70 Million Would Sign Up for Public Option

Obamacare Public OptionIn my latest column, I applauded the success of ObamaCare in achieving 7 million enrollees and have to laugh at the contempt, scorn, ridicule, condescension and anger shown by certain partisan Republicans, rightist Republicans and pseudo-libertarians against those 7 million-plus Americans who made an informed consumer choice.

Some of these folks on the Republican right would not know capitalism, democracy or liberty if it bit them in the behind. Consumers made their choice, folks. Deal with it! Don’t attack the customers.

Liberals should now escalate the offensive and battle to bring back the public option, which was highly popular but shamefully sold out during the healthcare debate.

Brent-Budowsky-175If the public option is ultimately included in the ObamaCare exchanges, I predict the number of enrollees, based on the popularity of the public option that rose above 60 percent of the American people in virtually every poll, would not be 7 million, but 70 million!

Seventy million enrollees in an ObamaCare public option would be true change that we can really believe in.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

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