Obama “The Worst President Ever” — Are You Kidding Me?

obamaBen Quayle’s Assessment of the Obama Presidency

The hyperbole around election time has reached a fever pitch as Republican candidates for the mid-term elections focus on the source of the Democratic Party revival. Centering on the low poll numbers of President Barack Obama, ideologues are now trying to frame the Obama presidency as change the country can no longer afford. President Obama’s popularity ratings are tied to the fortunes of a slow rebounding economy and the ethics investigations of a few members of the party. Anything the President (or his family) does has come under severe scrutiny.

The President’s stand (as waffling as it is) on the New York “ground zero” situation has him being framed as “un-American.” His vacation travels are viewed as elitist and out of touch with the “average” Americans’ reality and his “job performance” as unsatisfactory to a majority of the nation. It seems Americans have grown tired of hearing excuses about why their lives haven’t changed and predicaments that have nothing to do with him (namely the Gulf oil spill) are now all his fault.

The disrespect for the Obama presidency has been subtle (for the most part) until now. Now every little weenie running for office criticizes the President to get some attention for their campaign. In Arizona, 3rd District Republican candidate for Congress, Ben Quayle, who’s received little support from his own party decides he’s now a presidential historian with the most ridiculous critique of the job President Obama is doing.

It wouldn’t be worth the mention if it wasn’t such a perfect example of Republican radicalism that seeks to undermine the Obama presidency. Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle (yes, THAT Quayle…that of the “potatoe” fame), called Obama “the worst President ever.” Who’s to say where history will rank Obama’s presidency, but cleaning up a huge elephant dump that left the nation in cardiac arrest has to rank somewhere above the guy who left it for him.

Guess this latest version of a dumb Quayle has been under a rock the last eight years, and probably was too young to remember the one term presidential fiasco of an administration to which his father contributed from 1988 to 1992. Worse than Bush I or Bush II? You’ve got to be kidding me. When stupid becomes intergenerational, you really have to wonder what’s in a name and what happens should stupid ever resurrect itself. I think we’re about to see the return of anti-intellectualism gain traction in the public discourse.

As much as you want to be objective about the job Obama is doing, even if you don’t agree with everything he says or does, the circumstances under which he inherited the presidency would be cause to reject judging him too early. “Baby Quayle,” was 11 years old when Bush I went back on a campaign promise of “read my lips, no new taxes”. He does not remember the senior Bush couldn’t sustain what he called “voodoo economics” of the eight year Reagan administration and he thinks that his generation will inherit a “weakened country.” That’s an interesting analysis coming from someone whose lineage is steeped in the mind set that stripped the nation of any sensible resolution to economic collapse. His daddy was part and parcel of the “tax cartels” that put the country in an economic tailspin.

The problem with the Republicans, particularly this new generation of Republicans, is they don’t remember their own recent history, one they controlled for 22 of the past 32 years. Quayle is running a campaign ad that begs to ask the question, “What is happening to America.” It’s a question he should ask his daddy. Quayle’s candidacy is filled with antiqued “Reaganisms” like “family values” and is every bit fueled with the trickery of the projected false imageries Republicans are known for. Most notably, Quayle sends out a campaign mailer where he poses with children, giving the illusion that the children of the photo are his own. Ben Quayle has no children and had to later admit that was a misleading mailer.

Quayle is just the latest example of gadfly candidates and pundits seeking to capitalize on Obama’s low poll ratings to disrespect the President on false and unsubstantiated premises. It may resonate with the anti-Obama population, but it’s simply not a believable assertion, given that America has a documented history of bad presidents who tenures weren’t as complicated as Obama’s. Generally such criticism is reserved for the end of a presidency. But the anti-intellectuals can’t wait to see how Obama history plays out. They’re submitting the report card with a final grade before the class is over. It’s just consistent with the mind set to that wants to pile on at a time Obama’s legacy is in formation.

No one is saying Obama can’t be criticized. But offer legitimate criticism, not false criticism that adds to the noise box for the sake of trying to gain some political advantage. Stupid is as stupid does and Ben Quayle is showing early that he’s a chip off the ole block, offering irrational analysis to get attention.

