His First One Hundred Days

obamaA new ABC poll just out indicates that President Obama enjoys a 69% approval rating. George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week says Obama has sparked a surge of optimism, with 50% of Americans now believing we are headed in the right direction compared to just 19% as recently as January 16th.

But the economy continues to lag. We’ve experienced a record number of foreclosures, the automobile industry crisis, and high unemployment rates. Now there is discussion of a credit card crisis adding to our woes. Obama inherited this mess but you wouldn’t think so judging from the behavior of the tea baggers and Fox News.

This week, President Obama reached the end of his first 100 days, a milestone that some say marks the end of a new president’s honeymoon. We’d love to hear from you. How do you think the President has fared in his first 100 days? Place your comments below.


  1. P.A. EDMEAD says


  2. Mark says

    I find it not the least bit surprising that America has been so thoroughly deluded as to think that Obama is doing a good job. He has broken almost every single campaign “promise” he made, although this statement itself is suspect because, if you look carefully, he never made any promises.

    “Change we can believe in?” I suppose the change is that it is now Obama and the Democrats, full force, who are NOT bringing our troops home, but spreading them out throughout the Middle East, continuing the mythical and totally ineffective “war on terror,” acting as if this was a genuine, declared war, continuing the Bush policies on torture and even defending the torturers and the agents of this horrendous campaign (Bybee, Yoo, Gonzales, Cheney, Bush, etc.), keeping Guantanamo Bay open for at least three more years, and so on.

    In the mean time, even though the House tried to prevent a bailout from happening last fall, under Obama, Congress has given away, with virtually NO strings attached, more than 3/4 of $1 trillion to the very people and corporations most responsible for the collapse of our financial sector, the same people who turned around and spent millions on yacht parties, improperly earned bonuses (i.e., for acts that lost billions for their corporations) and closed up the credit markets because, surprise! they didn’t have any money left after their reckless mismanagement of the economic markets, which they absolutely control. (Does anyone see a pattern here, completely similar in most aspects to the one that led up to the 1929 “crash?”)

    Remember the Glass-Steagall act? It has been systematically dismantled since Ronald Reagan’s act as President, with the full complicity of the Democrats in Congress (who are almost all multi-millionaires). As for regulating derivatives, Congress has fought that tooth and nail ever since Tobin first proposed his tax in the 40s (I think).

    It never ceases to amaze me how effective the Republicans are at hindering the Democratic Party’s efforts to do anything good, when we were in a similar position from 2007-2009 and were somehow powerless to do anything even to slow them down. Does anyone else notice that the filibuster, which was the great evil to be “nuked” when the Republicans were in control of the Senate, is now their best friend? And what about the turncoat twelve “moderate” Senate Democrats, who have used their arch-conservative alliances with the worst of the Republican Senators to stymie any leads into making progress on any front? (FYI, I include Joe Lieberman among the arch-conservative Republicans, even though he claims to be independent; technically, I suppose this could be true, since he represents Israel, not Connecticut….)

    Bush may have been a moron, a puppet, an idiot, or all three and more, but he was so much more effective at getting his (i.e., the neocons’) agenda passed than Obama, whose agenda, like his background, are a near-complete blank, other than “change.”

    It’s 1977, folks, and we’re about to get reamed for four years. Again.

    How about a REAL change? Like moving towards world peace, or actually controlling our biological warfare labs so they DON’T “lose” (i.e., spread around) their toxic agents, or regulating the financial industries so they CAN’T become “too big to fail” and then fail anyway, or re-imposing the Fairness Doctrine so that we actually have a balanced press, or breaking up the giant corporations so that monopolies are genuinely impossible instead of approving damn near every corporate merger proposed, or maybe even enforcing the laws against interlocking directorates so that 40 people can’t sit on the board of every single major corporation in the US/world and control every aspect of our economy, press, lives, etc.? (Read “Rich Media, Poor Democracy” by Robert McChesney for more details on that little trick.) How about ALL of the foregoing??? Now THAT would be a change!

    And in case anyone was wondering, I am a lifelong Democrat who believed, absolutely and foolishly, that the Democratic Party could bring about a just and fair society, and that the Republican Party was the incarnation of evil in the U.S. (and it might just be that), until I watched the D.P. disintegrate, over what has now turned out to be the last 40 years, into the exact same kinds of tools of the Republican masters as the Republican Party. I have been a party “insider” for the last 7 years, and I have seen how the party goes to great lengths to perpetuate the system of controls and power that serves itself but not the rank and file members of the party.

    Like that great anonymous quotester said, the only difference [anymore] between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is the spelling.

    We, the people, are once again without a government that truly, genuinely gives a s–t about we, the people.

  3. says

    Barack Obama is doing okay but there is not enough pressure from the left so that failed policies in Afghanistan, Iraq and the banking bailouts and help to the wealthy at the expense of the majority continue. The extension and rehabilitation of women’s health rights vis a vi family planning is excellent but not enough has been done to fight for a National Health Care system.

    Failed banks and AIG should be either taken over as government, nationalized, corporations or allowed to die. There is no such thing as a corporation or bank that is more important than the nation — that is hype by those who want bailouts to protect their high salaries and wealth.

