mutt. Republicans do stand in one line no matter where it goes. If Dems fail to unite on critical issues such as HCR they should forget about 2010 or 2012.

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