Obama, Black Voters and the Myth of Reverse Racism

awp.jpgSomehow I knew it would happen. In fact, I had even made a note to myself, indicating how long I thought it might take: twenty-four hours was my guesstimate, in case you’re interested.

Turns out I was overly optimistic, because it only took about nine hours from the time that my latest essay hit cyberspace–a piece in which I discussed white support for Barack Obama and what it does and doesn’t mean about race in America–until I received the first hostile response, offering the specific critique I had anticipated.

In the original article, I had mentioned (almost in passing, but nonetheless within the first paragraph), that there were still lots of whites who are unwilling to vote for a person of color because of race. Indeed, exit polling from the Ohio primary suggested this clearly, given that one-fifth of voters said the candidate’s race was important to their vote, and roughly six in ten who said this voted for Hillary Clinton. In other words–and this is just within the Democratic Party–literally hundreds of thousands of voters voted against Barack Obama and for Hillary Clinton because of race. Although this kind of voter racism may not be enough to deny Obama the party nomination, or even the Presidency, and although there are plenty of reasons other than race and racism why someone may vote for Clinton (or ultimately, John McCain), and against Obama, my point was simply that for many whites, race is still the deciding factor in their voting behavior.

Yet I knew as soon as I wrote it what some would say in response. It’s what lots of us white folks do whenever the specter of white racism is raised: namely, we try and change the subject and make ourselves into the victims, and black and brown folks into the perps. And there it was, in my e-mail box: the predictable and expected lamentations of white denial and victimhood.

“Funny how you try to spin those Ohio numbers,” it began. “So if someone said race was important to their decision, and they voted for the white candidate, that’s racism, but what about the forty percent who said race was important to their decision and voted for the black guy? Isn’t that racism too, by your logic?”

“Oh no, of course not,” the writer continued, “because those voters were probably mostly black themselves, while the Clinton voters who said race mattered were mostly white, and only whites can be racist, right?”

In other words, if voting for a white person because of their race is racism, then so too must be voting for a black person because of theirs. So see, those black Obama boosters are every bit as racist as we are, maybe more so, because they’re breaking his way by about eighty-five percent, while whites are splitting between Obama and Clinton by about fifty-fifty. So if anything, the e-mailer said, it was blacks who were more racist and whites whose voting behavior portended open-mindedness. And now that Obama has won the Mississippi primary, almost entirely due to the votes of blacks–and among those who said race mattered, nine in ten voted for him–this refrain will only become more prevalent, one supposes.

Such an argument–which is really the political equivalent of “Why can’t we have white history month, I mean, we have black history month?”–suggests how far we have to go in this nation simply to have a productive dialogue about race, let alone to really conquer racism.

Simply put, there are any number of reasons why whites voting for a white candidate because of race is altogether different than blacks voting for a black candidate because of the same. For African American voters, voting for Barack Obama–a man of color who actually stands a chance of winning the Presidency–is an opportunity to participate in a major historic moment. The pride and excitement caused by such a possibility (even for black folks who might not agree with all of his positions, and who might wish he spoke more about issues like racism and discrimination) is completely understandable and to be expected. Just as millions of women as women are understandably excited about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency–because it would be a history-making first and a real breakthrough in terms of gender (at least symbolically)–and just as many Catholics were likely inspired to vote for JFK because of a shared religious background, so too are many people of color likely to hop on board the Obama train as a way to make a statement. So if black folks say race was important to their vote, and they voted for Obama, it is this sense of achievement, and “firstness” that likely animates them. That, and of course the fact that they really do believe him to be the best person for the job.

Or if not the historicity of the moment, then perhaps black voters casting their ballots for Obama, and saying that race matters to their decision, were animated by a desire to elect someone who, because of his own identity, might better relate to their daily struggles. It would be nice, one imagines, to have a President who could understand because of some of his own life experiences, what it means to be a person of color in America. In that sense, identity and the experiences that such an identity likely gives a person, become bona fide qualifications and credentials in the eyes of persons sharing that identity.

