NumbersUSA Director Says Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Anti-Hispanic

LatinaRoy Beck, director of NumbersUSA — a group described as being part of a network of “anti-immigration” organizations — has released a video in which he claims to “stand up for Hispanics” by blasting Latino groups for promoting comprehensive immigration reform and supporting a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants:

“The thing that I really want to focus on today though is our need to stand up for Hispanic Americans…Well, I want to tell you that nearly all Hispanic advocacy groups are working against the interests of Latino voters…

Since so much attention is placed on how we need to have comprehensive immigration reform for the sake of the Hispanics — no that would be the most anti-Hispanic thing to do. We must speak with confidence about the fact that what we advocate: lower immigration — in fact an immigration suspension and no amnesty — is probably the most pro-Hispanic thing that Congress could do.”

Watch it:

Considering the fact that 89% of Latino voters support comprehensive immigration reform which includes a pathway to legalization, Beck is essentially saying that Latinos don’t know what’s best for them. However, most research suggests they do. The Immigration Policy Center points out that “legalizing undocumented workers would improve wages and working conditions for all workers, and increase tax revenues for cash-strapped federal, state, and local governments.”

In fact, had the comprehensive immigration reform bill of 2006 passed, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it would’ve generated $66 billion in new revenue during 2007-2016. Beck also forgets that many “Hispanic Americans” have friends and family who are undocumented or who want to emigrate to the US to be with their loved ones, but can’t due to the government’s tight green card caps.

In fact, NumbersUSA attributes “America’s current record-breaking population boom and all the attendant sprawl, congestion, [and] school overcrowding” to what they refer to as “family chain migration.” NumbersUSA also has no problem with separating mixed-status families. In fact, they support a policy of “attrition through enforcement,” which means deporting as many immigrants as possible and making life in the US unbearable for undocumented immigrants who stay. That’s despite the fact that a policy designed to deport the approximately 10 million undocumented immigrants living in the US would cost at least $206 billion over five years, or $41.2 billion annually.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) acknowledges that Beck “says he’s no racist,” but he certainly pals around with them an awful lot. According to SPLC, Beck worked under John Tanton for ten years as an editor of Tanton’s journal, The Social Contract, which frequently features the writings of white nationalists. Tanton is described as the wealthy “racist founder of many of the nation’s key nativist groups” who has also dabbled in eugenics and is known for his anti-Semitism and racist statements about Latinos.


SPLC goes further to claim that the Beck and Tanton families vacationed together, despite the fact that Beck continues to “understate” his relationship with him. SPLC identifies NumbersUSA as part of the “Nativist Lobby,” a group of three Washington, D.C.-based immigration-restriction organizations conceived and created by Tanton himself.

Andrea Christina Nill

Republished with permission from the Wonk Room/Think Progress


  1. Virginia Hoge says

    This twisted disinformation has become a hallmark of the Right.

    The sad thing is, they are communicating this garbage to far too many people.

  2. ARGON says

    I don’t know why people waste their time on this man called Beck who obviously needs psychiatric help. If you see his picture you will immediately conclude that he is nothing but a lune


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