My Political Prediction for 2012: It’s Obama-Clinton

obama clinton ticketMy political prediction for 2012 (based on absolutely no inside information): Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden swap places. Biden becomes Secretary of State — a position he’s apparently coveted for years. And Hillary Clinton, Vice President.

So the Democratic ticket for 2012 is Obama-Clinton.

Why do I say this? Because Obama needs to stir the passions and enthusiasms of a Democratic base that’s been disillusioned with his cave-ins to regressive Republicans. Hillary Clinton on the ticket can do that.

Moreover, the economy won’t be in superb shape in the months leading up to Election Day. Indeed, if the European debt crisis grows worse and if China’s economy continues to slow, there’s a better than even chance we’ll be back in a recession. Clinton would help deflect attention from the bad economy and put it on foreign policy, where she and Obama have shined.

The deal would also make Clinton the obvious Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 — offering the Democrats a shot at twelve (or more) years in the White House, something the Republicans had with Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush but which the Democrats haven’t had since FDR. Twelve years gives the party in power a chance to reshape the Supreme Court as well as put an indelible stamp on America.

robert reichAccording to the latest Gallup poll, the duo are this year’s most admired man and woman This marks the fourth consecutive win for  Obama while Clinton has been the most admired woman in each of the last 10 years. She’a topped the list 16 times since 1993, exceeding the record held by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who topped the list 13 times.

Obama-Clinton in 2012. It’s a natural.


  1. MyLeftMind says

    Hilary would help Obama capture the gay vote. Repealing DADT without passing the Respect For Marriage Act isn’t enough. Obama’s lack of action repealing DOMA won’t drive LGBT folks to the Republicans, but they may not bother to vote if they’re not inspired. Both gay men and lesbians would vote for an OH ticket, especially after Hillary’s recent speech encouraging leaders on other countries to stop killing gays.

    As much as I want a woman president, I really think we need a middle class hero this time around, or our country’s sunk. Hillary & Obama both support the super rich over the common American.

    Let’s all encourage Elizabeth Warren to run as an independent. Teamed up with someone honest and trustworthy like Rep Peter DeFazio from Oregon, they’d be more than just a winning ticket, they’d inspire millions of Americans to trust our government once again.

  2. Allen_Osuno says

    I don’t think Obama-Clinton would inspire the country as a whole. Hillary has been cooperating with Obama’s “meddle in other countries” model and she doesn’t have that high of an approval rating anymore around the country. People see her as another political hack, like Obama and like the Republican candidate will be also. People are SICK of both parties and the old ‘war-monger-tax-cuts-for-the-rich” status quo. Sick to death of them. People are sick of the old model of spending money on CRUD while the American public languishes under virtual improverishment and servitude. Neither Obama-Clinton nor (presumably) Romney-Whoever is going to inspire anyone. If Ron Paul weren’t a John Bircher about his wanting to cut out education and social programs, his ideas about dismantling our bloated military empire would be appealing. Unfortunately, he is like the GOP in most of his domestic agenda: ie. no help for the poor and no regulation on the rich. So, we’d be back to square one yet again. People are getting sick of being stomped on. We need massive changes to our corrupt, lobbyist driven so-called government. Needs to be CLEANED OUT, including SCOTUS: and laws made against lobbying and graft, which have become institutionalized in the Peoples’ United travesty that the Supreme Court OKd, flooding the political arena with BIG money. People are sick of that and Hillary as VP won’t fix a thing.

  3. MDono says

    Obama Clinton 2012!!! They have my vote. Robert Reich I would like to see you a part of this team as you did great things on the Clinton team.

  4. says

    My guess is that you are 100% correct. Looks like this is the fix the so-called “Democrats” will use this time.

    If I even bother walking to the poll station, it’s Green ticket all the way.

    So what if it’s considered a “lost vote?” Hillary and Obama are both despicable Republicans in drag who have not done ANYTHING for the population– other than escalate tensions and deaths in other countries, and therefore escalating the hate and danger for all Americans.

    • says

      Marta, don’t feel bad. EVERY individual vote is ‘lost’ (has null effect on the decision) – except in an exceedingly improbable election where the top two candidates tie or exactly one vote separates them.

      In 2008 I supported Obama precisely because H Clinton had insisted on being Bush’s Iraq rubber-stamp. She has continued to toady for the president – only now the president happens to be Obama. She will add nothing. Sorry for those who once or lately rooted for her as a female candidate: there are a lot other really good female politicians who would superbly improve on Obama or Clinton or Biden – e.g. Boxer and Cantwell, for starters.

      • Marta says

        Not familiar with Cantwell, but yeah, I like Boxer. She’s stayed true to her principles, unlike Pelosi and Feinstein.
        Hillary is rabidly hawkish. I wasn’t surprised to read that she was president of Wellesley College’s Young Republicans in 1965. My guess is that when she met Bill, she realized he had the star quality necessary to get to the top so she hitched on to his party.
        Now that times are more conservative, she’s gone even further right. I don’t think that it’s simply her uber-ambition (which, of course, she has to the max) She likes the aggression; kicking ass in other countries makes her feel powerful. I think that’s the difference between her and Bill. He was hawkish (anyone remember the bombing of the Chinese embassy and the baby formula factory? ) but he seemed to have *some* empathy for people’s suffering. She doesn’t–not even for American’s suffering. Waterboarding? Bombing civilian areas? The fall of the middle class? Not a problem. In that way, she reminds me of Cheney–intelligent, calculating, narcissistic; pure blue ice in those veins. And like Cheney, destined to *almost* reach the top, but never get there. She lacks the essential charisma necessary in modern times to become president… And it makes her angry.


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