  4. UnidosSinDerechos says

    Obama’s first 100 days has shown me that this country has managed to create a culture that is easily tamed. Whether we are tamed by entertainment, news, temporary victories, or the preservatives that fill our food, they have a hold on our minds. Obama is imperialism with charm and a war mongerer with a winning smile. He has charmed people with his people skills, but yet he is continuing the occupation that is happening by the US and Israel and other countries. He has become a part of a system founded on the genocide of millions of Natives throughout the Americas. In his past 100 days he has taken troops out of Iraq and put over 50,000 more troops in Afghanistan. He bombed Pakistan in his 2nd day of presidency and says nothing of the 1300 Palestinians the Israeli army killed in a matter of 10 days. In his past 100 days he has managed to tame a lot of people who were actually standing up against these injustices when Bush was there. Yes we need hope, but we must not place our real emotions into someone who is just a part of the system that harms us as Bush was, and unless he challenges the foundations of it, he will not be the change we are expecting.

  5. David A. Brunk says

    I say that we have bet our lives on this guy so give him a four year honeymoon. If his good character and honesty can’t fix the global mess then we probably won’t get another chance. In a major crisis civilization breaks down pretty quickly and it has already proved very fragile.
    Obama is our leader and he must have our support against those with no vision and no compassion.

  6. Paul McDermott says

    Obama seems to be more open-minded in his dealings with other countries,eschewing Bush’s “take action and the allies will follow” policies. Except for the Middle East… He seems to be following the generals with respect to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and following some neocons and AIPAC with respect to Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conundrum, and Hamas and Hezbollah. Unless he puts some pressure on the ultra right-wing government in Israel and gets some movement going on creating a sovereign Palestinian state within pre-’67 borders, the facts-on-the-ground are going to lead to greater suffering and bloodshed there and a continuing problem for the U.S. with Islamic extremism and terrorism (because of our continuing support for Israeli extremism and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan). Obama needs to think outside the box with respect to the problems in the Middle East and come up with more creative solutions that improve peoples’ lives there and fewer military ones.

  7. Ali Agins says

    What I have wanted to see is a housecleaning. An investigation and justice concerning the evil that has been done in our name.

    I would like to see a push back against the Ultra Right with what I see is the truth about being a Liberal or Progressive instead of how they have been able to frame us and bring into their camp the people that are following them against their own best interest.

    We need more platforms! And the message needs to be presented in a way that will not appeal to the worst in people but to their best.

  8. Denise D'Anne says

    President Obama has done some good things, like opening up stem cell research, giving women worldwide the opportunity to make decisions about their bodies. Negative is his continuing Bush era tactics of invading other countries, Afghanistan, for one. Having the architects of the financial downfall in his administration. Believing that we can save capitalism from itself, etc.

  9. says

    I think this was an excellent first 100 days. He has been tasked to recover from the mistakes of others and rebuild relationships that have for years been lost. This Country is operating in dysfunction and still President Obama is asked to operate as if all is well. He has been transparent to this point and still seems like a normal person and not a agenda driven politician. Let’s support the first real change in government since the early 1960’s.

  10. Stephanie says

    I think Obama has been behaving like a human being, complete with foibles. For the time being, it is just such a relief to be able to listen to our president without cringing. On the other hand, he is not so slick that I mistrust him as I did Clinton.

    Obama has been incredibly active in his first 100 days. The alternative for him was to act with greater deliberation and/or do nothing, but that was not really an option, given how the corporate thieves had already brought us to the brink of collapse. He has surrounded himself with the people that he thought to be the best qualified and best situated given the dire circumstances, even though some of them were originally part of the problem. While he works to avoid complete financial meltdown, he has still found the time to demonstrate that he is attentive to other concerns, healthcare and foreign relations for example. Sure, I prefer a single payer healthcare plan to Obama’s proposal, and I want our military to immediately cease using unmanned drones to kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But I realize that real change, even personal change, takes time. I think Obama is steering us in a generally more positive direction, and we have to keep the pressure on.

    I am glad that we are demanding more of our president and can have confidence that we finally elected one that is up to the task.

  11. says

    The President is trying to realign this country for the 21st Century. This country has been aligned with greed and consumption for the privledged few and thus, there has been no investment in it’s young or science. Capitalism is DEAD! President Obama has the yeoman’s task of fixing what has been a mess in the making for decades. He’s on the right track. If people would shut up and give him a chance and let him do his job, the one we elected him to do; changing the outdated policies, lobbist preferences and in general the ol’ boy network and give the gov’t back to the people we will be alright. So far, so good.

  12. Andrea says

    President Obama is exceeding expectations. His actions show deliberation in seeking to achieve long term goals. While not meeting the short term wants of individual groups, the long term gains to be realized will have real substance in achieving positive change for our country. The care for the law and cooperative action demonstrated by this administration is a refreshing change from what we have seen the past eight years.

  13. Patrick James says

    WAKE UP FOR A CHANGE: Americans and Media programmers are expected to play the Left vs Right paradigm, instead of looking at the overarching structure of this system we are now in, a system where Financiers dictate to our Government what shall be done, including when and where.

    Tea Parties, Democrats, Republicans, all distractions to keep you offline. TV pundits and people like George Stephanopolis have never seen any of the crisises coming over the last 8 years and hence should not be listened to now, and that goes for FOX too. They merely REACT to what’s going on. Obama has simply CONTINUED to bankrupt policies of the Bush years- but has put a different public address spin to it. This does not make things better in reality, but they SOUND better. The fact of the matter is clear though- giant Bailouts and Stimulus spending packages, doubling troops in Afghanistan, expanding the war into Pakistan- such policies have never helped the economy, to continue letting the extreme banking interests run Washington policy will result in an eventual disaster.

    If an American is not willing to learn where power is derived and how it is administered, then they will be left with nothing but a distorted, hindsight version of event s after the fact. And those Americans are complicit in the destruction of the fabric of this nation- namely the US Constitution and the US Dollar.

    Most of your government are as clueless as you are to these incredibly complicated manipulations of markets and legalese. Take responsibility for a change.

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