But one thing we can almost guarantee is not among the reasons why a black voter might say race matters to their vote, and then vote for the black candidate, is deep-seated anti-white bias. After all, black folks have been voting for white people for years. They have voted for white Presidential candidates, white Governors, and white Congressional candidates time and time again, seeing as how they are often given very little in the way of a choice. So it’s not like black folks refuse to vote for white people. Indeed, the kind of black person whose anti-white biases were that deeply rooted, would probably be the kind of person for whom Obama would be unacceptable too (given his biracial ancestry, generally moderate positions, and fairly bland approach to addressing racial concerns), and who wouldn’t vote for him, in spite of a shared skin color. In other words, we can rest assured that when blacks vote for Obama, after saying that race mattered to their vote, they were casting a ballot for the black man, not against the white woman per se.

On the other hand, for a white voter to say race matters to their vote, and then to vote for the white candidate and against the person of color, is almost by definition about something else. It certainly can’t be due to excitement at the prospect of electing the first white President, or breaking with tradition, since we’ve had forty-three white guys in a row. And it’s not likely to be about the desire to vote for someone who can relate to their “struggles” as white people. After all, although there are millions of white people in the U.S. who are struggling to make ends meet, none of them are in that position because of their race, but rather in spite of it. So the “white struggle” as such simply doesn’t exist. The class struggle is real–and if a white, working-class candidate stood a chance of winning the Presidency lots of white working class folks would turn out for him or her because of that shared experience, and understandably so–but it is simply silly to think that whites would vote for Hillary Clinton, after saying race mattered to their vote, because they think she will be more understanding about their plight as white people.

What this leaves us is the very real likelihood that when whites say race mattered to their vote, and they voted for the white candidate over the candidate of color, the vote so cast was largely an anti-black vote. It wasn’t cast for the white person out of some form of in-group bonding so much as it was cast against the man of color, as an act of out-group rejection. And given the way in which the Clinton campaign has made Obama’s presumed inexperience and “lack of qualifications” the big issue in the primaries–and given how the “qualifications” trope plays so neatly into longstanding white biases about black ability and competence–it is hard to imagine any non-racist reason for someone to say “race matters” to their vote and then to cast it for Clinton.

In the end it really is as simple as this: for persons belonging to groups that have been consistently subordinated to view the world through the lens of their group status is both predictable and rational. It would be hard, indeed, not to do so. One’s identity as a subordinated group member shapes one’s experiences to such an extent that it will naturally come to inform how one views the world, and how one operates within it. This has been true for all subordinated groups. Even those groups whose institutional subordination has largely ended in the U.S. (like Italian or Irish Americans, or Jews) often see the society through the frame of their particular ethnic experience–and certainly did so in generations past. So naturally, for persons of color whose subordination has continued to be institutionalized, engaging in acts of racial bonding makes sense. Voting for Obama may be one such act, for at least some black voters.

But for members of groups that have not been subordinated to “think with their skin” or their racial identity is quite a bit different, and more problematic. For dominant group members to engage in racial bonding only makes sense as a way to maintain dominance. It can’t be about “getting a piece of the pie,” since such persons already have access to it, and pieces galore; rather, it has to be about preventing others from getting theirs, from taking parts of the pie to which the dominant group had come to feel entitled. It is not to seek a place at the table, but to seek to secure the table you already have from the intrusion of others. White bonding, in other words, amounts to racism because it is redundant: it amounts to having those who are already largely in control, secure that control in perpetuity. It results in the maintenance of racial inequity, unequal opportunity and massive disparities in access and life chances. Black and brown bonding, on the other hand, is about gaining access, securing a spot, and collectively lifting up members of subordinated communities to a place where they can compete as equals with those who have always been in charge. There is nothing supremacist or racist about that at all, unless one presumes that–as Jesse Jackson and others have long said–there is no fundamental difference between a “Welcome” mat and a “No Trespassing” sign.

wise-speaking-pic.jpgBut there is a difference, in both practical and ethical terms. Those black voters (and for that matter non-black voters) who vote for Obama because of his race are striving for the welcome mat, however naive they may be in thinking that his victory would really open the door all that widely for others. Those white voters who vote for Clinton because of hers, on the other hand, are quite clearly continuing to hang the “No Blacks Need Apply” sign from their electoral window. And if we can’t see the distinction between those two things, it becomes hard to imagine how we will ever conquer the larger racial inequities that continue to plague us as a nation. How indeed.

by Tim Wise

Tim Wise is one of the most respected anti-racist writers and educators in the U.S., having spoken in 48 states and on over 400 college campuses. He has trained teachers, as well as corporate, government, media, and law enforcement officials on methods for dismantling institutional racism, and has contributed essays to 20 books. He is the author of White Like Me, Reflections on Race from a Priviledged Son, and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White.

