How Obama Can Win Big

barack and michelleWhile President Obama lifts his presidency to champion the cause of jobs that are made in the USA, his Republican opponents stake their plans for power, to a degree that no great party in the history of the republic has ever attempted, on the prospect of the American economy failing.

What is not appreciated by most commentators, who are consumed by hourly news cycles and insider punditry about political tactics, is that in the last six months there has been a fundamental shift in Obama’s vision of his presidency that has begun to transform the contours of the campaign in ways that elevate the prospects for Democrats.

Historians will someday look to the president’s speech in Kansas celebrating Teddy Roosevelt, who would be called a socialist by many Republicans if he were with us today, and his State of the Union address, which was a call for a patriotic capitalism of shared purpose and prosperity, as marking a historic evolution of the Obama presidency. It will transform the campaign, shape his mandate and define his second term if he is reelected.

To give one powerful example: The president’s championing of pay equity for women is a stunning example of where the president is right and his opponents are wrong on a fundamental matter of economic, moral and political principle for all fair people and more than half the voting electorate.

While Republicans defend economic disparities with adoration of ancient Austrian economists and the proud atheist “libertarian” Ayn Rand, who attacked Ronald Reagan and called John Kennedy the same names Republicans now call Barack Obama — Obama battles for patriotic capitalism, “Made in the USA” jobs, pay equity for women, and a spirit of shared purpose and success.

Obama 2.0 is singing on key to the real America, talking about matters they care about, battling for policies that will better their lives, championing the American notion of fair play and taking to voters a narrative that is clear, consistent and compelling.

Last May and June I wrote a series of columns advocating for Made in the USA and calling for a national wave movement to buy American products made by American workers, sold by American companies, creating American jobs, lifting the American economy and mobilizing the American people.

obama sotuStay tuned for a column calling for an American Davos bringing together patriotic capitalists who earned the wealth we all applaud by lifting the economy of the America we all love.

The president has embarked on a profoundly important and historic course as the champion of this red, white and blue capitalism.

Let his opponents call him a European or a Kenyan while he fights for jobs for Main Street, heartland America and the great cities of the nation. Let his opponents hope America fails economically so they can succeed politically and obstruct his proposals to create new Made in America jobs because those jobs threaten the GOP strategy of exploiting the pain of joblessness, even at the cost of punishing the workers of the nation.

Brent BudowskyThe voters will see through it. When a millionaire former hack for Freddie Mac offers to attack the “food-stamp president” before the NAACP around Martin Luther King’s birthday, he insults the legacy of Lincoln. When the man some Republicans call a “vulture” attacks the president as a European socialist and champions low-taxed wealth sheltered by Swiss banks and Cayman Island accounts that is achieved through massive layoffs, he demeans the legacy of Teddy Roosevelt that the president has seized.

If the president runs as the champion of patriotic capitalism and Made in America jobs and works his heart out to bring the next Morning in America while his opponents act like the “hope America fails” party that has bet its ranch that the American economy fails — Obama will win, by a knockout.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill 

White House photos by Pete Souza.


  1. Joe Weinstein says

    Ted, Eugene, Annette, Joseph all are correct.

    Note Obama’s insistence on rhetoric which – if he means it – is disastrously self-delusional. He’s done his best to help along a new ‘democratic’ new Arab Winter – a Mideast safe for fanatic medieval Islamism, mostly practiced by regimes and movements that celebrated 9/11 even if they aren’t nominally Al Qaeda themselves.

    And domestically note his equally disastrous and delusional rhetoric on ‘US energy’ – as if all forms of ‘US energy’ are all good. He talks the talk of renewables, but already focuses on plans to walk the walk of fracking and deep-sea drilling. He’s opting for more domestic enviro disasters like Deepwater Horizon and all the permanently fracked-up communities shown in ‘Gasland’. About the only good news is that this time he didn’t mention nuclear and corn-ethanol.

  2. says

    I listened intently to the message that President Obama stated and I am proud to be an American. I believe the issue that people have with President Obama is that they were expecting Black Jesus, for him to come into the White House and save everyone in one fail swoop, wave of a hand. Well no one can live up to that expectation.

    The Presidency is a figure head, it cannot do anything without the help of the people. We can sit and state that he is singing to us again or we can put “action” behind his words and help him – heck make him, live up to the words he so eloquently stated in his address.

    Let’s let go of the fact that he’s black, release the fact that he has not performed to expectation…because none of this matters. What matters is what he stated is true, it’s right and the picture he drew so beautifully with his words is the America we should “ALL” want and strive to manifest.

    I don’t know about you but I plan on “MAKING” him live up to that promise. What about you?

