What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School

What They Don't Teach You In Nursing School

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What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School

It’s one thing to learn how to nurse from a book. When it really comes down to it, nurses are at the front lines of every medical disaster. Here are a few of the things they don’t teach you in nursing school.

Nursing is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Be prepared to wear a number of hats

1.) Organizer:
Key skills: prioritizing, multitasking, reporting

Learn to chart efficiently
Maintain a concerted front when dealing with a patient.
Share observations on patients.

2.) Tough Love Giver:
Key Skills: Circumspection, Strength

Patient: “The medical staff will fix me”
Many times the patient has to take the steps to cure themselves.

It gets better:
Some days, you’ll just run numbers and replenish fluids.

3.) Comforter:
Key Skills: Foresight, empathy

While nurses normally maintain a professional distance from their patients, the most touching and memorable cases involve nurses or patients crossing the boundaries nurses set.

Tip: Patients on their deathbeds often want to be touched. A simple hug, hand or neck massage my do more than any painkiller can.

4.) Advice Giver:
Key Skills: Foresight, interpersonal skills, life knowledge

Think through what you’re saying to patients.
Unlike other jobs, there’s simply no way to be a good nurse.
It depends on the situation.

You can say:
The truth.
“We’ll have to wait and see what the doctor says.”
A joke.
Something to distract.
A creative answer to a tough question.

And you will have to answer:

Questions from young kids about death
Questions from old folks about sex
Questions about bodily fluid

And you’ll have to give:
Nice answers to people that are stupid

5.) Job Management

School didn’t teach you to deal with:
Prioritizing and Multitasking
Good, Fast Reporting
Ill-tempered Doctors




  1. harry says

    I know my wife is a great RN. She had the dying mother of a local high level business man as a patient and he told her that every day. An out of town relative showed up one day and began to fuse at the nurse about not doing this and not doing that. It lasted about 5 seconds before the son jumped in and told the other relative that this nurse was treating his mother just as if she were the mother of the nurse. All her patients loved her. We are old now and I have her all to myself.

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