Republicans Panicked That Obama Might Run with Hillary Clinton

Obama Clinton Ticket

Barack Obama and Joe Biden meet with Secretary of Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon (Photo by Pete Souza)

In my column about “Ryan’s War on Women,” I detailed how Paul Ryan and Republicans are waging an unprecedented war against the interests of women, issue after issue. There is panic in GOP-land that Obama might run with Hillary Clinton this year. Let’s shatter the nonsense that Sarah Palin or Nikki Haley has anything in common with Hillary except they are women. Palin and Haley are Little League compared to a Secretary of State who was at the center of a presidency of prosperity, is a leader on national security, and towers above all national Republicans in popularity.

Ryan and Palin are Little League compared to Biden and Clinton. Now we learn that Paul Ryan had to amend his House ethics disclosure, according to USA Today, because he conveniently forgot a $1 million to $5 million trust fund. Now we learn that Ryan, who waxes eloquently against the Obama stimulus and green business, also conveniently forgot that he sought Obama stimulus money for green business he supported, which he first forgot when asked on television, and then remembered when he got caught.

These inconvenient truths are more reasons that both Romney and Ryan should release the tax returns they are both hiding, for reasons we all know.

Romney-Ryan promises the third term of President George W. Bush, which is why Romney wisely and cowardly hides Bush when Republicans meet at their convention. While Obama wisely and proudly showcases Bill Clinton when Democrats meet at theirs.

Many Republicans privately fear what they have learned and seen from not-ready-for-prime-time Ryan. They are terrified about what happens if Obama runs with Hillary, who embodies Democratic prosperity and was part of the national-security triumph of Obama giving the order to attack bin Laden, an order Bush never gave and Romney once famously said he would never give.

The Romney-Ryan ticket offers a team of national-security nonentities who like wars they have no experience commanding and no willingness to pay for. Romney couldn’t even manage the ceremonial duties during his fiasco-laden trip to Europe.

Brent BudowskyAdd Hillary, it becomes blowout city. The war against women. Attacks against Social Security and Medicare that threaten seniors. Add the most popular political leader in America who is identified with prosperity, a leader in national security and champion of Social Security and a voice for women and workers. Republicans are panicked by the Clintons. They should be. Republicans use the Clintons in ads while Democrats have the real thing in person.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Fr4iday, 17 August 2012


  1. webcelt says

    I expect the Republican concern trolls are thinking that if they bemoan Biden’s presence on the ticket enough, they’re phony sympathy might push him off and create a huge embarrassment for the Democrats. Biden has a lot of support among Democrats. He gaffes because he says what he thinks and doesn’t carefully control every word, but ever notice his gaffes are never nasty attacks on someone? Having someone who feels as deeply as he does what it’s like to struggle so close to the president is a very good thing, and I bet among the Democrats who agree with that is Obama. In that “chains” speech, who spoke very articulately about struggling with joblessness while having people dependent on you. It got no attention from the media.

  2. says

    I don’t think BIden is that strong. Replacing him with someone of power and decisiveness is a good idea.

    THAT being said, I am no fan of either Clinton. Bill was a philandering moral relativist with no strong ethical foundation. Cute, yes, entertaining, yes, but not a leader. Smart, yes, but he sucked right up and into the elitist DC-geist. His lovely wife is more of the predatory type we’ve come to know and love
    tolerate. She advocated for the war against Iraq … politically wise but otherwise unforgivable.

    THAT being said, I think since she is a strong woman, she would make a great running mate for Obama … IF she has not already refused, as some say.

    What is the date of this article?

  3. Jay says

    Obama needs a former President to save him at his own convention. Did it occur to any of you brilliant people that the public just may yearn for Clinton and make Obama look even worse? Clinton and Obama are not exactly best friends. Hillary has already turned down the VP spot and her husband will never forgive Obama for what happened in the S.Carolina Dem. primary in 2008. He still talks about it. No, Clinton is appearing to help his wife, if and when she decides to run for President again. Obama better hope that Clinton doesn’t outshine him either. The Democrats are even letting former President Carter speak, which for the life of me makes no sense whatsoever. Obama’s strategy is to kill Romney off. He has no other strategy to win but to scare voters into voting for him again. It worked for Bush in 2004 against Kerry. Perhaps it will work again for Obama. So far, Obama’s campaign has been disgusting and divisive, and this isn’t the same man who ran for President in 2008. He is just another politician. Those are about the kindest words I can say about him.

  4. Mike's America says

    What a laugh riot! Anyone who compares Biden favorably to Paul Ryan should seek help for their evident cognitive disfunction

    • says

      I guess I must have cognitive dysfunction. Biden is brillianjt strategist and knowledgeable about foreign policy issues. Obama was weak in this ar4ea. With Biden an H.Clinton, he locked-up the problem. And, with Biden and H.Clinton as key advisors, he looked at domestic issues better. There are other advisors, sure, but Biden is far brighter and politically-capable than Ryan. And, while I won’t challengte your mental capacities to understand government or politics, I can suggest that you might wish to at least seek the therapy that you wish upon others.

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