The worst ever? Give me a break…no, I’ll give you one better. Don’t give me a Quayle trying to rate anybody’s presidency, unless it’s a honest assessment of the one for which he is tied. Anything else is just a joke. We can expect to see the opposition party continuing to blast Obama. Every time they do it, you can only ask, are these fools kidding me? Ben Quayle is just the latest sailor on a new ship of fools.

Anthony Asadullah Samad

Anthony Asadullah Samad, Ph.D., is a national columnist, managing director of the Urban Issues Forum and author of the upcoming book, REAL EYEZ: Race, Reality and Politics in 21 Century Politics. He can be reached at www.AnthonySamad.com.

Reposted with permission from The BlackCommentator.


  1. JT says

    Anthony, thanks for the insightful piece. I live in the 3rd Congressional District in Arizona and have followed Quayle’s campaign closely. If it weren’t for his inherited status as an insider among the Republican elite, he would be a nobody. Although he is 33, he appears to have just emerged from adolescence. Only three years ago, he spent his time partying in Scottsdale and writing features for “DirtyScottsdale.com” which posted pictures of scantily-clad women in the local bar scene and then invited comments from visitors, many of which were vicious and demeaning. Quayle composed his contributions under the pseudonym “Brock Landers”–taken from a character in “Boogie Nights”–a popular film about the porn industry.

    A quick web search will provide links to his articles on that website, all of which are absolutely demeaning to women. Newly married, he is now running a campaign as a conservative, family-values candidate who ineptly spouts the Republican agenda–which is basically attacking Obama at every opportunity, since they have no constructive ideas of their own.

    His campaign spokesman, Jay Heiler, is a real piece of work. I went to school at ASU with him back in the 80s, when he took over the college newspaper and turned it into a right-wing propaganda forum. Jay is highly intelligent and a gifted writer, but he had no qualms whatsoever using the word “nigger” in private conversations, which, along with his open opposition to gays and immigrants, put us on opposite sides of the political spectrum. He has also been a political speech writer, most notably for Fife Symington, the disgraced ex-governor, for whom he was also chief of staff.

    I have no doubt Jay is instrumental in Quayle’s speeches and written media presentations. I assume he has given up using the “N” word as carelessly as he did in his youth, though I also assume his attitudes have remained the same.

    Sadly, Quayle is running in a solidly Republican district, and with the vast amount of outside money pouring in from Republican stalwarts, he will likely win against a rather inept Democratic challenger who tries to pass himself off as conservative.

  2. Marshall says

    It takes a while to judge a president. When I was young, FDR was great and when Truman took office, my older family members told me the the letters on the pack of lucky strikes, LSMFT, stood for Lord save me from ruman. I did a paper on FDR in college, interviewed all my family members, could not do that now, and by then the thoughts on FDR had changed as did those of Truman. Only time can judge a president but so far I am thinking BO is in the running for the new FDR award.

  3. says

    I follow a lot of your stories and I must say I enjoyed it. Quayle’s opinion is much like Confederate money, although I understand that one of the Carolinas is planning to do exactly that. You nailed this one and I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it.

  4. marie says

    As far as I am informed, the expenses of the presidential family are not that much different from the Bushes, Clintons, Reagans, etc. And I don’t expect the vacations-expenses of future presidents to be any less. Did we expect Obama to be some saint or ascetic of simplicity? Presidents rarely are.
    Most of the matters I had hoped Obama would take care off, have not improved. Who’s fault is that? The president or the opposition he faced from the Republican-block and the all-mighty corporations?
    I expect a sickening avalanche of gossip, lies and dirt to spout from the News-channels and talk-radio programs again. So I don’t watch or listen anymore.
    I wished that those who come-up with lies and falsifications could all be sued and fined to pay real big money, plus a public-apologize.
    For example the stupid lies about a non-existing Obama-birth-certificate.
    There is a non-partisan website from the University of Pennsylvania journalism-school http://www.factcheck.org . Instead of just believing what we seem to want to believe to strengthen our own opinion, I advice to check-out any claims first. Unless we want to stay the play-ball of the politicians.