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  1. t groan says

    Typical pseudo-leftist drivel. It’s only racism when white people (preferably those aligned with the republican party) vote for white candidates. It’s really a laugh reading the twisted logic the pseudo-left uses to justify hypocrisy.

    You’re neither a leftist or progressive. In reality you’re a democrat which means nothing more than being for the corporate status quo provided the figurehead in office suits you.

  2. says

    Why don’t you adress the isreali state? What piece of the pie do niggers get in Israel? Why should such a rich country be so close and unequal?

    Tim Wise is nothing but an antiwhite coward!

  3. Tyrone says


    I have voted Democrat and Republican ….well I voted for one Republican Richard Nixon! Then it was all Democrats! First when I vote I first look at the candidates that support the lease of “US” citizen. Knowing that if the lease are supported and respected. Then all others will benefit! I believe the country works from the bottom up! In a “Capitalist” country the more people employed the more middle-class and millionaires and billionaire are create! Losing 750,000 jobs a month under Bush/Cheney administration was the catalyst to America’s failure. When President Obama propose fifty billion dollar infrastructure bill and Republican Congress shot it down. That was all telling. The Republican Tea Party is about obstructionist and not about fixing the mass they create! When President Obama propose and got the “ Affordable Health-Care Plan past. Without the support of Republican when it was Republican that worked on a Health-care plan before Obama. That was all telling

    It makes me wonder why the left wing media are not stating on a daily basic! VOTE REPUBLICAN OUT OF POWER IN 2014!!! The Republican Tea Party at a time when they should be doing everything to correct the mess they create! Republican have adopted hate President Obama. Vote against President Obama even if we believe or propose the same thing earlier! There is “NO” other reason Republican can explain there obstructionist behavior! At a time when oversea terrorist are attacking and threatening attack on America! The Republican Tea Party is attacking and threatening attacks against America! HELPING THE TERRORIST!

    A functioning government requires two parties sharing ideas, working in the best interest of the country and all citizens. It’s called negotiating. History will rank President Obama among the top of all Presidents. Unfortunately, his efforts may be wasted. There is a percentage of Americans who won’t accept a black president. Republican senators and representatives should be ashamed of their actions and be held liable for conspiracy against the country and American citizens. Especially if they allow sequestration to continue, costing over a million jobs, creating more uncertainty, drastically damaging the economy and killing the recovery. Totally irresponsible!

    Republican politicians are the main reason the country lost its credit rating. Their obstruction tactics prevented millions of jobs from being created, made a weak economy weaker and are delaying a healthy recovery. Many are in the pockets of big business and Wall Street to deregulate and privatize for their own self-interests. All politicians should have full income disclosure.Politicians must work honestly aside from party lines for the best interest of all citizens and the country. Create jobs, not cut them. Create fair revenue and make sensible, not drastic spending cuts.

  4. Chris runnels says

    if 93% of “white voters” across the board voted for the “white guy”, the world would condemn this country for racism, but the inverse does not appear to be true.

    • says

      You really got to be kidding…..Or just STUPID!!! There have been 43 white ONLY male ONLY Presidents…..Blacks were not allowed to vote for half of them…….!!!!! No your racist American history before you POST!!!

      • Adam says

        Your response has nothing to do with the point that Chris just raised. His point is undoubtedly reasonable; if white people said that race factored into their decision as to which president they were voting for, then their vote would have a racial bias.

        And no, there is no need to distinguish between a “racial bias” and “racism.” As far as the term “racism,” it has a connotation that extends far beyond the literal meaning of the word. By definition, blacks voting with a preference for a black candidate BECAUSE he is black, is racist. Period.

        Yet Tyrone’s grammatically incorrect conclusion seems to be that If black people vote for a president–even if for no other reason than because he’s black– then well, that’s simply justice for all those years black people were enslaved; nevermind that slavery was over 150 years ago.

