Newt Gingrich Declares: “I Am Not A Citizen Of The World!”

gingrichEarlier this week, at a Washington DC fundraiser, in a statement that can best be described as regressive American exceptionalism, former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich said of himself:

“I am not a citizen of the world. I think the entire concept is intellectual nonsense and stunningly dangerous!”

Witness the video below of Mr. Gingrich’s pronouncement that defines in two simple sentences the elitism, racism and egotism that have destroyed his Republican Party.

The question is, how can this protectionist, elitist, and even racist declaration be in the best interests of America, which despite Mr. Gingrich’s supremacist notion, is part of the global community?

What’s most frightening is the air of superiority with which Gingrich made his statement. Staring straight into the camera before a room of Republicans, this leader of his party defamed any benefit he might derive as a citizen of the world. With George W’s arrogance, Dick Cheney’s sociopathy, and Donald Rumsfeld’s bravado all rolled into one, Gingrich equates a citizen of the world to “intellectual nonsense.” He typifies the very characteristics of the Bush years that thrust this nation into its abyss.


Clearly Gingrich’s “I’m not a citizen of the world” is a slam on Obama after the President’s recent Mid-East & Europe tour. But undermining Obama’s global popularity won’t alter the fact that Gingrich could never achieve such acceptance. In the ever blending global arena, Gingrich is consistently bland.

Mr. Gingrich, if you are not a citizen of this world, then stay the eff out of it. Go back to where you went ten years ago when you were forced from the House in disgrace.

Linda Milazzo


  1. Elaine says

    No, he does not have a supremest notion. He is just against a One World Order like most Americans. We are a democracy with a Constitution that Obama took an oath to protect & preserve for the American people. The Congressmen & Senators are suppose to be working for us but to see some of the long timers in their you would think they have forgot that they took an oath too & that they are suppose to do what the majority of the American people want, especially their constituents. The United States of America has a Constitution & a Declaration of Independence but you wouldn’t know it. Obama when he campaigned on change no one would question his change in the bias media. He impressed them so much they let him get away with all kinds of things like spreading the wealth, the bias media quickly turned the tables on Joe the Plumber & made him the bad guy. Rev. Wright, he slid on that because he sat in that mans church for 20 years & never heard those rants & raves of GD America, friends with a Weatherman, William Ayers & his wife, who both belong to the group that killed a policeman & blew up places & tried to destroy our government. He still brags he wished they could have done more. His wife at one time was friends I think with Manson. No one read Obama’s books in which he claimed in college he chose his friends very carefully because he wanted radicals, socialists, communists, Fascists, Marxist all those that are not viewed very well by most Americans unless they are in the Communist party, like Brenda Lee of California’s 8th district, who is also a member of Van Jones Progressive Party called America’s Future 2010. It is on the internet. Also, another site I saw was:
    These people you may relate to but I do not. They are destroying our country. So I wonder some people that call themselves Progressives is this the kind of Progressive they are?

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