  5. Fred Farkle says

    So, that’s all you’ve got – “Blame Bush” and shoot the messenger? That’s it?

    The “elephant dump” is a accumulative creation of Congress; both parties share huge blame. And curse GWB for hiding his veto pen, too.

    But that was nothing compared to the insane actions of this Congress and this administration. Out of control is too mild a phrase to describe their cowardice, greed for power, and ultimate fiscal destructiveness.

    Barack Obama is nothing but a leftist local pol, schooled in the thuggish methods of the Chicago machine, He’s a lazy, loudmouthed backbencher who is completely incompetent as an administrator. He is ignorant of history, economics, and business, and his only talent is agitation and propaganda. He is a mental midget, and a self-indulgent fool. And we will all pay the price for electing him.

    His Marxist economic theories are proven failures, and his partners-in crime Reid and Pelosi are helping him prove it again, on a gigantic scale the world has never seen.

    Ben Quayle is correct. His party affiliation and his daddy have nothing to do with it.

    Barack Obama will go down in history as easily the worst president America has ever seen. Herbert Hoover has nothing on this imbecile. Obama is a human wrecking ball, and he will become known forever as a traitor to his race and his own ideals. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to blacks and poor people, and all the other helpless and downtrodden among us.

    • Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

      Already this President has managed to alienate 45% of the public. It’s not easy to do that in 2 years. Obama may not be the worst President but he may go down as the worst Politician to hold the office since Jimmy Carter. I warned friends before the 2008 primaries were finished that putting someone in office with as little experience as Obama was going to be a big mistake. Those politicans with little experience get into major difficulties by not understanding the public very well. Carter, Bush2 and Obama all suffered from this problem. They did not have any feel for the public mood or alternatively just dismissed it as misguided Americans that didn’t know what was good for them. I am very afraid that these new Republican radicals will be elected this fall unless something is done to head this thing off and soon. Issuing statements of support for the Mosque in New York, does not qualify as helping matters. Sending the Vice-President out to paint rosy pictures of the economy when everyone can see that things are terrible does not help either. I suggest Obama go on tv, look the voters straight in the eye and say, we tried but it didn’t work. Let’s start again with a new program to help the economy and lay out a whole new plan and ask the Republicans for support. When they don’t offer the support, the voters can then make a real choice as to what they want to do. Staying the course with these economic advisors is a big mistake. They must be fired along with a new plan well enough before the election this fall to make a difference.

      • Tom says

        This post is, I suppose, good news. It suggests that LA Progressive is reaching out beyond California.

        “Esq.” is a title that usually refers to attorneys. Since there is no Jay Levenberg listed as a member of California Bar, this suggests an attorney reader from some further locale. Great to know the readership is wide.

        Not so great to see that attorneys from other states reject reliance on actual FACTS for their arguments, in favor of simple ad hominem attacks.

    • Tom says

      “Accumulative creation of Congress”?! As I recall, Congress, in the 1990s, working with a Democratic President, “accumulated” a budget SURPLUS. The “accumulated creation of Congress” in the first six years of the Shrubya administration, when Republicants controlled both houses of congress and the white house, was the waste of ALL of the surplus and putting trillions of dollars of debt on the taxpayers “off budget” because it was “emergency” welfare spending on no-bid war contracts.

      But these are mere FACTS, things that Republicants reject. They rather toss around code words like “leftist”, “thuggish”, “Marxist”, etc.

      But at some point, we have to confront the reality that the Republicants refuse to speak about those pesky FACTS. They have nothing to offer other than their code words and complaints – nothing comprising any kind of policy other than “let’s return to the good old days of corporate welfare and police dogs for those we hate. All wrapped up in pretend christianity.”

      Doctor Johnson was partially right when he said that Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. He could have added that it is also the last refuge of the intellectual coward.

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