        In reality, modern day African Americans experience the benefits of artificial entitlements far more often than do they experience any real negative consequences of racism.

        If I were an African American, I would be at an Ivy League law school. But I am not and African American, so I go to a far inferior law school because I am a white male. Companies generally have a quota for acquiring a diverse work force, yet black unemployment rates are typically triple that of whites.

        The bottom line: black folks are given so many advantages under the current system of government that it makes people like myself want to vomit when I hear the race card being played.

        I am impressed by the fact that you know that Obama is our 44th president, but I am unimpressed once I realize that (if your grammar is any indication) you most likely googled that while writing your post.

        My question is this: How long will it be before the African American community stops talking about slavery as if it were yesterday. And yes, I am a white man but I have plenty of black friends. I truly couldn’t care less about skin color, it means nothing to me.

        After electing and then re-electing a black president. I think this bitter discordance between whites, blacks, hispanics, Republicans, and Democrats is going to lead to the eventual failure of the “American experiment.

        And why is it that we need to put multiple exclamation marks after what you have to say. You don’t make a bad argument better by “saying it” louder, you just make a bad argument more obnoxious.

        Hope whoever reads this has a great day (honestly). Don’t get eaten up by these sort of threads, they do little as far as enhancing one’s understanding of complex issues… this stuff merely engenders hate.

        • Misty says

          It’s funny how it’s only now do black ppl become bigots once they actually vote for a democrat that happens to be half black. If the fact that blacks did NOT cross over to support Herman Cain give you a hint (Herman Cain is not biracial, unlike Obama who is just as much white as he is black. Also Obama is not a descendant of slaves like Herman Cain is and most black Americans are), then you should really wake up to reality and really who is really racist here. By that standard, the Catholics that voted for JFK were probably anti-protestant, right? People like you are so stupid.

  5. Chris runnels says

    Many Americans voted for Mitt Romney, not because we “liked” him, but
    because he is not in favor of the idealistic, “at all costs” democratic
    spending policy that is going to bankrupt our country. We can not afford
    the government programs that we, EVEN REPUBLICANS, know this country
    SHOULD be able to have in place for it’s people. Just because we SHOULD
    have something does not mean we should go ahead and get it, when we
    don’t have the money to pay for it. That kind of ideology is the reason
    we are going bankrupt as a country, and why the divide between
    republicans and democrats is only going to get larger. Wake up America.
    If we do not control government spending, these policies WILL bankrupt the United States.

  6. says

    White people keep saying how Stupid and ignorant black people are for voting for President Obama……Well what does that say about white people ? Throughout American history white people have voted against the country and other non-white Americans! THAT IS AN HISTORICAL FACT! Voting for 43 male only white only President has got white people WHAT?

    1. There are more white people on welfare and food stamps then any other race of American….Not one white President address or corrected that FACT!

    2. Nearly 77 % of all Government checks go to WHITE PEOPLE! That is a FACT!

    3. There are more white people UNEMPLOYED then any other race of American! FACT!

    4. More white females between the age of 13 to 35 have the highest rate of abortion in the country! ONLY second to China! Never address by 43 past white Presidents!

    5. There are more whites living in a one parent family then any other race of American..Never address by past white President!

    6. 67% of American drugs use is in white neighborhood because of our racist judicial system . Whites go on probation and or nothing…and black go to jail and prison…..FACT!

    7. White husband and white boyfriend are 10 time more likely to beat and or murder their wives or girlfriend! Not one white President EVER address that FACT!

    So before white people talk about what the first black President did for :”BLACK PEOPLE!….Other then discrimination Segregation “ Jim Crow’ and pure hatred of non-whites….What the hell did 43 white only male only Presidents do for WHITE PEOPLE!!!! Answer that question FIRST!!!!!

    • nwbrown says

      Tyrone, You can’t make these false claims without backing it up with references. Unless you state where you pulled your inaccurate assumptions your post is nothing but junk stats.

      Didn’t you learn anything from your black panther brother president? “That’s just not true”

        • Adam says

          Tyrone, Tyrone… First off, anyone who seriously believes that there is a link between Barack Obama and the Black Panther Party needs to stop… put down the lube, put his or her clothes back on, and turn off Sean Hannity.