  3. Joseph Maizlish says

    Every positive value Pres. Obama promoted in his speech (“play by the same rules,” “fair share,” etc.) is belied by his military-imperial approach to foreign affairs and to human rights of anyone not a U.S. brand of human. Trash a land (Iraq), wreak havoc on its people, and then leave it without compensation and amends — that “job well done” seems to be his idea of obligations when it comes to the rest of the world. Yet that is the reference he made to open his speech, and he concluded it with a proud reference to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

    For domestic affairs within the political (but not economic or military) boundaries of the U.S. he looks a little better, or a little less bad, than his likely electoral opposition (perhaps even enough less bad to get my vote). But adopting a couple of the many screamingly obvious environmental measures while promising to increase the burning of carbon, and dragging his feet to slow the degradation of social security, and all the while promising more destruction and killing — sorry, not much to celebrate, and reason to grieve and organize.

  4. Annette says

    “Obama 2.0 is singing on key…”

    He’s singing to us again, but it’s all talk. He’s not going to act on anything that does not help his millionaire funders more than us.

    ”(Obama is) talking about matters they care about, battling for policies that will better their lives, championing the American notion of fair play and taking to voters a narrative..”

    Riiiiight. Fair play like the bank bailouts that made “too big to fail” banks even bigger? Obama said he wants to “turn the page” on the mortgage crisis. How much you wanna bet that means he and Congress will cut a deal with the banks to “turn the page” on bank FRAUD. Obama will let them off the hook if they pay the government some money and refinance SOME mortgages. But as part of the Obama-Congress-banksters deal, homeowners will lose the chance to sue the banks for mortgage fraud. Just watch how “turning the page” turns out to be another sweet Obama deal for the superrich.

    How about “fair play” with taxes? Obama extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich in December 2010, right when all his liberal college student cheerleaders were busy with final exams and getting home for the holidays. Whoops, they didn’t notice he screwed them. What makes anyone believe that Congress and Obama will establish fair taxation when they have so much to gain through lobbying dollars and other bribes from those rich people? Don’t count on Obama doing more than TALK when it comes to championing the notion of fair play.

    It will transform the campaign, shape his mandate and define his second term if he is reelected.

    Why would his words this time around define his second term when the first time we elected him he told us he was on our side? We believed him, we voted for him, and we got screwed by him. The rich are much richer than before we elected Obama, and the rest of us are much poorer. Even if you’re still working, your salary is worth less than before Obama. The governments in greater debt and our homes and retirement values are in the gutter.

    Obama is talking the talk again, but he’s not going to walk the walk. He’s the great orator, but a terrible leader. We just lost Habeas Corpus, and Obama tells us it’s all OK, he won’t ever detain American citizens without giving them access to the courts, even though he now has the legal authority to do so. Riiiight. Our stealth republican president is too nice of a guy to do what the law allows him to do, so we should just TRUST him.

    Let’s face it. Obama’s republican policies would be a lot easier to fight if they were enacted by a republican president. We’d be in the streets fighting to regain control of the government, instead of standing idly by HOPING that change will come if we elect him again.

    The right wing is right about one thing. Liberals are suckers.

  5. Joseph Maizlish says

    Every value (fair share, playing by the same rules, etc.) which Pres. Obama said he is planning to promote is violated in his pledge to continue the militarized and imperial relationship with most of the rest of the world. He manages to call the Iraq destruction a “job well done” and prides himself on furthering the military reach into the western Pacific. He promises some resistance to the domestic social destruction planned by his opponents, a few of the screamingly obvious environmental steps, and looks a little better than his opponents on those things (perhaps better enough to win even my vote). But lets keep perspective: saving social security (or dragging his feet on its destruction) is better than what his opponents plan, but destroying other lands and peoples and dominating their politics and economics is not something to celebrate.

  6. Ted Radamaker says

    Obama’s reputation demands that we judge him not by what he says but only by his actions.
    Obama or anyone who says America is NOT in decline doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  7. Eugene Hernandez says

    Granted that Obama may win with overwhelming odds, the Republican frontrunner has given his campaign enough ammo to shoot themselves in the leg once the real election begins.Although the only candidate who would do well is Ron Paul. The occupy movement has influenced the tone of the debate and made the inequity of this capitalist system the chief talking point. But isn’t this a rude and undemocratic way to select a leader? Having no opposition from the cowards in his own Party, Obama will be crowned at the next Democratic convention, like a king. We should not criticize Russia for having fixed elections or one party electoral system if we do the same. If you want a real choice and I think the American people do, even Republicans are dissatisfied with their choices, I suggest voting for Dr. Jill Stein or Dr.Kent Mesplay of the Green Party for President.

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