          I don’t know about the validity of your statistics. One thing that I know to be true about statistics is that they are often times terribly misleading. Before I repeat any statistic I see reported on any of the major networks, I first check the polling methods used to attain the data. Statistics are easy to manipulate… and here, you have shown one of the most common ways of statistical manipulation.

          (Unemployment rate is another great example of deceptive statistics due to the labor participation rate… designed so that when people who had previously been looking for work stop looking, yet remain unemployed… the UR goes down.) This phenomenon has always existed with UR numbers, but it has been particularly misleading over the last 4 years, There have been a number of recent jobs reports where the president enthusiastically reported a decrease in unemployment, but all that had happened was that more people stopped looking for work, went into early retirement, or became one of the 15 million additional individuals over the last 4 years to go on disability.

          Back to the issue though; when the African American population only accounts for 12% of the country’s documented citizens, of course the things you listed are going to be true. The only way that comparing anything on a 1:1 basis works is if you have an equal population of whatever you’re working with. The only comparative statistics that would mean anything would be comparing black proportion of population that does X with the white proportion of population doing X.

          (Oh yeah, and number seven is laughably inaccurate.. I imagine the person got this 10X number by taking the numerical total of both groups and comparing them as if there were they came from the same sized groups)

          The thing that always concerns me when I hear the opinions many in the black community have is (1) how angry many folks are, and (2) how many in the black community view everything in the world through a “racial lens.” What makes matters worse is that people can’t talk about these issues without losing their minds, yelling, or !!!ing.

          I am an economically conservative, socially liberal white male. I do not believe in the sustainability of Keynesian economics; I think George Bush was a terrible president; I hate Fox News because it’s marketed towards people who can’t appreciate that complex problems don’t always have simple solutions and I still maintain that the Federal Government is too large and inefficient. I believe in welfare (on some level), food stamps (on some level), but see that the entitlement culture we’ve created in America has gotten WAYYY out of hand.

          I like art and NPR; I despise the vast majority of government regulation, but I understand that far more regulation is needed on Wall Street and in certain industries (the financial industry for example… recognizing that finance and investment firms didn’t used to be so centralized… centralization doesn’t allow for the risk to be spread out); I understand that bailouts, although terribly undesirable, were necessary. Bush’s tax cuts before the Iraq War.. and the Iraq War for that matter, were absolutely retarded.

          I am still a registered Republican, because I would prefer it if my vote actually meant something (sorry Ron Paul and Gary Johnson) and I believe in accountability more so than enabling bad behavior via tax payer money. (THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T HAVE MONEY… ALL THEY HAVE IS DEBT TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE ABILITY TO DISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH CREATED BY THE PRIVATE SECTOR)…

          And I need to start a blog or something because if I don’t stop now, this post will never end. Tyrone, I encourage you to think for yourself and do individual research. If you reach the same conclusions about the government and racial issues that you have now, that’s fine, just please come by it honestly…

          • Misty says

            We don’t, but too many people do, and I say the same about the fact that they can’t keep watching Fox News.

  7. says


    I’m black and voted for President Obama because he was the best candidate for the country! I didn’t vote for Senator John McCain because he would have been the worse to ever take the office of President! Four year later I witness President Obama receive the worse America in the history of America! The condition former President G.W. Bush left to the next President was horrible and destructive to a democracy! The hole the Bush/ Cheney administration dug was deeper then the President and the country could dream of! Yet many right winger believe President Obama should had correct in two years. What Bush /Cheney took 8 years to mess UP!The team of Bush/ Cheney “WILL” go down in American history as the worse team EVER! On every level of America being better the Republican team of Bush/ Cheney made “WORSE”!

    Now after saying all that there are some black people that thinks that the first black President should had did more for them! WHY? You should understand that President Obama has inherit two wars ( Afghanistan & Iraq)! A prescription plan for senior citizen the “Bush Tax Cuts” all not paid for!!! More natural disasters then any other President before him! The worse mortgage scam in American history losing 750,000 jobs a month because of the Bush/ Cheney policies! Once President Obama took office he had to correct and re-direct and change the evil started by the Bush’s administration! “FIRST”! Those things President Obama change “BLACL PEOPLE THAT THINKS OBAMA DID NOTHING FOR THEM” !!!!!!! Benefited all Americans:

    1. President Obama got the stimulus package pass that benefited “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    2. President Obama sign into law “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” benefiting “BLACK WOMEN”!

    3. President Obama overturn “Don’t asked Don’t tell” that respected gay BLACKS IN MILITARY”

    4. President Obama found and killed “Bin Laden” this benefited BLACK PEOPLE”!

    5. President Obama negotiated what was a 75 million cap for the BP spill recovery and turn it into a 20 billion dollar recovery. That benefited “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    6. President Obama’s policies lower the unemployment rate to 7.8% benefiting some “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    7. President Obama stimulus package save two million jobs and create a million jobs. Benefiting “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    8. President Obama save the auto industry saving 2 million jobs benefiting “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    9. President Obama stimulus gave 95% of a American a tax cut. That benefited “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    10. President Obama ended the Iraq war saving American troop from fighting dying in a unnecessary war. That benefited “BLACK IN THE MILITAY!

    11. President Obama capture and killed over 30 high ranking terrorist . That benefited “BLACK PEOPLE!

    12. President Obama did what 7 decade of pass Presidents tried and fail to do..Past a Health-care plan…Less then a year in office President Obama GOT IT DONE! That benefited “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    13. President Obama took office and gave both wars a plan! That benefited “BLACK PEOPLE”!

    NOTE: There is much much more that “BLACK PEOPLE” have benefited from the election of President Obama. I acknowledge that unemployment for “BLACK PEOPLE” is high! But there are historical reason for that! From America beginning “BLACK PEOPLE” have always been last hire first fire! President Obama has “NO”control over that! After 43 white only male only President to hold the first black President to a level. NEVER achieve by 43 white only male only Presidents is WRONG! The night before President Obama took office 15 Republican plotted to sabotage the country and President Obama Presidency. And President Obama still got allot done! If the first black President EVER showed favoritism toward “BLACK PEOPLE” he would NEVER be re-elected! President Obama maybe the first President for “ALL” Americans. There “NO” class-warfare “”NO” dividing the country. President Obama has shown a respect for all Americans! Unlike Mitt Romney that was caught on videotape stating” 47% of American are WORTHLESS!

  8. Pat says

    It is astounding what drivel is perpetuated by the likes of Mr. Wise and a testament to the poor state of our educational system. One can only hold such views when raised on a racist dogma that reminds one of madrassa indoctrination capable of creating people willing to blow themselves up in a distinctly flawed logic. This article has more holes in it than swiss cheese and wreaks of obvious attempts by the author to justify and support his deep-rooted racism. Yes, reverse racism is a myth. The reverse of racism would be no racism so it would be more accurate to recognize racism for what it is regardless of who perpetrates it. Black, White, Purple or Green some will vote on candidate qualifications etc. and some will vote on race or religious affiliation etc. Racism has no one owner so the first step in having the meaningful racial conversations the author mentions would be for him to realize that.

  9. Alfonso Cataldo says

    I dont agree with Tim Wise, if black americans vote for Obama because he is also black, it is a racist vote. The afroamericans are voting Obama as much as 95% and white americans around 50 – 50.
    Personly i dont care about skin colors to make my decision.
    Black americans are voting just because of skin color and it is their right to do it. I respect their decision idem if i dont agree with that. I think this behavior is dangerous for american society and a big step backwards in the USA´s way of thinking.

  10. Jim says

    So basically it’s racism, but is OK and understandable in that direction….because white people earned it…and deserve it. You’re making excuses for it that in the end will only serve to hurt the black community, not help it as other ethic groups will resent the hypocrisy.

    Based on the numbers, women appear much more able to evaluate a candidate and vote on attributes other than gender than blacks on race at 85-90% for Obama with blacks and a close split for Obama vs. Clinton among women.

    I’m still undecided. I’m going to vote for the best candidate to rule the country regardless of race or gender. Now that it’s down to to men, I say let the best man win, and anyone voting primarily based on race, is a racist…by definition…and I will not make excuses for them.

  11. Dave says

    If blacks vote Democrat 90% and voted for Obama 95%, all you can do is conclude that 5% voted based solely on skin color. Do you not realize that black Republicans often only get between 10 and 15% of the black vote? Clearly it is not “just because of skin color”.


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